How to change mouse sensitivity in Windows 10

How to change mouse sensitivity in Windows 10
(Last Updated On: March 16, 2019)


How to change mouse sensitivity in Windows 10|So you are not comfortable with your mouse sensitivity and you want to know how you can change it?

Well, your mouse sensitivity plays a huge role in your day to day usage of your computer.

Especially if you like to play FPS (first person shooter) games. If you do not have your preferable sensitivity, you won’t get a perfect aim.

And in this guide we are going to walk you through step by step in on you can change your mouse sensitivity or either way, your mouse DPI.

Changing your mouse sensitivity

So this is the step by step walkthrough on how you can exactly change your mouse sensitivity…

Firstly you press your Windows key and then go to your Windows 10 search box and type in “control panel”. And after that, you open up your control panel application.

step 1

So once you enter the control panel, you will see a search box on the top right corner.

All you do now is type in “mouse” in that little search box.

step 2

Then you will see an option which says “Mouse” appear. All you do now is click on this option which says “Change mouse settings” under the option “Mouse”.

step 3

After that, you will open up a new tab which says “Mouse Properties”. From there, you will click on this option called “Pointer Options”.
So under the header “Motion”, you will have the options to set your desired mouse speed.

step 4


Also, there is another faster and easier way to access your “Mouse Properties”, you can simply use these following steps instead…

Simply press your Windows key and R on your keyboard simultaneously. After this, you need to open up your “Run” command. All you do now is paste in the following in the run command box…
control main.cpl

step 5

And press enter. Now you need to open up your “Mouse Properties” again. And then you can go to “Pointer Options” and change your mouse sensitivity again.

Also, you can see this guide on how to check your mouse DPI (dots per inch), in case you might want to know if you are an FPS gaming fan.


Your mouse sensitivity might seem like a small issue to many people but in reality, it plays a big role in your overall usage.

If your cursor moves slowly or a bit faster than average, you are surely not going to be comfortable with it.

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