How to Buy the Best Laptop Cooler[Your Ultimate Buying Guide]

Best Laptop Cooler
(Last Updated On: March 17, 2019)


Best Laptop Coolers|The laptop cooler is a fashionable gadget currently, it is above all an effective device that can preserve the life of a laptop, especially the 17-inch used by gamers with fans struggling during video games of the last generation.

To help you choose the best cooler for your laptop, I offer a complete buying guide starting with my 3 favorite brands.

Which laptop cooler to choose in 2019?

KLIM Cyclone: the best laptop cooler on the market?

The bestseller Klim Cyclone is probably one of the most powerful laptop cooler at the moment with its 5 fans including 4 turning at 2200 rotations per minute.

Particularly large, it is suitable for large laptops 17 or even 19 inches for gamer type MSI, which is the disadvantage of many of its competitors.

In terms of noise, the Klim Cyclone is quiet since it does not exceed 26 dB which is impressive for a model equipped with 5 efficient fans. The opinions of the users are extremely positive and the competent service with a guaranteed guarantee for 3 years.

Available in 2 colors (blue and red), this high-end ventilation table is also aesthetic. Equipped with LED, it will make your friends jealous even if it is an accessory! Finally, note that the device weighs less than 1kg and comes with a manual in French.

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Tecknet: the best quality/price ratio of the moment (less than 20 €)

The Tecknet brand has been a serious competitor since the launch of it is quiet 12 to 17-inch laptop cooler. Equipped with 3 fans (1200 rpm), it is a little less powerful than the Klim but especially 2 times cheaper.

You will hardly find better today at this price defying all competition.

In terms of weight, the cooler Tecknet remains rather light with its 700 grams. There are 2 possible settings depending on whether you prefer to put your laptop flat or slightly inclined. In addition, rubber support allows the PC to stay in place and not to slide.

Again, user reviews are very good for this midrange air cooler. It is therefore, logical to find him at the top of the best sales of the moment on Amazon whether in France or abroad.

To summarize, this is an excellent choice except for owners of very large screens (over 17 inches) or with a powerful graphics card without a fan.

KLIM Cool +: a cool USB laptop cooler by expensive

With its integrated high-performance fan, the KLIM Cool Plus is an interesting alternative for those who travel a lot. With its form of the USB key, it has the big advantage of being compatible with notebooks from 10 to 19 inches as long as it has a USB port.

Equipped with an active fan at the incredible speed of 4500 rotations per minute, the drop in temperature is almost immediate. Be careful though to take into account its weight of about 500 grams if you do not use your laptop on a horizontal surface.

Very robust with its metal structure and not plastic, its price around the 30 euro is frankly interesting. Note the brand provides after-sales service for 3 years which ensures the strength of this original but reliable USB air extractor.

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Laptop cooler: how does it work?

There are many models operating on two principles: the ventilation tables that remains the most common system, but also the USB air extractor, easier to carry, which acts as an external fan.

Some people on internet forums say that laptop coolers are useless because they only bring down the temperature by a few degrees during a video game, which is not enough to make a difference in performance.

Other people, I’m part of think on the contrary that they can lower the temperature substantially up to 20 ° C allowing a very substantial increase in performance.

To sum up, the laptop fan tables are running in 2019, without a doubt, but there are three crucial points to consider:

• They have their limits because they are not internal cooling systems;
• Thus, they only make it possible to compensate for the weaknesses of ventilation of your laptop;
• And most importantly, it depends heavily on the brand and model you buy.

Thus, I advise you to really move towards the high-end coolers designed for gamers with the latest generation features such as high-speed active ventilation, better building materials, and sometimes even adjustable fans or steering of the air flow.

Given the inexpensive price of a KLIM type cooler, the best way to convince yourself is to buy one to get your heart pound. By ordering on the internet, you will have a good ten days to quietly test the tablet before using your right of withdrawal for free if necessary.

In short, to conclude, I’m pretty sure you’ll notice a difference more than appreciable!

How to choose a cooler for your laptop?

Before making your purchase, do not forget to check these 5 important criteria:

  • Power
    In my experience, the first thing to do is to look at the number of external fans present, their positioning but also their speed of rotation (expressed in revolutions per minute by the manufacturers). We can compare 2 different models in a few seconds and find out if the price difference is normal.
  • Cut
    For those with a 17-inch laptop, be sure to consider the dimensions of the cooler. The best solution is to measure the length of your computer and compare with that of the model in question if you do not have the opportunity to see it and/or you prefer to buy it on the internet.

In general, the opinions of users are not to be overlooked and allow to know quickly if we are dealing with a model suitable for gamers or not.

  • Mark
    Although the appearance of air coolers is relatively recent, some brands are known to be reliable. Just take a look at the bestsellers and the opinions of gamers to realize that less than a dozen manufacturers compete for 90% of market share.
    Personally, my favorite is the brand KLIM which was founded by French and continues to improve its models, especially for large laptops. That said, other brands like Targus remain essential in this sector.
  • Price
    It is possible to find a good laptop cooler for less than 30 €. Typically, efficient entry-level models are available around 15-20 € while high-end models can sometimes reach 50 €.

I recommend you to pay attention to the guarantee as always because an investment of 30-40 € for a device that lasts 3 years is much more profitable than a gadget to 10-15 € that only takes a few months.

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