How to Earn Backlinks in 2019:The Best Strategy

How to earn Baclinks best strategy
(Last Updated On: January 26, 2019)

High Search Engine Ranking Optimization with Backlinks

Search engine optimization is a process. It takes a lot of effort and works to finally get where you think you deserve to be. SERPs are a result of endless work and dedication.

There is lots of effort that is put into creating content and then refining it. A piece of content takes a lot of time to construct. You have to research for the content, find information that is valuable to the readers and then you have to be creative with delivering that information.

According to this one source on the internet, there are a total of 250 SEO factors. In such a case, it is overwhelming to pick your factors of relevance.

In fact, If you are  preparing for your next Digital Marketing or SEO related job or any such Digital Marketing Interview session then you can obviously expect some burning questions related to back-links and how can you get it.So better to be prepared for this total back-link topic.

However, given the right amount of research, you would know that there are some factors that matter more than other factors. In such a case, you can start working with them and then move to other factors. Back-linking is one such factor that adds to guest posting.

What is Back-Linking?

The first algorithm used by Google to rank websites on SERPs is known as Google Page Rank. Google Page Rank was introduced by one of Google’s founders, Larry Page. This algorithm is a benchmark algorithm used in search engines today but there are other factors that have added in.

But even though it is not the sole factor in determining your search engine rankings, it has a lot of influence on ranking on search engines. Google Page Rank takes into account two things. It takes into account the quality and quantity of links associated with a web page.

When a link is associated with a web page, it happens in a few ways. There are external links and inbound links. A lot of times bloggers want to forward traffic from one page of their website to another page of their website. So they add a link to another blog post on the first page.

By this, the visitor ends up staying more time on the website than expected. Other times you take images from the internet. You know how important it is to give proper credits to the sources you are taking images from. Same goes for other information that you are copying from another website.

When you add credits, you add a link to the original website. This is another way to have a link associated with your website. Then there are times when people want to add links to other blogs on the blog posts because they want to provide extra information to the readers.

These are all external or back-links. Guest posting is one of the ways you can generate back-links.

Why is Back-linking or External linking important in SEO?

It happens often that you are unable to grasp the reasoning behind a lot of things about SEO. But that is alright. Because it happens to all of us.

Think of all the websites on the internet as a community. Some websites are providing more value to visitors than others this is why we have SERPs. This is why we have a ranking system by websites. There a number of ways you can choose to rank websites on search engines.

One way is to look at the content quality. You can check out the keyword density. How back linking adds to SEO is through being part of the internet community. Of all the websites on the internet, your website must interact with at least some of the other websites on the internet.

If a website is adding a link to their blog post so that the viewers can go and check out more information on your website, it only goes on to show how credible your own website is. Likewise, if someone is using your image on their page, it shows off the credibility of your website. This is why search engines take links associated with a web page as one of its ranking factors.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is one of the ways website interact on the internet. It is when two websites share resources to create and publish a piece of content.

When two bloggers come together with two websites, one of them extends the favor of creating the content. The other blogger offers the website as a platform where the content is shared. This is a guest appearance of blogger 1 on the 2nd blogger’s website.

There is a sharing of talent that leads to revenue generation and cross promotion. Here you can find 1400+ guest posting sites.

Does Guest Posting matter?

In order to keep improving your search engine rankings, you must keep creating more links that are associated with your blog. This is absolutely important because back-linking is an important SEO factor today. In order to create more and more back-links for your website, guest posting is the way to go.

When the publisher blog publishes your content, two back-links are added as a thank you that lead to your website. One is added in the author bio section and the other is added to the introductory part of the blog post. Even if you manage to score 3- 5 back-links per month that’s a great process for a blog.

How to earn Back-links through guest posting?

Guest posting can tremendously help you improve your search engine rankings. In order to maintain a certain number of back-links to achieve through search engines on a monthly basis, you must learn a few tricks and trips. Remember that you need to realize that your content needs to be published on other blogs. This means that you are the one creating content in this case.

If you don’t create content for your website yourself, you need a writer who can help you create that content. Not all websites want to participate in guest posting.

The ones that do mostly have a section of guest posting on their blogs. Look it up. Try to write several blog posts and email them to different websites. If they decide to publish it, great.

If they don’t, you can forward the post to some other blog. You can also use Prepostseo free back-links generator to create back-links from link building tools.

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