Top 20 Free Business Listing Sites for USA for Small Businesses

Free Business listing sites in USA
(Last Updated On: August 15, 2019)


Free Business listing sites USA 2019| Did you know that you could simply jump start your internet business listing with these internet business directories?

Choose to list your online business in order to get rapid exposure for free. These free business listing sites in the USA ought to do the work so that you have the chance to grow your small scaled business to a medium scaled business if you are in the USA specifically.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with your online business presence in order for your potential and the targeted customer can find you locally.

All you need to do is sit back and enjoy this list of business listing sites in the USA for your business, inquire frequently as we routinely keep up and refresh this list– and also try to share this only if you find this listing useful.

Best Business Listing Sites in USA

#1: Google Local Places/Google My Business

Google is probably the most used search engine and is considered to be the greatest and most critical local platform for listing. Google will put your professional business listing in its Local Search, then in the Google Maps, and more places that’s in its platform. Nearly all of us use Google, so make a point to jump on the track with your listing.

#2: Yelp

If you are searching for a platform where you looking for local items is made easy and possible. Well, for that you have YELP. So, why wait? You ought to take advantage of this professional platform and simply list your business products and services.

Which businesses till now have taken advantage of this platform? Mostly, Restaurants, Car repairing shops, and shopping malls.

#3: Bing

After Google, Bing is considered to be the next best search engine of Microsoft. This business portal is a platform from where you can even list your small scaled business for most of the local customers near you. The Bing business portal is growing fast as every day passes by, get in today.

#4: Thinklocal

Did you know that Thinklocal is about to take ownership? Considering the impact of your spending dollars and putting your cash where your mouth is. Find them online and or on in front of your doorstep. You have the power to choose how the local businesses ought to find tell you about their presence.
The rest you can just leave it to the Thinklocal platform.

#5: Aabaco

This business directory is being powered by Yahoo since long. Although this is considered to be a small business directory that lets you add your business product and services information.
Aabaco ought to even create landing pages and websites that have the ability to market your business locally too.

#6: is an online hub for yellow page directories. This platform helps you to add your business name, category, demographics, and many other details to it, so that the customers may find it convenient to search for the reliable services providers and business products as per their needs.

#7: The Better Business Bureau

The better business bureau is a platform that enables potential clients to search for all of the businesses in their vicinity. The customers have the ability to sort them by the better business bureau accreditation.
So, this designation ought to help create a feeling of trust amongst the potential customers.

#8: Citysearch

May they be small business ventures or corporate businesses in the industry, they have the choice to use the Citysearch platform to add a piece of basic information in order for the customers to find them easily.

The Citysearch platform has also created the best of lists and local guides. These list future help the customers to make a better decision.

#9: Angie’s List

Simply use Angie’s list to create a free profile for your formal business information. This platform then allows the followers to leave back their reviews about your business products and services. You will also have the authority to communicate with the customers while you choose to use this platform for your online business listing.

#10: MerchantCircle

Similar to Angie’s list platform, the MerchantCircle also allows you to add your basic business information on the platform, respond to the customer’s review that they have left on the platform related to your business products and services. Apart from this, you also have the power to add photos and blog posts to your company pages.

#11: Superpages

This is a simple business directory platform for the clients to find contact details for businesses and individual contractual workers.

The Superpages platform would allow you to add basic business information and contact details so all of the potential customers can get in touch with you easily.

#12: Kudzu

This platform specializes in listing for all of the home repair and home services businesses.
You have the option to create a free business listing on their sites or you can also pay for an upgraded listing that ought to improve your online presence on the internet.Though Kudzu has shutdown their local business listing option recently,it is still worth a mention.

#13: Facebook

Facebook is considered to be one of the giant social media places where people find information about different business products and services.
On the other hand, if you sign up for a business page, the people can find your business and all the necessary information that you have added just by searching on the search bar rather than doing it on the search engines.

#14: LinkedIn

Another social platform, LinkedIn gives you a chance to include the majority of the fundamental data about your business. However, you can likewise post occupations, organization refreshes, and even full blog entries.

#15: Thumbtack

The Thumbtack is a business platform that inquires the clients about what they require from the professionals. This platform then compares the quotes given by different professionals that ought to meet their needs and wants.

#16: FourSquare

This demographic based social platform that gives you a chance to include the fundamental data about your business with the goal that clients can discover you. Be that as it may, at that point you can likewise make offers or advancements to pull in clients who utilize the Foursquare application.

#17: Whitepages

Whitepages is a business platform that most individuals can use to look into telephone numbers, people, locations and organizations. You can utilize this platform to include your business name and contact subtleties so clients can without much of a stretch connect with you.

#18: Yellowbook

This is another stage that offers essential contact data for people and organizations. You can even utilize the Yellowbook stage to offer coupons or arrangements to clients in your general vicinity.

#19: MapQuest

The mapquest enables the clients to get some basic business information using an actual online map.

#20: TripAdvisor

This platform is mainly focusing on tourists. The TripAdvisor is considered to be a good method for businesses like Inn and eatery places to connect with their customers.

Conclusion: We hope you liked our post for Free Business listing sites in the USA. I hope it will also help you to expand your local business in a significant manner. If you like the post please share the post with your friends and if you have any comments please let me know in the comment box below!

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