How to Optimize Adwords Campaign[6 Most Effective Tips]

how to optimize adwords campaign
(Last Updated On: March 20, 2019)


How to optimize AdWords campaign|Google AdWords Optimization Tips

Google AdWords offers the best platform to advertise your products and earn a commission.

However, if you do not apply the best marketing and optimization principles, then you’ll probably end up making next to zero revenue.

However, we are here to help you turn your fortunes and increase the success of your Google AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords PPC Campaign Optimization Tips

Get it Right with Your Keywords

When it comes to optimization, keywords play a significant role. With keywords, you’re relying on the popularity of keywords, which might also change over time.

If a keyword has a high click-through rate, then you can use it in your campaigns. Additionally, look for ways to optimize for an even better and improved CTR (click through rate is below). However, if it doesn’t bring any success (click through rate is below 1%) then remove it and look for others.

Relevance is Important

Many people lean towards using broad keywords for their campaign. This is a mistake, and it will most certainly lead to the wrong targets. Instead, go for longer combinations that are more specific, this will you will land more specific and significant traffic to your site.

For instance, if you own a house cleaning company in New York, house cleaning New York or NY house cleaning services will yield better results than using keywords such as house cleaning and New York alone.

Optimize Your Website

Search engine optimization can be a little bit challenging. Nonetheless, a poorly optimized site shouldn’t limit you from earning extra income from your AdWords campaign. You can hire to optimize your website for better rankings and more traffic.

Add Location Targeting to Add More Relevancy

If you’re offering a service or selling a product that is specific to only a given location, then using the AdWords Location Targeting tool can help you ensure that your ad is only seen in the region where it is relevant.

If, for example, you’re offering wedding photography services in Texas, it is advisable you bid on keywords containing Texas or areas within Texas. Connecting your keywords to areas far away or not related to Texas will only lead to misses since the ad won’t be relevant to many people outside of Texas.

Look Out for New Keywords

As discussed before, optimization is essential, and it can help boost your CTR. Besides that, stay on the lookout for new keywords that you can use to kickstart new AdWords campaigns.

Having more ads running at the same time on your landing pages will result in higher conversion rates thanks to a higher quality score and lower cost per click, otherwise known as CPC.

Test Your Ads

The good news is that you will not incur any extra expenses when testing new ads. So, take advantage of this and check a couple of ads against your best performer or control ad. If one of the ads in the testing phase performs better than the control ad, then you can turn it to the control ad for better returns.

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