How to Create Awesome Business Videos: The Best Marketing Tips

how to make video for business promotion
(Last Updated On: February 1, 2020)

How to make video for business promotion|You’re online. They’re online. Why not take advantage of the enormous numbers of viewers you can impact when you create a promotional video for your company?

Did you just sigh and mutter something like, “Oh, I don’t know how to that!”
Don’t let your lack of knowledge (or your lack of courage) keep your target market from hearing your story. Not using video, robs you of the chance to reach a portion of the 126 million-plus viewers on YouTube alone.

Read our short guide to creating business videos guaranteed to build trust, traffic, and conversions. Who knows, you might even snag a Webby!

Business Videos on a Budget

One thing seems to make people shy away from creating video—the equipment. If you’ve created an image in your mind of the soundproof production studio, complete with expensive studio equipment, shoo it away!

Did you know most people start out with a camera phone and a tripod?
If you want to get fancy, you can use two phones. Use one for recording video, and the other for audio. You’ll need to sync the audio during the post-production phase, but it’s not difficult.

Sure, some businesses (and experienced YouTubers) go all out and buy sophisticated production equipment. You’ll even run into some who outsource production to professional camera operators and video editors.

Start with the basics and you won’t worry about breaking your budget. If you get serious down the road, you can invest in a condenser or lapel mic, fancy camera, and special lighting.

But I Have Writer’s Block

First, you’re creating videos, not novels. Second, you have plenty of material you can use to create fantastic company videos. Remember, the point of your video is to boost results. Check out these ideas to stoke the fire:

Tips to make video for business promotion

1. Share Your Story

Tell your brand’s story in a short, engaging video. Make it unique so that you stand out in the crowd! Don’t miss out on the huge marketing potential for using video as a branding tool.

2. Take Your Audience Behind the Scenes

When you create a behind-the-scenes video it makes you more real to your audience. People who feel like they’re engaged with a person, rather than just a product, tend to convert from clickers to followers to loyal customers.

3. The Big Reveal

Use your business video as a launch tool for a new product. You could tell a story or create an explainer video. By the way, that behind-the-scenes video above is a great way to generate some pre-launch buzz about your product.

4. Be the Teacher

It seems like every business uses presentations but not many know how to make their presentations meaningful and engaging. Educating customers about your product’s features and how it will help solve their pain point is a start. Make them remember your product by slipping in a bit of humor.
No more writer’s, er… videographer’s block!

5. Focus on the Bennies

Clever scripts, beautiful imagery, and yes, even humor all contribute to a well-made corporate video. Many businesses skip the one ingredient most essential to creating an amazing video—the customer!

Your video must resonate with your audience. You can list product features all day but it won’t help people viewing your videos visualize how you’re going to solve their pain point.

Features and benefits often get confused.

Remember when you took that creative writing class? Even if you never went further than English 101, surely you’ve heard the phrase, the show doesn’t tell. It’s not only for writers.

When you list product features, you tell. Focusing on the product’s benefits shows your audience how your product or service is the right choice for them! Don’t leave them wondering.

6. Share It With the World

If you’re concerned about how you’ll create fresh content every week, stop worrying. There’s no need to do that because you have a secret tool right at your fingertips. It’s called the internet.

Don’t create video content for only one platform. Share the wealth and post your amazing video content on your website, your YouTube channel, your blog, Twitter, and wherever else you can post it!

If you can, tweak your videos for each platform. Figure out ways you can repurpose video too. The point is to use the internet to your advantage and don’t limit your video to only one platform.

7. Tell the Story and Then Some

After you’ve created one fantastic company video, your audience will want more. They’ll spend as much time as you allow them engaging with your brand by viewing your video content.

Your job is to maximize the time they spend with your brand.
What you want is a captive audience who doesn’t only watch videos. Use annotations to direct them from your YouTube channel over to your website where you’ll offer a downloadable or other product. Utilize effective CTAs to encourage them to buy your product or service.

8. To Intro or Not to Intro

If you plan to post your business videos on YouTube (and you should), you’ll hear plenty of back and forth about the need for an intro.

If you’re new to the idea of using YouTube as part of your marketing strategy, you may not realize you’ll need to set up a channel for your video content. To help viewers identify your channel and get a feel for what they’ll find on it, you can create a video intro.

A short clip of around 5-30 seconds, the intro tells your viewers what to expect from your channel. You can use the intro to help viewers with brand recognition—it’s there in the forefront every time they click on one of your videos.

Not everyone loves video intros! When they’re longer than a few seconds, many viewers won’t hang out and wait for your content.
What you might consider instead of a blanket intro is one unique to each video you create. Greet your viewers, and then add a quick word or two about the specific video they’ve clicked on.

Ready to Create an Amazing Business Video?

We hope we’ve inspired you with a taste of what you can do to create engaging business videos for your target audience. One thing we know for sure is that your customers are online watching video after video. Why not yours?

If you’ve enjoyed this post, hang out on our blog a while longer! You’ll find a range of articles designed to help you impact your audience and your bottom line.

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