15 highest paying ptc sites without investment

Earn Money Online Without Investment by Clicking Ads
(Last Updated On: December 6, 2019)

highest paying ptc sites without investment|Are you searching for some  sites to earn money online without investing a single penny?Then you have come to the right place.In this post I will discuss about 15 highest paying ptc sites without investment.

However, there are various websites full of promises and fake account. But here, we would make sure you get the right path to walk on. 

People get easily confused if they do not get jobs after hearing such promises but these websites are full of opportunity and one of the most trusted websites online.You can’t earn millions from these sites but if you follow these websites you can earn a handsome amount of money to pay your bills.  

This is proven fact that these websites  genuinely offer jobs and there is no investment for earning money. On the other hand, if you have little bit talent or even you are kind of person who is ready to learn new things or take up challenges then these websites would going to help you so that you reach to the right destination.

Highest paying ptc sites without investment List

1. Clixsense

It is considered to be one of the best highest paying ptc sites without investment where people can earn money by just clicking the ads. It has the potential to offer to make a huge income than expected from home itself.


This thing makes this site more popular among the people in recent times. Once started using it after the successful registration process, then you can start to make earnings.

2. Neobux

For information, it is mainly said to be the largest site where you can make money by just clicking the ads. By watching the ads and complete the tasks as per the demands.


If it is done, then you can make more money than expected for sure. The best thing is where you can rent referrals and start to make money in a quick time. The thing is you don’t need to invest money from your side.

3. Makeculous

With the support of a smartphone or PC, you can get an opportunity to make more money in a quick time. Also, it is completely free for people to use that whenever they want.


Generally, it comes up with different payment methods where you can withdraw without any hassles that whenever need it. At the same time, it is also easy for people to access it without any hassles.

4. InboxDollars


One should keep it in mind that InboxDollars is mainly considering as the GPT site which will offer you the payment by just clicking the ads. So, whenever you are looking forward to making money, then this could be the best way for better income.

5. Swagbucks

So, whenever you are looking forward to making money by clicking the advertisements, then this is the best site as well. Well, it offers various sites to make earnings.


All you need to do is reading the paid emails which will come in Swagbucks inbox. Well, the payment can be done between the 15 to 30 SBs for reading it.

6. Aticlix

It is another site where you just required clicking the ads and get paid up to $0.04. Also, you will get the same amount when it comes to referral clicks. For information, you can even make money by playing games, contests, daily bonus tasks and more. All you need to do is following the respective link to make money by just clicking the ads displaying on the site.

7. EasyHits4U

When it comes to this site, then you can witness that there are several members who all are handling every day to make money.


If you are looking for the money by clicking, then you can expect it per 1000 clicks. Well, you will be paid of $0.30 for the number of clicks. It is all up to your choice in terms of search and using the site for better earnings that whenever you want it.

8. GPTPlanet

With just a requirement of $1, you can cash out at any time with the support of PayPal and other options. The thing is you can earn $0.01 for every click without any hassles.

gptplanet Also, you can get an opportunity to check out the proof of payment. Yes, the users can check out the recent payments as well that whenever they want. You may check out these websites and they offer genuine work and money. You can even go through comment and ask them how these sites have helped them.

9. Innocurrent

If you visit the advertiser’s website, then you may get a chance to make money online.


The thing is you don’t need to pay for anything and doesn’t require any sign-up process to handle any services. All you need to do is just click the links and get paid that whenever you want. It is the main reason where most of the people are looking forward to this site to make money by just clicking it.

10. FamilyClix


If your family want to make money by clicking the ads, then this site could be the best choice where anybody can access it. With one click, the site will offer $0.02 per ad click. When it comes to referral upgrade, it is possible to make up to $10.

11. PaidToClick

For each click, you will get paid of $0.01 from this site. Even you can get paid $10 to $50 by just referring the members every month. The best thing is you can also witness the different methods to make money.


12. Ojooo

By just clicking the ads, you will get some amount of pay. It is also possible for you to make money with the support of referrals as well as signups in general.


It is also considered to be the main thing where you can experience it through Ojooo. In just single click, you can earn up to $0.04.

13. OfferNation

It is the site will be helping you to get paid. Well, it mainly focuses on paid surveys that offer to the people to make money. The best thing is where you can get $0.25 for doing the signup process.


After the signup process is over, you can take the survey and get paid through different tasks as well.

14. BuxP

Well, BuxP is said to be the most popular site across the internet.

BuxPMost of the people are claiming that one can get paid on time and at the same time; it is simple for the users to access it. On the other side, it is also possible for people to make earnings through referral as well.

15. Ayuwage


The best thing about Ayuwage is where one can make earnings often by clicking the ads each day. Also, you can earn up to $0.15 for clicking the ad. At the same time, it is easy for people to access without any hassles.

Final words

These are some of the websites which are there with genuine help. You can take the help of these websites and do your work from home and earn money.

Today getting job is not a big deal because various websites are working for us. Look for your interest first then list out them, and start searching your job for earning suffices money for yourself. These sites to earn money online without investment by clicking ads! Go ahead all the best!

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