5 Reasons Why You Should Embed Twitter Feed On Website Right Now

embed twitter feed on website
(Last Updated On: June 22, 2019)


embed twitter feed on website|Twitter might not be the cool kid on the social media block anymore but surely it’s the one for the long haul/run.

Twitter has been around for almost a decade now. It has well established itself as a major marketing phenomenon for the brands aspiring to flourish online.

One very effective means of employing Twitter for your online brand marketing is by embedding Twitter feeds on your website. It helps to gap the distance between the brand and its customers and also helps you achieve your business goals.

This article discusses the amazing benefits of embedding Twitter Feed on your website.

Come, let’s have a look.

Why you embed twitter feed on website

Improves Your Website’s Overall Appearance

When you embed Twitter feeds on your website, you pour colors and a dynamic character to your website’s boring interface. It comes inherently with Twitter feeds. Embed Twitter feeds are so interesting and engaging that they help to improve the overall appearance of your website.

Embedded Twitter feeds can be customized according to the look and feel you decide on your website. Hence, you decide the way you want to enhance the visual appeal of your embedded Twitter feeds, and thus, your website.

Shows Your Social Side To Your Website Visitors

When you integrate Twitter feed on your website, you basically are exposing the social side of your brand to your website visitors. This helps you maximize your touch-points with your users.

More the number of platforms you are available on, to your customers, more is the likability factor associated with your brand. Users love social media, especially Twitter.

So, when you display embedded Twitter feeds on your website, there is a high probability of your website visitors visiting your Twitter Profile, thus increasing your social influence too.

Displays User-Generated Content

Embedding Twitter feeds on your website gives you an opportunity to display user-generated content on your website, thus, providing your website visitors with social proof of the authenticity and credibility of your brand. It helps to ensure user trust in your brand and link loyal customers with the brand in the long run.

Displaying user-generated Twitter content on your website is actually a great idea. Twitter feeds, that too created by users themselves is one of the most trusted forms of marketing.

People love engaging with user-generated content. It is fresh, dynamic, and so vivid that users can’t resist interacting with it.

Boosts Interactions With Customers

Talking of user-generated content, as we all know it is loved by all. Users engage with it readily on their own without much efforts being put in from your side.

In fact, just by embedding Twitter feeds on your website, you encourage your website visitors to create similar Twitter content with your brand hashtags.

This content could also be used as a user-generated content for your brand and displayed as embedded real-time Twitter feeds.

This way by embedding real-time Twitter feeds on your website, you engage better with your customers and boosts more interactions of your brand with your customers.

Improves SEO

When you embed real-time Twitter feeds on your website, you initiate a new wave of engagement activities on your website. All this results in improved SEO perks.

For example, when your visitors engage with the embedded real-time Twitter feeds on your website, they tend to stay longer on your website, thus improving their dwell-time on your website.

Also, the embedded Twitter feeds to make your website content more relevant and interesting.

This engages the users more and prevents them from leaving your website, thus reducing the bounce rate too. Also, the longer visitors stay on your website, better are their chances of converting, thus better conversion rates.

Hence, overall SEO performance of your website is improved.


These are not just it. There are many more benefits that come with the embedding of the Twitter feed on your website which helps you grow your online business.

Embed Twitter feeds on your website and experience these amazing benefits for yourself and grows your online business to new heights.

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