How much can you get paid for YouTube Videos?

How much can you get paid for YouTube Videos
(Last Updated On: August 3, 2019)


How much do youtubers get paid? YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for taking your dreams one step forward. YouTube is a sensation which is taking people’s life to whole a new level. So those who have the talent they can pretty well show here. These are some of the steps which would help you in finding the answer how much can you get paid for YouTube videos.

Getting Paid through Ad revenue

According to the and many other trusted sources, Google Adsense partnership is so far is the most widely used monetization system by the YouTubers globally. If you can publish the right content for the right audience then you are golden!


how to get money from youtube

You can make a good loyal following of users which you can be a steady revenue source for any YouTuber. When you upload videos you can earn money just by uploading and advertising their products there. Google owns YouTube when it comes to online ads Google takes things away from you.

How much money do Youtubers make?

how much money do youtubers make
How much money do TOP youtubers make

In the following graph you can easily see the estimated earnings of  top Youtubers.If you are in the top slot,then sky is the limit. More surprisingly,the highest grossing Youtube channel is run by  Ryan Kaji who is 8 years old as of July 2019  and still  able to generate almost $22m of revenue from his videos and his product line at Walmart.So age is not a factor.

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These advertisements referred to as CPC or cost- per- click means the advertiser gets charged and YouTube and you have to pay when a visitor clicks on the ad. There is one more way if anyone watches the ads on your videos so you can earn from it. There is some rule regarding this on that basis you receive payment for every thousand of payment.

Channel memberships

If you can build a loyal 30000 subscribers(for gaming channels it requires 1000 subscribers), then you can easily enroll forYouTube’s channel membership program.

youtube channel membership requirement
YouTube channel membership

Users joining your channel memberships have to pay a monthly recurring fee for members-only perks like badges, emoji, and other goods you offer. So it is also a great way to make some fixed monthly income.

YouTube Red subscription channels

YouTube red helps in saving money so even if you are not going to take a subscription. Still, you are going to make money. Those who will have thousands of subscribers they may charge their viewers’ for watching your contents. During live chats also you can even charge. The access of premium is available at YouTube for those who are eighteen years old.

How to earn money from Youtube

Single out a niche

YouTube is called sensation because today it has everything that it should have. Those who will be willing to earn they can seriously earn money from it. There are so many things on which you can work on such as you can work on challenges, weight loss, shopping videos, and comedy.You should work on a topic which you really love and passionate about.If you are not sure,you can always check out this post for some great YouTube Channel ideas.

Keep on offering fresh videos consistently

You can work on this part. You will have to take care of your viewers’ they might find new ways every time. They might find creativity so that it will bind your viewers with your work.

The one thing which people rarely notices that involvement. You need to get involved if you want anything. So your viewers also want your attention. Whenever they comment or ask anything you must pay attention to them. This is the involvement of both people. You can even ask them about things they like to see and you can post accordingly to that.

Work on your promotions

Whether you believe or not but promotions are one of thing which can do lots of stuff for you. Because when you promote some particular things people start noticing and then it helps you to grow even more. If you are doing your startups then you must believe in promotions and work on it.

Make yourself a brand and then start promoting it wherever you want. Where you believe people would notice you. Besides investments, you can even ask your friends for helping you in your promotions by telling their friends about your YouTube channel. You should make a proper list for it and get an opportunity to know how much can you get paid for YouTube videos.

Build your audience

How to build an audience is a question mark to many people. Because there is no one to guide you about it. When people are investing their time on something they will question why they are doing what they are doing? So before they find an answer to it you must find a solution to it.

So when you are going to make a video you need to work even harder on it before handing that video to the people. You can personally know what they want to look and what they exactly enjoy.

You really should be working on their interest. That is they will also feel you are paying attention to them. Pay attention to every little thing which they have to say about it. You can even build up your audiences by taking help to every social site of you. It may help you in changing things for you.

Receive good payment

How much can you get paid for YouTube videos?

Might be many wants to know. The more viewers would see ads on your video the more you can earn from that. Just understand this, it might help you to understand all of the things. If everyone watches the ad on their video and the advertiser would pay you average $7.60 CPM is 55% x $7.60, equalling $4.18/ 1000 views.

This is how you are going to make money. So if more people would watch your videos they will even help more. So if more people watch your video that is not going to work but more people click on an advertisement that is going to work.

Types of ads

There are flagrantly two types of ads

Cost Per View (CPV)
This ad helps you earning through every view. A view of ads; so when watcher would watch their ads then it is going to help them. Even if any watcher would see that advertise for a hundred times that is not going to work but that is going to work because you have not been paid for the click but the view.

Cost Per Mile (CPM)

CPM generally refers to cost per mile or simply put it how much you will get per thousand impressions of your monetized videos.YouTube makes a cut of 45% of your total CPM earnings in this case.

For example, if you are earning $10 per CPM, after the cut you will get only $5.5 as your revenue from CPM.
The revenue the creators get from CPM is termed as RPM – Revenue per Mile.

Now is this CPM rate is universal in all the countries?

According to YouTube’s own Lyor Cohen, YouTube pays $3 for every 1,000 views. But it doesn’t seem to be the case in reality.YouTube pays different CPM rates for different countries.

Where countries like Norway, Algeria tops the list of highest paying CPM( $55.49 and $50.00 respectively) countries, countries like Georgia and Hungary tied for the last place with $0.01 each.

The CPM rate also depends on the kind of traffic/audience you are getting and also in the niche you are in.

For example, In India, if you are in the entertainment niche you can expect CPM rate up to $2.On the other hand, if you are in the educational niche, the CPM rate can up to $1.

So it depends on a lot of factors undoubtedly.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Here CPC is when an advertiser is going to pay you for clicks. So if any of your watchers clicks on that ad then the advertiser is going to be charged for $3. But not always advertiser is going to click or see those advertisements. So there are very few chances things are going to work. But we all hope and hope. Even you can get a solution for how much can you get paid for YouTube videos.


Hope you have now got the idea, how much you can get paid for YouTube Videos. A reasonable amount of money right?.

You can take forward your video channel by working more hard towards it. But make sure when you start your YouTube channel you will have surely maintain your peace and patience because YouTube is not a one-night platform but the life changer.

This is time taking and it is going to take some time and you will have to wait till you start getting advertisers. But today YouTube has become one of the brilliant ways to earn money and take your talent globally. This all looks easy but easy things need more care because they are even easy to break.

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