20 Best Hip-Hop Music Download Sites

hip-hop music download sites
(Last Updated On: February 16, 2020)

In this article, I’m gonna show you the best 20 hip-hop music download sites from where you can meet your passion for music.

If we talk about various genres of music, Hip-Hop is one of the most popular music genres. The roots of this genre have been started in the streets of the United States, more specifically by inner-city African Americans and Latino Americans.

Hip hop music brings a new change in the music industry, as it consists of a new flavor of beats and hype of loudness. As hip-hop music starts growing, it was seen that the younger section of the society starts attracting toward this music. New professions were evolved like Beat-boxer, DJ, Rappers, Electronic-music directors, etc. Hip-hop music lovers called it has hip-hop culture. And yes no doubtfully, a new culture of music has arrived after the 1970s.

Disclaimer: This article is only for informational purpose. Tekkibytes doesn’t encourage any illegal downloads by any means. We always encourage our readers to stay away from illegal and piracy websites.

On the other hand, you can also understand this music genre as a synonym of rap music. A hybrid form of music with a taste of rap, beat-boxing, electronic beats. After hip-hop music, people have changed their party music list. The best period of hip-hop music was started in the early 80s, when an artist like Juice Crew, Public Enemy, Eric B. & Rakim, Boogie Down Productions start contributing to this genre.

Hip-hop’s a form of music that is also known by the name “Rap Music”. It consists of non-realistic beatings music that commonly tends to rap, a beat and sequence of beats that is chanted refer to a pattern of rhymes which is made by using words that generates similar sounds. If you’re a true fan of hip-hop music then you’re at the right place. We’ve created a list of top best sites to download hip-hop music. All the sites we’ve shown in the list are free to use and offers great features to the users as well.

Why Hip-hop music is gaining so much popularity these days?

Hip-hop music is nowadays is getting a lot of attention and becoming the leading music genre replacing the Rock. But why people are listening to them? The answer is simple. Anyone can be a hip-hop star if you can do some basic things right. You don’t need to have costly music instruments to create the beat you can use whatever instrument you have to create your beat. Even you can use your mouth.

The younger generation can relate themselves with the lyrical flow and rhythms with hip hop than any other.
The rising popularity of hip-hop is so much dominant that no-one is taking hip-hop lightly now. Big corporate brands and businesses are now investing in hip hop music artists considering its mass appeal. Billionaire investor Ronald Burkle also invested in Combs’ Sean John clothing line

“Hip-hop is like water,” says Spencer. So Hip-hop is here to stay.

Best 20 Hip-Hop Music Download Sites

Top Hip-Hop Music Download Sites List

These are the best hip hop music download sites that you should use:

1. Youtube Music

Youtube Music is the primary source to have the hip hop music in your pockets, As it has the largest variety of music from all around the globe that’s the reason to put it on the top of the list.

Image Source: https://music.youtube.com/

We all are familiar with youtube and its other service as well, youtube music is a part of youtube’s services as it is a free music streaming service which allows its users to browse through songs and music videos on YouTube based on genres, playlists, and recommendations.

they have all sorts of latest hits which one should listen to, stating from latest Pop to old classics, EDM boxing Latin Hits to Indian Punjabi Beats, from crazy Hip Hops to Sufi and Gazals, and Devotional songs to Romantic ones, plus all your Dance, Party, gym and motivational – whatever your choice is, you will find it here. As it is a multi language content provider, users can listen to across any languages such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Haryanvi, Bengali, Assamese, Malayalam, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Marathi, Oriya & Kannada.

Recently youtube has launched his youtube music streaming mobile app in which users can listen to there favorite songs, and in this app, youtube is offering one-month free streaming for the new customers and after 99 ₹ / month.

2. Spotify

Spotify is one of the best websites to search for hip-hop music from. They have there owned Spotify application which runs under various operating systems such as android, mac, and windows.

Image Source: https://www.spotify.com/in/

As being a foreign brand they have got all covered such as latest Pop music, all-new EDM’s, brand new Latin Hits, fresh Punjabi Beats, crazy Hip Hop, Indian Sufi’s, energetic Gazal, K-Pop, heart touching Devotional songs, Romantic songs for couples, songs used in Dance, Party, gym and many more, so without wasting time, what so ever your need is, you will get it here.

Spotify provides you music across all languages such as Indian- Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu and Tamil and many more, plus all your international languages, for example- Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic and many more.

