The Most Effective Ways to Generate Quality Targeted Leads

How to Generate leads
(Last Updated On: September 5, 2019)


Do you know why the articles you read about generating quality leads are not helping you? It is because generating quality leads is a slow, planned, painful and step-by-step process, and such methods are not a fitting part of the “Top Ten Ways” article trend.

Are you looking for ways to generate quality targeted leads? If so, then settle in because things are going to get interesting.

Tracked and Multi-Faceted Referrals Systems

A virus survives so well because it infests a host and then makes the host infect others. If you are looking to generate business leads, you cannot simply sell to a customer. You have to train, mold, sculpt and educate the customer. You can learn such skills at these webinars.

Assume you have made the sale. Your branding has already started to educate the buyer because that buyer made a purchase. Here are the points at which you need to train your consumer.


Assume the user has double-confirmed acceptance to be on your newsletter list and assume that the person has not made a purchase yet. Offer your products, and near the bottom, ask if their friends would like your products too (or make a similar soft referral request).

 Business Leads
How to Generate Business Leads

Sale Complete Page

It should say that the payment has gone through and that a receipt will be emailed. It then needs a soft referral suggestion. Typically, this includes an image and link of the product saying something like, “Share your new XXX on Facebook” or Twitter, or Instagram, etc.

Purchase Receipt

Besides the receipt, you need to include a referral suggestion. You need a soft, tame (intermediate) or aggressive referral suggestion depending upon your consumer.

Re-Visit Cookies

Your most important priority is to sell to your consumer again whenever they revisit your website. Using cookies with your dynamic website will help remind users that they purchased in the past. The same cookies could re-ask for a referral with phrases like, “Who do you know who would love a XXX?”

Follow Up Email

It has been two weeks or two months or however long is suitable considering your product. Ask your customer how thrilled they are with your product and tell them about your referral program.

Explain how they get money or a discount if they refer to people who buy. Offer them a shareable link that guarantees they are paid for referrals. Consider offering money for the referrer, and bulky discounts for the person being referred to as an incentive to buy.

Refill or Restock Reminders

If your customer bought something that often needs restocking, like rabbit food, or even car tires, include the same offer as you did in the follow-up email. Offer them a discount they can share with their friends that all concerned receive if the referred person makes a purchase.

Outright Reminders That Look Like News

If all else has failed, if your consumer has stopped making purchases and the account has gone dormant for a while, then hit the user with an email that has an aggressive referral suggestion. Try to focus more on making that second sale before you resort to aggressive strategies.

Different Types of Referral Suggestion

No matter if you are using the email method as listed above, or if you are using cookies and a dynamic website, or an affiliate advertising and landing page strategy, you need to temper your referral suggestions based on the type of consumer and how long it has been since the consumer engaged with your company or bought from you.

Soft Referral Suggestion Examples

• Share the love and show your friends what you bought
• We appreciate all social media shares because it helps us build our business and keep prices low
• How would you rate our products? (have the survey post to their social media)

Tame Referral Suggestion Examples

• Would you like to “gift” a discount to somebody? (offering a discount code for the referrer and referred party)
• We have a referral program where you can earn discounts and prizes
• Refer customers to us, and we will credit your account with money you can spend anywhere on our website

Aggressive Referral Suggestion Examples

• Want your money back for your XXXXX purchase? Just sign up five friends this week
• Get 90% off your next order if you successfully introduce a friend to
• Need a job? Sell our products to your friends for a commission

Choose types of referral suggestions based on your product type, customer type, and stage of buying cycle.

Targeted Leads Through Affiliate Advertising

New marketers may giggle in glee at this suggestion because affiliate advertising is probably one of the most precise targeting tools of our generation (especially when you consider how sophisticated they have become). Veteran marketers will know that affiliate advertising is a kind face with gold teeth; it seems sweet, but it is pricey.

Your success in generating targeted sales through affiliate advertising will require a lot of investment over a long period.

You do not have to invest large amounts right away. You have to invest money frequently over months and years to refine your process to the point where it pulls conversions (sales) consistently. Investing large amounts is what blue-chip companies do.

You can start small and work your way up. Mix your paid promotions with free website promotion methods to get a stronger return on the time you invest.

If you are willing to invest your time and analytical skills into affiliate advertising, then you need to run hundreds of trial and error tests trying to hone your ads, landing pages, keywords, demographic-specific targets, and even your times/dates for advertising.

Luckily, monitoring/analytics for modern affiliate programs are just as sophisticated as affiliate targeting, so you can always rely on your results (even if you cannot rely on your interpretation of the data).

Tired Yet?

Even something as simple as generating targeted leads from referrals on emails is complex. You wouldn’t think that referrals would need a structure, but the fact is that your consumer is easily bored, easily put off, and easily distracted.

Convincing them to refer is like growing bluebells; if you are too heavy-handed, they will never flower.

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