How to do gbwhatsapp apk download the right way[Latest & Updated]

gbwhatsapp apk download
(Last Updated On: May 24, 2019)


gbwhatsapp apk download|Sometimes social media can get really boring and there is nothing you can do about it. Facebook and Instagram are online portals but WhatsApp is a messaging app and there are many things that you can control here.

In order to make regular WhatsApp less boring for its users, some highly talented individuals/developers created a modded version of WhatsApp. It works similarly like WhatsApp and provides even better features.

The best part is the person you are chatting to won’t have to install a modded version. You can be using a modded version and they can have the normal version and you still won’t face any problem in chatting with them.

There are many awesome features of the gbwhatsapp apk app that make it really special. In this article, we will discuss these amazing features of gbwhatsapp app and also guide you on how to download the app.

Features of gb whatsapp APK

  • You can hide your last seen, online status, blue tick, double tick, etc. Now you might be wondering that some of these things are possible in the normal Whatsapp version also so why bother downloading the mod?

But the answer is that even if you hide all your above-mentioned information, you still will be able to see your contact’s information. This is not possible in the basic version of Whatsapp.

  • You can also hide your name from the viewed status list even after you have seen somebody’s status or story.
  • You can also set the timer to send any particular messages at the set time only.
    Set up an auto-reply. It means that you just save a default message and decide who it should be sent to and when. And when all the conditions defined by you are satisfied, an automatic reply will be sent to the concerned person.

So these are some of the awesome features of gbwhatsapp apk and these make it really superior to the regular and boring version of Whatsapp. Now let us move forward with the next part of the article that deals with the downloading of gbwhatsapp apk file on an Android device.

How to download gbwhatsapp apk file on an Android device

Everyone knows how to install an app via Google Play Store but all the apps are not available on the Play Store. So what would you do in such a situation? You might be wondering that you are stuck and there is no way out but that’s not the case. Let us help you with the steps that will guide you on downloading gbwhatsapp apk.

  • The first step would be downloading the gbwhatsapp APK file from the button provided.
  • Next go to the downloads folder of your device and tap on the APK file that you just downloaded.
  • Once the installer runs, click on Install Now button and the installation process will start automatically.
    You can now run and enjoy gbwhatsapp Apk and enjoy all its amazing features.

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