Do people still read blogs?The Facts will Shock You

Do people still read blogs
(Last Updated On: December 6, 2019)

Do people still read blogs? Yes they do! In a day to day daily life, most of the people are used to read something interesting that whenever they get free time? Apart from free time, when travelling, reading is the best medicine to get rid of boredom. Well, the reading can be done with the support of books or blogs.

Well, before a decade, reading books became crucial and still, it continues, but most of the people today do not feel comfortable to carry books in their hands. Over the decade, the reading habit has transformed drastically. This is further accelerated by the rise of the internet and mobiles.

The first blog was created in the year 1994 [], by Justin Hall. Since then the blogging industry has also evolved exponentially.

Justin Hall
Justin Hall:The first Ever Blogger(Source Wikipedia)

According to, there are approximately 500 million blogs available globally, with over 2 million blog post published daily. This is a lot of data. You can virtually access every information you can think of just in a matter of seconds. This is something you can’t imagine reading books. So it is the answer for people who ask “do people still read blogs”.

What is a blog?

According to Wikipedia,  “A blog (a truncation of “weblog”) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts)”

Basically, in layman’s term, a blog is an online platform where you can shout your heart out. It is a place where you can read and write whatever you like. It is like your online diary or notebook which you update regularly.

Most of the people are interested in sharing something to grab the attention of people. In recent years, the accessing of the internet has become very easy and cheap where millions of handling every second across the globe.

So, people what to want to share out of their heart, they can share on the internet over the platform like blogger or some other alternatives like WordPress which are similar to that. When it comes to handling the blog, you don’t need to focus on anything specific. If you are interested in sharing technology or motivational, then you can share it without any hesitations.

But as blogging has gained tremendous popularity and acceptance worldwide, it is not only restricted for your casual thoughts only. It is now also used widely by brands ranging from small to big as an effective way of marketing medium. I will discuss it in more details later in the article.

Do people still read blogs? Are blogs still popular?

First of all some stats. According to impactbnd 77% of Internet users read blogs.

According to Statistica,  there are almost 4.33 billion people were active internet users as of July 2019.

Now if 70% of this whole digital population read blogs then the number of blog users roughly estimated is 3.03 billion. It is huge! Isn’t it?

So the popularity of blogs is undeniable and people read blogs big time.

Blogs are handling for many years, but most of them aren’t aware of reading the kinds of stuff over the blog.

However, on the other side, blogs are highly popular where most of them are often used to read over there. It depends on the environment where you have grown up.

Apart from that, millions of people are reading blogs and feel something fresh to take often from blogs. It is the main reason where most of the writers are concentrating on offering kinds of stuff.

At the end of the day, there is a chance to experience a boring part in the contents. So, most of the writers are always focus on delivering the contents which will entirely engage from start to end. This is the main reason where most of the blogs are popular among people for various reasons.

How many people read blogs?

Yes, millions out there. As I earlier discussed roughly the number is 3.03 billion. When it comes to reading the blogs, people are always looking for an engagement and the added value. the blog provides. For example, we all know about Neil Patel right? . How many of you use UberSuggest?

I bet many. So how did you first head about it? It’s from Neil’s blog in case of the majority of times.

This is the power of blogging he delivers. You always go there and learn something new. You never feel bored reading his blog. There is something new every time.

That is why Neil gets millions of visitors every month just from his blog. So most of the people have become followers to particular blogs who always offer interesting stuff.

Be it technology or something general, blogs are the thing always ready to offer at any time. It is the main reason where people read blogs and get to know interesting things all the time.

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Where do people go to read blogs?

Everybody knows that the people who all are interested in reading the blogs, they will browse through the internet and find a particular blog to read.

Well, a blogger is a platform where people can find whatever they want to read. So, this thing will always grab the attention of people and trigger them to visit the platform like blogs.

If you are also interested in sharing the stuff that you would like to do, then visit the blogger platform where you can share the kinds of stuff in different niches at any time without paying a single penny.

People generally use Search engines like Google to find the blogs they like if they are searching for something new in the topic. In other cases Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter are the referrals.

In other cases, people also visit blogs directly to keep the balls rolling.

Is blogging still relevant? Is blogging worth it?

Absolutely! Blogging is always relevant and it is the essential reason where people would like to visit the blogs and start to read as per their wish and convenience. On the other side, people are still thinking about whether it is worth or not. But it is always considered to be the worthy one.