It allows its users to browse or search music in various categories such as in artists, latest albums and playlists, or record label. Users can create their own playlists and can edit as well as share their playlists, tracks on social media, or make playlists with other users.

As it provides access to over 50 million songs, 450,000 podcasts and 3 billion playlists, This means if you truly love hip hop music then Spotify will never let you get bored.

3. Gaana

It is one of the largest Indian commercial music streaming services which is having around 150 million monthly users. It was launched in April 2010 for both Indian as well as for the international music market.
It also allows users to have their music playlists public so that others uses can see that too. The entire Indian music, as well as the international catalog, both are available to users worldwide.

Image Source: https://gaana.com/

Ganna has also covered all the latest Hits such as Punjabi Beats, modern pop music, crazy Hip Hop, Indian Sufi’s, heart touching Devotional songs, Romantic songs for couple and many more, so what so ever your choice is, you will find it here over the hand its a great Hip-hop Music Download Sites we must recommend visiting its official site too.

Its mobile app was launched to support almost all operating systems available in the market. And if you are searching for Hip-hop Music Download Sites then Gaana is the most suitable. it had a very wide variety of music lists to search for music from.

4. Hungama

It is one of the leading music sites on the net, which is having a global presence of allover 70 countries and had Served around 300mn consumers in the past 8 to 10 years plus on the top, they have 65mn active monthly users on their website.

Image Source: https://www.hungama.com/

They have also a large variety of lates modern Pop songs, electrifying EDMs, Latin Hits, Indian Desi Punjabi Beats, as is it is great Hip-hop Music Download Sites they have a fresh collection of Hip Hop songs too, plus Devotional songs, gym songs, Classics songs. whatever you want, just visit their official site or download their mobile application for accessing their services. It also provides songs in multiple languages such as Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi, English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic and many more.

It is counted as the widely used music website for music streaming and downloading around 3 billion people searches music daily through Hungama, plus thousands of hip hop songs to stream from. Once the subscription process is done with its mobile application, it is very easy to listen and download music.

5. JioSaavan

JioSaavn is two separate brands formally known as Saavn & JioMusic. Jiosaavan is the online music streaming service and digital content provider of Bollywood, English and other regional Indian music is provided across all over the world by Jiosaavan.

Image Source: https://www.jiosaavn.com/search/hip%20hop

JioSaavn is a freemium service; All the basic features are free of cost but with advertisements and some limitations, while additional features, such as additional improved streaming quality and music downloads limits, are offered via paid subscriptions.

You can easily search your favorite hip hop music, as is it is great Hip-hop Music Download Sites though still, we recommend you to download their official mobile application for a better experience, Jiosaavan gives 90 days free trial offer for the new Jio customers and after 90 days 99 ₹ /month subscription charges to continue the service.

6. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is currently the most famous one because of its mobile application especially for the Android users, plus it’s one of the most widely used music sites. Google Music offers all its users with storage of up to 50,000 files for free, which means you don’t have to bother where to store all your downloaded hip hop music, as is it is great Hip-hop Music Download Sites you can save all your songs in google play music cloud storage and can listen whenever you want.

Image Source: https://play.google.com/music/

All the users of google play music can listen to songs through the google official web player or users can use the android mobile application. According to google play, one of the music features scans the user’s music collection and matches all the files to the tracks in Google’s play music catalog and saves it in its cloud, and that can then be streamed or downloaded in future in up to 320 kbit/s quality.

Any files that do not match in the cloud or storage, are automatically uploaded to google play servers for updation in the content and for paid subscription songs that are purchased through the Google Play Store do not count against the 50,000-song upload limit.

It also supports multiple file formats for uploads some of them are like MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, Ogg, or ALAC and any other Non-MP3 file format uploads will be converted to MP3 automatically.

7. Amazon music

It is the first music store to sell music without digital rights management (DRM), All tracks were originally sold in 256 kbps file format. Amazon Music has a large variety of mp3 songs as it offers “over 2 million songs from over 180,000 artists and over 20,000 labels which is a huge amount.

Image Source: https://music.amazon.com/home

Amazon Music’s services and its latest music collection all are accessible from the Amazon.com and can be played using their official web player or from its official mobile application which is available for multiple platforms and other service are including in macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, also available for FireOS and Alexa devices and some automobiles and smart TVs also.

