Google Mobile First Indexing-All You Need To Know

Google Mobile First Index
(Last Updated On: February 16, 2019)

Google mobile first indexing |Now everyone of us have a mobile. Isn’t it?

According to TechCrunch, US consumers spent more than 5 hours per day on mobile devices.

According to Search Engine Land about 80 Percent Of Local-Mobile Searches Result In Offline Purchases.

I mean this is huge, isn’t it?

People are moving more and more to mobiles rather than their Desktops or Tablets.

Today I am going to discuss about this mobile first indexing and what you need to do about this both as a business owner or an online marketer.

Now What is Google Mobile First Indexing really mean?

Mobile first indexing really means to prioritize the mobile version of your website rather than your desktop version of your website.

Now until now Google has been using Desktop results and index them as a primary source to provide information to the users.

But with the rise of mobile devices Google shifts their gears and want to give the mobile version of the users the more priority.

Now this does not mean Google will completely neglect the desktop results but it does mean when both the desktop and mobile versions of your website available Google will prioritize mobile version.

That’s All!

So what are my options?

Now actually there is mainly two options to deal with it.

One is make your website responsive which also Google prefers.Other option is to maintain a completely a different version of mobile site ( and maintain it.

But I think going responsive is the best option as it requires less work and can be managed from one end!

How do you know if my website is mobile friendly and ready for mobile first indexing?

Now there is actually a tool called Mobile-Friendly Test

Google mobile friendly test tool
Google mobile friendly test tool


Plug your website url in the tool and you will get the results.

The great thing is if you have some problems in mobile friendliness you can get the recommended tips straight from Google!

So no doubt about that.

Being mobile friendly is the first step of getting ready for mobile first indexing.

Now lets talk about responsiveness.

The basic steps of being responsive are below:

  • Make your desktop website compatible with any mobile devices.
  • Users should not face any difficulty to read contents or your website.(No zoom or scrolling required)
  • All links and buttons should be accessible easily without any difficulty.

Thats it!

Google wants to make sure your mobile website should present the same user rich experience as your desktop version does.

Google’s Approach towards this mobile first strategy:

Google is very much proactive about this Google Mobile first indexing.

They frequently talking about their mobile first index updates and news towards the webmasters through different online webmaster forums and social media platforms.

Google is suggesting actively shifting to mobile responsive design from the current status.

Google is also testing this Mobile first index thing in wild with their own environments. In terms of SEO the mobile first index will also play a key role for traditional Search Engine Rankings.

Another huge approach google has made towards this by the  introduction of AMP(Amplified Mobile Pages).

Now What is AMP?

Now AMP is an open source platform by which you can make your website pages lightning faster to provide batter experience to their mobile users.

So if you are in a situation in which you cannot make your whole website responsive or unable to develop or maintain a new (mdot) mobile site then implement AMP.

Accelerated Mobile Pages


It gives you a better way to make your most important pages to make mobile friendly.

It is no exception that Google also stresses heavily in AMP if you are a publisher and publishes news online.

According to Search Engine Land Nearly 6,000 developers from 33 countries have joined, as well as “thousands of site are adopting this AMP now.

Publishers using AMP has now a ranking boost and most often featured in Top Stories carousel section.Though Google still doesn’t clearly states that AMP is a ranking booster,but practically it is happening like this.

Companies like Fandango, Reddit, Flipkart, TripAdvisor, Disney, Food Network and many others are using this AMP and really enjoying that Top news stories section very often.

And that’s not all. Google also gives preference to AMP pages than normal webpages these days.

So it is a great option to implement in your side.

Believe me or not AMP powers 2B+ mobile pages and 900K domains already.

Now that is big!

How to Start with AMP?

Now as I already mentioned AMP is an open source project and largely backed up by Google you can start building your AMP website right from here

After implementing AMP you can expect an edge over your competitors for sure.

More and more companies are already getting benefits after implementing AMP.

You can read the success stories over here.

Now Facebook also introduced in 2017 Instant Articles which can help publishers to load contents faster in the facebook mobile app than normal.

Last Words:

To summarize the world is moving towards mobile very fast.So we all a have to keep pace with it and better to adopt these mobile ready technologies as early as possible.

Start with responsive first then do the rest step by step.

Now it is all for today guys.

Hope you enjoyed my post.

If you like to mention any these type of technology I forget to mention.

Please post your valuable comments in the comment box below or shoot me an email.

I will be happy to hear!

Have a good day ahead!

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