How to Create Appealing Flyers Without Knowledge of Graphics

Designcap Review
(Last Updated On: January 21, 2019)


A flyer is a useful tool for companies that want to be known by new potential customers, and for those who simply need to sponsor an event. Because the flyer allows you to reach any type of customer, spreads many types of communication and generate positive word of mouth.

There is an art to make an appealing flyer and poster. If you are advertising a community event, you can use a bright and cheerful design.

If you are sponsoring a technology product, you can use a sophisticated and modern design. And if you want to advertise lost and found, you can use a clear and obvious design. The more creative your flyer, the more people will notice it.

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to create flyers online without paying a penny, I’d like to suggest you use DesignCap which is a valuable web service.

Why Choose DesignCap?

  • Hundreds of great Templates
  • Thousands of valuable Resources
  • Fully Customizable designs
  • Free to Use without any such restrictions

DesignCap provides you with a wide of different types of flyers, from that you’ll modify the title, subtitle, and description in a personalized way.

Moreover, with this free tool, you will have the possibility to upload images, set the color of the characters and the flyer background. There is no ought to register to use the service.

To create flyers with DesignCap, You just need follow the below steps:

Connect to its homepage and click on the “make a free flyer” button.

Now, you need to wait a few moments to load the DesignCap editor and use the buttons located in the left sidebar

to change the design of your flyer: by clicking on the “photo” button, you can upload images to the flyer; pressing on the “Text”, you can insert personalized writing;

clicking on the symbol of the “Clipart”, you can insert icons, shapes, lines, etc. while clicking on the button of the “Background”, you can change the color and texture of the background.

Choose Template

As soon as you are satisfied with the result, save your flyer by clicking on the Save button located at the top,

choose the format in which to download the document (JPG or PNG) or click on the icon “print,”

depending on the the operation you want to complete. This easy online layout and graphics program has immediately established itself thanks to its extreme intuitiveness and the ability to use it without having to install anything on your PC.

You can choose from hundreds of layouts,clipart, fonts, and background. Each element can be moved with a simple drag & drop.

add element

If you still don’t know howto use it, you can click support and search for tutorials. During this process, you may get more information on how to use some specific functions.

customize at will

Anyway, the feeling that you have used this software is that of a simplified experience, enriched by the many updated templates.

If you do not want to get bogged down in a thousand little-understood options or that you will never use in the end, DesignCap could be the tool you were looking for.

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