Blocked From Facebook Posting in Groups?Tips to Avoid This in Future

Tips to avoid facebook ban group posting group posting
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How to post in facebook groups without getting blocked|Now everybody of us have a Facebook account.


Yes we all have that!

Facebook has been one of the most popular Social networking websites with more than 2,010,000,000 monthly users.

facebook stats



But the fact is that with this immense popularity it has some become also the soft target of many spammers around.They just simply here to abuse other people and do some dirty aspects which is not appreciated at all.

For this many innocent people have to suffer the facebook penalties which they do not deserve at all.

Today I am going to discuss some quick points how to avoid Facebook ban from posting and joining to groups.

What is Facebook Groups?

Facebook group is a feature of facebook which presents a forum like platform within facebok in which you can join the group,discuss about the topic,share some helpful links about the topic and so on.

These groups can be of many types based on the interest of the subject ranging from technology to cooking and many more thing you can’t imagine.

Though there are diversity among the groups all these groups have a admin or a group of admins who can moderate this groups from abusing.

These are called public groups and anybody with similar interest can join it.

Why Facebook Blocks?

facebook block
facebook block

Facebook has its own spam detector running all the time to make this blocking happens and believe me it is changing all the time.

Now Facebook has some variety of reasons from blocking which can be summarized as below points:

  • Posting Spam Links
  • Posting Links from suspended or banned website.
  • Posting links using third party tools or url shortners etc which  is totally unfare  I think! Not everyone uses Google’s url shortner.
  • Posting Links too quickly.
  • Joining groups too quickly.
  • Using malicious scripts.

All the above activities can lead you to a temporary ban from joining and posting in the groups.

I completely agree that breaking rules  and misusing the platform should result a ban.

But my point is that there are many small bloggers and websites which have completely valid and natural looking links but depends a lot on these groups to have a source of traffic for their website.

But sometimes they are banned also.

This should change!

How Long facebook ban you?

Now it varies.


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The temporary ban can be anything from a week to 1 month to my experience.If you repeat the same process more and more you can end up with your account blocked permanently.

So be a little cautious!

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How to avoid of getting Blocked? How to start posting on Facebook groups without being restricted by Facebook

Now there is no full proof rule about this.You have to be really careful what you post on Facebook.

How to post links on Facebook without spam 

But if you can follow these basic steps  I think you can minimize the risks of getting blocked. The below list

  • Don’t Post too many links in a specific group in a single day.
  • When posting links add a descriptive heading to your posts.Don’t just put the naked links.
  • Reply to the group more often (text only) without posting links.
  • When posting links, keep a minimum 5-6 hours  of interval.
  • Don’t add any unknown  member to the group.
  • Don’t send high number of group request in a single day.
  • Avoid Auto Posting applications which posts in specific groups automatically.
  • Don’t just put your own website link if in any discussion a specific post from other website is helpful mention that also.
  • Prove who you are.Always describe your facebook page or complete your personal information with authentic details.This will minimize the risks of being blocked.

genuine info facebook


  • If possible give your profile or page sometime before joining any groups.Because  if you just signed up for a brand new a facebook account and within a few minutes you are trying to join too many groups then it is too normal for facebook bot to detect and classify you as a spammer. So refrain from doing that.

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What Facebook can do?

Now it is not all about passing the ball to users.

As an enormous Authority like facebook ,they should also bear some burden to make things smoother.

If you look like other such companies like Google they have a very dedicated team of solving this type of spam and very active helping to solve the issues.

They talk with the webmasters,users directly what specific the issue is and not just issuing a general penalty like this.

Google regularly conducts webinars,tweets,give tips to the users  to be safe.

But with facebook, you only have a support forum which simply not enough to combat these type of issues in scale.

So if facebook introduces something like the above, I think it can help more and more people.

I am not complaining but talking about an option only.

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Last Words:

Facebook is a great place and will remain like this if we use it in the right way.So follow the above steps I am sure you can get some help from  this post.

Do you have any other thoughts?

Does facebook banned you in other ways?

Please share your thoughts and comment below!

I will be happy to answer.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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  1. Good post, I do have 20 facebook groups, so I am getting more than 500 requests per day, I only approve users that are members of 100 groups or less( trying to avoid spammers) but I was investing too much time on this step so I decided to create a script using phyton to auto-approve new members with 100 groups or less. It was working great for a week but today they ban my account for one day. I used to ran the script 3 times a day early morning, 2 pm and 9 pm. I also put a random waiting time (from 7 to 15 seconds) between approvals, to make my script look more human, but still, I got banned.
    Then when I tried to log in again, it asked me to change my password. After that, I ran my script again and it worked for some approvals then I got a notification that I can not approve any more members until tomorrow. So then I tried again with my main account and the same happened but this time I didn’t run the script for a second time to prevent the ban. Then I approved the members manually even faster than my script(7-15 seconds per approval) and I did not get banned. So I’m guessing that Facebook looks into the browser user agent, and what version of Facebook are you using, I was using the version to log in and the for the approvals. I guess this raised a flag on Facebook that led to my 1day ban.
    Any thoughs on this?

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  4. Good post but I have a question. Everytime when I create a slideshow of Images from facebook and share it in other groups then facebook restrict me everytime for sharing in other groups. I don’t even use any links in my post then why it is so????

  5. When I share my website link to facebook post. I get this error (“Posts that look like spam according to our Community Guidelines are blocked on Facebook and can’t be edited.”). My website has no content that violates fb community guidelines. My website link is Please help.

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