How To Do Blogger Outreach And Its Perks

how to do blogger outreach
(Last Updated On: April 23, 2019)


Well, we all know that relationships matter in every sector. Whether it is business, family or even blogging. By maintaining a healthy and tight relationship with bloggers and influencers in your field, you can get yourself a couple of boosts. Blogger Outreach is the exact thing.

Today, we will be explaining about Blogger Outreach, How to do Blogger Outreach and its perks.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach is the process of reaching out to other bloggers and influencers in your niche and building an honest relationship with them for future profits.

It can be referenced as making “Friends” while working. Blogger Outreach is an effective way to get a helpful boost in your business whether it is a ranking boost, increase in social shares or even an increase in leads and conversions.

The main profit is that it is an easy, and effective method and doesn’t require any form of pre-investment.

Perks and Profits

Everybody thinks about their profit every once in a while. So, why not us? Well, Blogging Outreach has its perks and profits that can help you in creating a successful empire in our working sector.

Let me list them out for you.

You can build relationships with fellow bloggers.It helps in build quality backlinks to your site, which in turn, boosts the rankings.It helps you to build your brand from scratch.Can help you in getting more exposure and eyes.
Helps you in getting more social shares and dedicated traffic.

It helps you to score a Guest Post for free.But, Do you know how to do Blogger Outreach? Most people get diverted in this part of the process. We have summed up the best steps to implement which can help you in Blogging Outreach.

How To Do Blogger Outreach

Have An Idea

The most important factor to look out while doing Blogging Outreach is to determine your goal. Whether you want more traffic, increase in rankings, more shares or a lot of exposure.

Prepare A List

Prepare a list of the top influencers and bloggers in your niche. This must be related to your goal. If you want a large number of shares, choose the bloggers with a huge active audience. Similarly, for getting more traffic by building links, you should choose a blog with more Domain Authority.

Let Them Know You Exist via

Can you share your cell number in comments?

Sounds awkward, doesn’t it. The same goes for Blogging outreach. If you surprise them by asking for a favor, they will say NO and blacklist you.

Before asking them for help, spend time on their websites and accounts. Check their About sections, website and social accounts both. Communicate with them using comments. Subscribe to them and be an active member. Let them acknowledge your existence.

Connect Directly

Now it’s time to communicate directly. But, first, do them a favor, that means – link out to them, share their work or promote their product. Then, tell them that you helped them out and want to build a relation. Do not use Email templates. Make a custom message and address them by their First Name, e.g.;- Hey Chris, Hi Lisa, etc. Help them out more and connect further.

Ask For A Favor

The last and most important step is to ask them to help you. Whether it is a guest post, a backlink or even a social share, just let them know what you want directly. Do not do useless talks but dive straight to the point. The chances are high that they will accept after seeing all the good deeds that you did to them.

The DO NOT List
Here are a couple of reasons why people fail to implement Blogger Outreach in their niche. Be sure that you don’t take such actions that are listed below.

  • Using Templates
  • Don’t use Email templates as suggested earlier. Never use them. Make contact seem more natural. If you write out the mail as Dear Sir/Madam, the chances of your mail getting in the trash will be close to 100%.
  • Don’t Ask Too Early
    The second big mistake lot of people commit is that they ask too early for help. Let the relation build first and then, when you are comfortable asking each other for help, get your shot.


These were the most basic tips to do Blogger Outreach the right way. Let’s conclude it this way. Follow the beneficial methods, don’t try the DO NOT list. Have patience, don’t overdo it. Just let it flow naturally, and you’ll rise high for sure.

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