Amazon offers 30 days free trial for its newly joined customer and the prime members can join Amazon Music Unlimited for only $7.99/month and for $79 for an annual subscription. Non-Prime customers pay $9.99/month.

We have listed amazon music on the list as is it is great Hip-hop Music Download Sites plus because of its latest music catalog for hip-hop music which is available for all the user’s all around the world.

8. Pandora Music

More specifically, if you want the personalized experience of hip-hop music, you can go for Pandora music. If you had already shortlisted your favorite hip-hop music list, artists, albums, then you can create your stations on the Pandora music app. Also, you can switch to recommended stations on the Pandora app.

Not only hip-hop, but you can also use this app for rap and pop to rock and country, stream your favorite music and stay up to date on today’s top hits and releases.

Pandora Premium subscription allows you to download your favorite hip-hop music playlist offline on your device. Amazing audio quality, no ads, etc. Pandora Premium subscriptions are $9.99 per month. and if you are new to pandora it offers you a one-month no cost trial period to experience its services.

Another option of a subscription is Pandora Plus, but the issue is you can’t download offline in the Pandora Plus subscription. for that, you need to download the official application for your smartphones, which is available for both platforms Android and iOS. plus if you subscribe or not the Ad-free music is available in both subscriptions.

9. Soundcloud

SoundCloud has built itself in one of the largest music streaming platforms in the market nowadays it is reaching over 175 million monthly users worldwide. SoundCloud is offering its services both for free and paid. it is available for desktop and as well as for mobile devices.

Image Source: https://soundcloud.com/

SoundCloud has influenced the music industry through the success of many artists who have emerged from the music-sharing service, and most of them are of hip hop background, Artists on the platform can distribute their work for free that can be accessed by all users.

Talking about the users, for a Free user, it is a total of 180 minutes (3 hours) upload time for the file share. A-Pro user can upload a total of 360 minutes (6 hours) plus a Pro Unlimited user has no upload limit at all, and for other several features visit their official site.

10. Apple Music

Apple Music is a music and video streaming service developed by Apple, Users can select his favorite music to stream to their device on-demand, or they can listen to existing music, curated playlists.

Image Source: https://www.apple.com/in/apple-music/

Apple music services are also including the Internet radio station which is named Beats 1 by the apple, plus the radio station broadcasts live every day to over one hundred (100) countries for 24 hours daily. Apple Music allows its users to access music over from over 60 million songs on their device.

Apple Music uses the iCloud feature, which automatically matches unique users identity’ all those songs found on the user device in the apple music app library section can be combined to the iTunes music library without any extra difficulties and can be listened too anytime, all just in one place.

11. WinkMusic

WinkMusic is one of the most renowned websites over the net which is the one-stop music site for the latest to the greatest songs you love. Plus they have their official app which runs over multiple platforms such as android, ios, windows, mac Linux, etc. users can enjoy their favorite music online from over 30 lakh Hindi songs, English songs, Old Bollywood as it is quite famous in the Indian market through active users are more in India.

Image Source: https://wynk.in/music

WinkMusic is providing from over 6 million free songs including the trending Bollywood hits to popular International albums -that means there are over 6 million songs to choose from, they have got it all covered. Anything you want, from the latest Hip-Hop songs to Classics old songs Romantic songs to Dance and Party songs – whatever your choice is you will find it here. not only in a particular language but for multiple ones. music across all languages such as Indian- Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Haryanvi, and Malayalam and many more. Also for international languages such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic and many more.

12. Free MP3/MP4 Downloads

FreeMP3Downloads is a free mp3/music website to have all your favorite hip hop songs as well as it provides mp3 and mp4 formats as well for there users for a better experience.

According to free mp3/mp4 downloads” if you type in or paste a URL of your favorite media, and optionally select your expecting media formats in our download page.

Image Source: https://freemp3downloads.online/

Their web service will download and convert the audio or video for you automatically. If you are not able to specify the format you want to download do not bother, their service will choose automatically a format of the best quality for you”.

This means, what so ever your song just types in the name and have it. And you don’t need to worry all the songs will be downloaded in a high definition format. this site is best for searching and downloading hip-hop music and for more info. make sure to visit their official website to know more.

13. Free music download

FreeMusicDownloads is a world of popular music and also a free music download search engine. you just need to type your search query or download music and it will automatically download it from YouTube Music Video URL, their site will find results matching to your keywords, and then display a list of music download links. Quick & simple.

