How to Choose a Good Smart TV(TOP 10 Best Smart TV features)

how to choose a good smart tv
(Last Updated On: February 17, 2019)


What you need to know about Smart TVs| In the olden times when the TV was introduced, it was in the color of black and white. The shape of the  TV was in a rectangle. The TV was the big asset for the house in the olden times and only rich people property it was.

In today’s generation TV has become a common product of each and every house. You can buy different types of TV like LCD, LED and OLED etc.

There has been a lot of changes in the model of the television and also in its operating. You can call it as smart TV and you can use it for gaming purpose and even for live streaming from Amazon prime as well.

A smart television device which is a set of internet capabilities or set up box for television that offers advanced computing ability and also connectivity. It delivers content such as photos, music, and music from other computer or attached storage devices on a network like windows media player, universal plug etc.

What features to look for in a smart TV? The most important features which are must have are:

  • Picture Quality

One of the most important features in a smart TV that is the best picture quality which you will not get from every brand and you can check with Samsung, LG, Sony etc. and it is very hard to compare the picture quality.

  • Streaming Video Service

Your smart TV should have the option of online streaming of movies or video service such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, crackle etc. and also check with the app which supports the online services which you want to use. It makes you feel like home theater and you can also enjoy with your favorite series or movies.

  • Music Streaming

Streaming music to your home theater gives an excellent experience of your favorite music which is connected to the home theater speakers. Many Tv’s supports provide access to the service like Spotify, iHeart Radio etc. Some televisions will also connect to the even higher resolution, like DLNA connected computer or a server.

  • Media Player 

It is very good when we start to watch very old photos with the family and which is played from the wedding shot which simply amazing.

When it is watched with the family it is really amazing and it is best when we watched it on a 50-60 inch screen. The advanced media more play like Plex gives you an organized, categorized, and convert your content which makes super access to all of your digital staff.

  • Games 

Games on home theater will make crazy to the young generation kids and it will make even more talent. Many smart TV has game apps which is okay as long as you like to play games like solitaire or angry birds.

The gaming is more sophisticated on some of the newest smart TV’s. This particular feature will be loved by everyone.

  • Transfer Smartphone Contents

The different name for transferring contents by the different companies which are also called as second screen experience, swipe & share, casting etc. It is very important for every smart tv to explore the app store for a wide variety of applications.

  • Speedy User Interface

A fast user interface is always expected from a smart TV. There are smart TV’s which has very low speed and takes a lot of time when loading blue ray discs etc. It is too much annoying in any sense.

A modern smart TV generally uses Android TV, webOS, Tizen, Roku TV and, SmartCast as their primary operating system. Most of the major brands like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic uses these operating system to deliver the best user interface available.

So it is always recommended to buy a smart TV with any of the OS built it. So TVs only offering low-end proprietary service without the above OS may lag in some cases.

  • Smart TV with Widest Search Capabilities

As you buy a smart TV you can expect to be flooded with lots of options. Thanks to the evergrowing list of online streaming services! But what happens if you want to watch your favorite TV show or searching for the latest Action movie genre?

With so many options available, it may take a considerable amount of time to find the thing you want.

So it is always recommended to buy a smart TV with some easy to use the built-in guide or search to help you out in these situations.

  • Ethernet Connection

Most modern day smart TV’s has built-in Wi-fi connectivity. But you may also check for a smart TV offering Ethernet connectivity in addition with Wi-fi. Sometimes such a wired connection can offer a faster data transfer and more reliability.

  • Camera Support

As you are buying a smart TV then you can expect some more functionality than your normal TV. A built-in camera is a must-have feature for this.

If you want to enjoy a bigger and better video calling facility like Skype then you should check this feature before buying your smart TV. These are the features you must look on a smart TV.


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