Top 6 Best Web Frameworks For Building Modern Day Websites

best web framework
(Last Updated On: March 9, 2019)


Best web framework|As technology grows, the need for building a rich and safe website grows and gets more complicated. Decades before, a website means that the company is growing fast.

Today, websites have become bare essential even for a start-up company. With that website, satisfying a client is not quite easy. They always require a little more than normal requirements. To make it easy, many new technologies have been developed. Here are the top web development frameworks you need to familiarize for developing a website.

Top web development frameworks



If you are into current technologies and trends, AngularJS is a common term for you. This framework uses HTML for language and uses the HTML syntax to cover numerous applications. It is quite famous for Single Page application, instant website menu, declarative templates and much more.



This framework is famous for creating a web application. It is a very robust and powerful tool, which is capable of covering HTML generation, database management, application maintenance and much more. It is oriented towards Syntactic Sugar.



This is a library based on JavaScript, which is used for creating user interfaces. Many top sites like Facebook and others have used this library for mobile applications. The main aim of React is to make the user interface, very easy.



This is an open source server, which allows creating dynamic webpages before the actual page is delivered to the browser, on request from the user. It helps in generating dynamic page content, which helps in collecting form data and operating files.

Cake PHP


This framework is generally used for e-commerce websites. You can use the codes you have from your older projects in this framework, thereby reducing time and money in the entire process of web development. It is preferred by most of the web developers today.



Meteor is a pre-designed set of libraries and packages, which makes it easier for creating software packages. You would need lesser codes to create a program and thereby lesser bugs. It is scalable and is very commonly used in many e-commerce applications.

These top web development frameworks are used by many major sites on the internet like Airbnb, Facebook, Basecamp, TravelogyIndia and so on. Are you planning to build a site? It is time to follow the trends of the giants in the field.

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