Even it has the benefits where one can make earnings through blogging with the support of AdSense. So, blogging is always supportive for the bloggers as well as the viewers for all the time. As I have discussed earlier, blogging is now also become an effective marketing medium.

In fact, according to Content Marketing Institute, small businesses who blog has 126% more lead growth than those who don’t blogs.

Not only that a whopping 61% of US users usually make their purchase decision after reading a recommendation on blogs.

As the blog is updated regularly than the rest of the website, Google indexes the blog content more often resulting in more search engine traffic and business.

How to start a blog?

So if you are convinced and want to start a blog, then it is a 10 minutes task to set up your first blog. If you are just experimenting you can use the free blogging platforms like Blogger,, Weebly, Tumblr to start your blog. It is just as easy as signing up a new email account. You can even use Quora for your first free blog.

After creating the account you are ready to publish the content. That’s it.

But if you are more serious about blogging and want to build your brand then you have to purchase a domain and hosting for that. A domain is the name of your blog. The hosting is a place where all your content resides. If you want to know more details on hosting and domain here is the detailed guide on this.

After buying a hosting and a domain you need to install a popular CMS. There are many easy to use CMS like WordPress, Ghost, Blogger, Squarespace is just there to help you to get started.

If you don’t know what is CMS is here is a short explanation.CMS stands for a content management system which is effectively used to manage all your website assets under one roof. It helps to maintain a website or blog without the need of much technical knowledge. With the right use of blogging tools you the right CMS can help you alot in your blogging journey.

If you want to know more about CMS here is a detailed guide you can look into.

If not blogging, what to do instead of blogging?

Nowadays, people don’t have enough patience to read all the things from top to end. So, they are always looking for visuals to get the stuff that too in a short time.

Yes, we are talking about YouTube. So, if you are not going to offer the contents through blogging in text format, then go ahead with YouTube to offer videos to your followers.

If the content is good, then there is a chance of wider reach and bring more subscribers to your channel as well. So, without going for a second thought, this is always said to be the right way where one can make use of it.

Can you make a living with blogging alone?

The question is difficult to answer. All depends on you and how you are taking your blogging passion. If you are already working somewhere else or involved in a different profession then you can earn a reasonable amount of money just by doing part-time blogging.

If you can devote 3 to 4 hours a day towards blogging you can earn approx 300 to 400 USD as a beginner but all it depends on your hard work and dedication.

If you to like to take blogging as a full-time job then you need to be more cautious and dedicated towards blogging. If you are starting new don’t expect to earn big quickly. As blogging is not a one night stand.

If you are dedicated enough and able to generate good engaging content for your audience surely you can earn big. But don’t come to blogging for only money. If you can build your brand then money will come as a by-product.

Check this video below where Top Indian Bloggers Discussing Blogger as a career option.
[Harsh Agrawal from Arun Prabhudesai from (left)
Ashish Sinha from (Centre)]

How to make money with blogging?

People don’t have much aware of making money rather than just blogging it. Even people involved in blogging, they don’t know much about making money through this platform. Yes, it has the potential where you can make money by getting AdSense.

To apply for Adsense, you must have several good contents to get approval. Once the AdSense is approved, then you will start to make money by gaining more traffic to your site.

Other than earning from ad networks like Adsense, you can also earn from affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc. Many professional bloggers also use their blog to attract consulting assignments, event speaking, upselling their products or services to earn an alternative source of revenue, etc

You can also use affiliate marketing by promoting other products or services to earn from blogging. For inspiration, you can check out Harsh Agarwal’s post where he disclosed how he had earned a whopping amount of $80410 just from affiliate marketing alone just under 5 years.

Hands down!

Some example of top-earning blogs

Generally, when it comes to handling the blogs or going to begin, people would always be looking for some examples to know top-earning blogs.

Yes, it is such a common thing where people are always used to do. If you are looking to know more about some of the examples, then some bloggers make more earnings through blogs like Mashable, Moz, Prez Hilton, Tuts and more in 2019. So, whenever you are going to post the contents, make sure to deliver good and attractive one for all the time.

So finally what do you think do people still read blogs?

Yes absolutely. People not only read blogs they love it. If you can generate well enough content people will love your blog.

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