Gaming Phones: Is It For You?

Gaming Phones Is It For You
(Last Updated On: March 24, 2019)


Gaming phones are really new. Mobiles that copy consoles to make gaming more friendly. The gaming mobile, while possessing elements of gaming controllers and consoles, at the same time try to maintain the features that make a smartphone attractive and functional.

We will use the Razer phone as a basic criterion for gaming phones and we will look at the ideas coming from ASUS with ROG Phone, Xiaomi with Black Shark 2 and Honor with the Honor Play series.

Their common feature is the processor or more correctly System on a chip (SOC). But is it enough on its own to offer us the best experience?


If you notice a gaming controller you will see that it is rarely based on touch gestures and virtual keys. When designing, they pay close attention to how they will fit into your hands. Mobiles have not yet reached such ergonomic levels.

While gaming controllers have curves and a special design to fit perfectly into a palm, the handset is designed to lean on your ear and not overcome some dimensions since you have to carry it in your pocket.

A gaming phone therefore does not only have a robust processor, or excellent screen. He has to look seriously at his shape, how much temperature he gets to be comfortable in your hands and of course to find ways to properly simulate hardware buttons.

Shape, size and dimensions

Razer Phone is the most “squared”, followed by Asus and Xiaomi. This is logical since first of all they are mobile, so their dimensions will be more or less specific. They will never be bulky enough to fit giant batteries and complex vibrating devices. But they will gradually begin to have a better design in the existing dimensions.


Once we’re talking about gaming, we can not look at RGB lighting. It’s something that comes packed now with any gaming accessories. The best job is Razer.

The back of the mobile has the Razer logo and it can be changed to whatever color you want with all the combinations that are accustomed to us by the Chroma series. This feature is particularly distinctive on a mobile phone and is definitely something that will be “borrowed” by other companies as well.


Looking at all three screens of mobile phones we are looking at, we see something important. It is not necessary that the best display be the one with the best technical features.

Gaming does not look like watching movies. In gaming several times you will download the analysis to win FPS. In mobile gaming, lag is a major problem, a Full HD screen may be preferable to a 4K if it involves more battery and more frames.


The system on a chip here is very basic. Mainly for the lag. You need power, RAM and an excellent Wi-Fi antenna. Here you will always play wireless and never cable.

Ping increases vertically unless you have a qualitative antenna. Therefore, budget gaming phone solutions are particularly frightening. You do not know for sure that a discount has been made to the mobs’ ‘guts’.

Special Buttons

Asus built two “air triggers” at the edges of the ROG Phone. Two touch-sensitive surfaces that copy the Left + Right buttons of the controls.

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