Top 5 Best Learning Apps for Kids Before They Start School

Best learning apps for kids
(Last Updated On: June 10, 2019)


Best learning apps for kids|Raising children in this age of advancement is not an easy task. The quest and drive for academic success are so great that we can’t afford to have our children wait until they join the school to start acquiring bookish knowledge.

To ensure that they blossom into well-rounded and groomed individuals, we must get them learning the basics as soon as they are able to comprehend information and retain it.

Now we would want this education to be top-notch; who doesn’t when it’s their progeny in question? But since we can’t all afford lavishes such as sending them an overpriced Montessori or to get them something as extravagant as French lessons, we must settle for something simpler such as home-based pre-schooling.

It might not sound as awesome or fancy as learning a foreign language in some placid town, it isn’t necessarily a compromise on quality. The task of homeschooling has been made easier by the incorporation of technology and we now have multiple applications that make the task so much easier for us and so much more informative for our little tots!

Here are our picks for the best learning applications to get your kids started on the path to accomplishment early:

 Top learning apps for kids

Reading Eggs – Learn to Read:

Colorful and engaging, this multi-award-winning application helps children learn how to read with the aid of songs, games, and allotment of rewards that motivate children and get them learning while loving it. Not only does it encourage children to explore more, but it is also extremely easy to install and follow.

With this application the child gets to choose his/her own pace of absorbing the information they’re given, making it all the more effective. It also gives out detailed reports for the parent to track the progress of their child and make necessary adjustments, as per need.

A bonus to using this application is that the user is given a “placement quiz” at the start to ensure that they’re allotted tasks that are suitable for the learning level they’re at, and is neither too regressed nor too advanced.

Artie’s World

From the makers of Artie’s Pencil, this interactive game supports over 15 languages to be more inclusive to children from across the globe. It’s a simple drawing app that requires toddlers and preschoolers to trace along the dots to give life to the characters and various items in Artie’s village. Once completed, the name of their creation is announced for them to learn and repeat.

Although the application starts off completely free of cost, the later stages do have in-app purchases so we suggest not leaving the kids on their own unless you’re okay with them buying more characters to draw or more levels to complete.

AlphaTots Alphabet

A child’s first introduction to the world of alphabets should be grand. It’s something that they will be using for the rest of their life so it’s best for the foundation to be strong.

The application gravitates from tradition by using verbs instead of nouns to help children memorize. It also comprises of songs, really cool games, and colorful graphics to make the learning experience all the more fun. There is also an easy navigation system that allows children to return to their favorite letters whenever they might want to.

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is an entertaining app that introduces preschoolers the world of spelling and enriches their vocabulary. Although the application was originally designed for preschoolers and toddlers, children of ages up to 8 can also benefit greatly from it and learn some really groovy new three and four syllable words.

It does need an active internet connection and a lot of memory but considering the fact that you get to hear your children experience such joy over learning such an extensive new array of words, it seems worth it.

Elmo Loves 123s

The sesame street characters, much like Barney, Tom and Jerry, and Dora, are part of every family that has children. A lot of the learning we all did in our waning years can be attributed to these household names.

So, it doesn’t make sense to have a list of learning applications without having at least one of them featured on the list.

But having them on this list is more than just for the sake of it, the application Elmo Loves 123s, is exceptionally educative and very interactive. It teaches young minds how to count from 1-20 in a fun manner, and makes the experience so enjoyable that they will be hooked for sure!

There are many 100s of applications online that are designed particularly to groom young minds and educate them so that they may join the race to the attainment of success early.

Not only do they made the children smarter and more accomplished, but also keep them occupied so that you may get those much-needed moments of relaxation and peace all to yourself.

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