Talking about their official site you will find, all sorts of music such as pop songs, country songs, rock songs, hip hop songs, DJ songs, K-pop songs, R&B songs, etc. on the top of that you are able to download songs in different languages, such as English songs, Hindi songs, French songs, Punjabi songs, Italian songs, Malayalam songs, German songs, Bhojpuri songs, Spanish songs, Tamil songs, etc.

Image Source: https://freemusicdownloads.world/en/

Over that, it’s a quite mobile-friendly site. All android and iPhone supports its script. according to Free music download, “everyone can download MP3 or full songs anytime from their phones. Share MP3 with their friends on social media and save music to your cloud instantly also. for more information visit there official site.

14. Doremi zone

As if we all know that there are so many MP3 download sites out there. It’s very difficult to say which MP3 downloader is the best, but DoremiZone worth you to take a shot.

At DoremiZone, you will not only listen to music online for free, but also can download music for free in various MP3 file formats such as 128kbps, 196kbps, and 320kbps. Generally, the higher the Kbps of MP3 audio, the better the listening experience you will get.

Image Source: https://doremizone.com/

So whatever you’re looking for whether a newly released song of 2020 or all-time hit songs, DoremiZone will help you to get free song download in seconds. At there official site you will find, all genres of music such as pop songs, country songs, rock songs, hip hop songs, DJ songs, K-pop songs, R&B songs, etc.
All its users are allowed to download songs in different languages too, which covers all the English songs, Hindi songs, French songs, Punjabi songs, Italian songs, Malayalam songs, German songs, Bhojpuri songs, Spanish songs, Tamil songs, etc.

15. MP3Jaw

MP3Jaw is another cool website from where you can download as many hip-hop songs you want to. The collection of music songs on this website is really very high and all the songs are available for free download as well. You can search for the favorite artist or singer or album. The most interesting and best thing we found about MP3Jaw is that there’s no need to sign up for an account.

Image Source: https://mp3jaw.online/mp3/hip-hop.html

The downloads on these websites are being provided via 3-rd party servers. That means you’ll get amazing fast download speeds and guaranteed 320Kbps music file quality. Many other features such as top hip-hop music songs and artists are also being shown on the website which will be very useful for you.

16. MP3Teca

If you’re looking for the Spanish hip hop music then you should definitely prefer the MP3Teca website. It provides all the features such as 320Kbps music quality, direct downloads, top songs and many more like that. But what we loved the most is that users can play hip hop music songs online on that website.

Image Source: https://mp3teca.site/

Search for the music or artist whose songs you want to listen to and click on the Play button. The website user interface and language is Spanish so keep this in mind that you probably need to have the knowledge of the Spanish language.

17. FreeMP3Paw

FreeMP3Paw is another great website where a lot of premium features are provided to the users. The highlighted feature is that they are providing direct downloads to their users. You don’t even see any kind of frustrating ads on the website. According to their social media pages, their vision is to provide the latest songs to their users without any strings attached.

Image Source: https://freemp3paw.site/

This site is mainly focused on the English songs and all the collection on the website is related to the American hip hop singers and musicians. You can easily download the ringtones, songs, videos, and much more in HD 320Kbps music quality.

18. SINMP3

Another great website providing direct downloads to the users. It also supports listening to music songs online. That means you don’t even need to download them locally to their mobile device. It’s a great feature for those who’re running out of mobile storage space.

Image Source: https://sinmp3.fun/

If we talk about the downloading, SINMP3 is widely used by thousands of people every single day to download MP3 songs in HD 320Kbps quality. All the songs can be downloaded directly and there are no ads on the website. It offers great user experience and convenience to the users.

19. MyFreeMP3 Download

MyFreeMP3Download is a very unique and interesting website which you should prefer to download hip-hop music. This website is totally responsive and millions of songs are available on the website. This website uses the YouTube API and fetches all the songs available there. Then the results will be shown to the users and that’s how this website works.

Image Source: https://mymp3download.xyz/mp3-download/hip-hop

Talking about the features, online streaming, song preview, HD song download in 320Kbps are the major and highlighted features of the MyFreeMP3Download website. We highly recommend you to visit and enjoy the hip hop music downloads from this website for free.


We hope now you know the best websites to download hip hop music songs. All the websites that we’ve shown here are working ones and provide its users the top-notch music quality and other features as well. If you feel that something is missing from the article, then drop a comment down below and our team will try to assist you.

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