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best Hindi movie channels
(Last Updated On: March 29, 2020)

In this article, I will discuss the best Hindi Movies Channel available in India. Movies are great entertainment altogether, and we all know it for sure. Specially In India, watching movies on television is a great entertainer and stress buster. People love to enjoy watching movies with their families and Television is one of the most primary ways of watching movies.

Before jumping into the list, I would like to discuss a brief overview of Indian satellite channels and the rise of private cable/satellite movie channels which has revolutionized the whole experience of watching movies in India.

During the 1980s and early ’90s, there were no such ways to watch movies on a private television channel rather than Doordarshan. There was just one channel that simply hosted one or two shows a week and one movie every Saturday or Sunday.

Doordarshan was one such favorite channel that hosted a variety of shows with awesome content and of course just during the weekends. Well, movies have always been the perfect entertainment for all of us that works as the right stress-relieving method and the routine for sure. The fact was, there was no availability of private satellite channels in India those times.
Well, those were the time when the entire locality or the colony had just one television set and we all used to watch the weekend movie together with all of them with snacks and beverages just like a family.

But things began to change from the early 1900s. The rise of these private satellite channels has begun in India. In the year 1992, the launch of Star TV and ZeeTV had influenced the growth in a big way. Initially, 4,500 households were covered by cable television which has soon crossed the million mark in November 1992.

People quickly understood that these private channels have better quality and variety of programs rather than Doordarshan.

This has also influenced the growth of movie channels.
With time, the science advanced, technology improved and such gadgets and electronics items became more reasonable to afford and in demand by all of them and now we all have television sets at our respective places and houses.

In the year 2018, Television viewership monitoring agency the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India has come up with interesting statistics. In 2018, the Hindi movie channels have contributed 4.9 billion impressions an estimated 16.6% to total television viewership in a target audience that is all India in the age group of two years plus.

These are great numbers no doubt and there is no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Hindi movies are an integral part of Indian culture and Hindi Movie channels are part of this huge ecosystem.

Neeraj Vyas, business head of movie and music channels at Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN), said: “The combined reach of top five movie channels will be higher than combined reach of top 10 Hindi GECs.”

If you are looking out for some best Hindi movies channel, then we have mentioned all the popular ones that are worth watching for non-stop entertainment after your heavy scheduled day or busy routines. Yes, these channels are not only the best ones but also never-ending ones that keep their audience engaged always.

Best Hindi Movies Channel List

Check out all the below mentioned best Hindi movies channel that is both popular and trending in the entertainment industry and also among the audience that has kept them engaged.

1. Sony Max

Operated by Sony Pictures Network, Sony Max is one of the most popular Hindi movie channels in the Bollywood and the Hindi entertainment industry. Sony Max has also introduced its HD version in 2015.It is an Indian pay television entertainment channel. Sony Max has a great range of audiences and people to be engaged the whole day or probably throughout the year too. It broadcasts several films and shows that are both old and the recent ones and people are somewhat addicted to the channel.

According to BARC, the pioneer of the TV audience measurement system in India Sony Max has the highest number of impressions as of Feb 2020. It is one of the most popular Hindi movie channels in India. Of course, you don’t have to worry about missing the show or the movie as the channel keeps telecasting or airing the movies quite frequently and it also goes on with the old movies on particular days and hence you can watch all types of movies for sure. Sony Max is purely dedicated to movie lovers that is why they do not air any daily soaps or reality shows. The only criticism about Sony max is that they often repeat the same film again and again particularly SURYAVANSHAM and DON NO 1.

2. Sony Wah

If you are looking for another trending and the best Hindi movie channel in the film industry or the entertainment industry then, of course, you have got Sony Wah on the list. Yes, this movie is very much popular when it comes to broadcasting shows and movies that are originally in Hindi and that are dubbed from other south or regional languages. You can simply lookout for this particular channel too as it keeps its viewers and the audience engaged and entertained throughout the day with non-stop films and movies though. Sony Wah is very much popular to watch dubbed movies and films altogether.

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3. Zee Cinema

Zee Cinema is the best Hindi movie channel that should be sure on the list of all the entertainment and movie lovers. If you want to watch some great movies on TV then you have to switch to Zee cinema that simply never stops entertaining us at any minute and keeps airing popular and most great movies from all the genres. Zee cinema was initially launched in the year 1995. Since then it has become a household name and considered one of the best Hindi movie channels where you can expect to see all the blockbuster movies in one place. Apart from India, it has a wide range of audiences including America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, Asia Pacific and the Rest Of Africa. Zee Cinema has one of the top collections of movies (4200). Of course, they also host different other shows and movies from different categories and they do have some special movies or latest released movies during weekends, as weekends are the time when you can see a maximum number of audiences in front of the TV for sure. The one break movies are also a great point of attraction here.

4. Star Gold

Another most popular channel has become pretty much great in recent times for all sorts of movies to be hosted on the channel. Well, this particular channel has been listed and been ranked in the category or in the list of best Hindi movies channel when it comes to telecasting the Bollywood movies or the Hindi movies for sure. Well, you can simply lookup for all the movies and the films in the channels that will be from both old hits and new hits for sure and yes star gold is very much popular among the elderly people as it airs a lot of movies though. Another benefit of watching Star Gold is that they often air the latest movies on Sundays. Thus it attracts a lot of eyeballs during the weekends. Star Gold is only criticized for showing too many south Indian films too frequently. Being a Hindi movie channel, Bollywood movies should be the prime priority.

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5. [Colors Cineplex] Rishtey Cineplex

Color Cineplex, formerly known as Rishtey Cineplex is one such movie channel in the Hindi entertainment industry where you can simply watch all genres and sorts of movies and films on the channel for sure. The channel not only features and broadcasts Hindi movies but also broadcasts south dubbed movies that are very much trending and famous in the south side for sure. The channel was launched in the year 2016 in June. The channel is simply available with Viacom 18 network HD and in the 3D picture resolution and the format for sure. Well, Rishtey Cineplex is very much popular and pretty much great in the entertainment industry.

6. Zee Classic

If you love old Hindi classic cinema then Zee Classic is for you.
Zee Classic is probably the only Hindi cinema tv channel that offers the evergreen old Hindi cinema. You can watch the films’ of evergreen legends like Dev Anand, Ashok Kumarpretly frequently here. If you see, this is another most trending and the best Hindi movie channel in the entertainment industry and however, it was not the best channel in the entertainment industry but the channel started to reach more and more audience with time and that somewhat made the channel grow very much and reach the peak as well in a very few time or probably years though.

7. Sony Max 2

Sony Max 2, is the sister channel of Sony Max and is geared toward the Hindi audience only.This is another best and the popular and the best Hindi movie channel that is very much popular and has simply become very much great when it comes to Bollywood movies and films that are very much in demand though. The channel slogan is “Yaad Rahega” which is very catchy. The channel’s YouTube platform has a healthy subscriber count of 136K which helps it to gain the reach once again. of, Of course, there are many trending online streaming channels, but not all of them would entertain you just like the TV channels does and yes watching films with family being together is too much fun and cheering. You can simply go on with this particular channel that has become very much famous recently. The only criticism they received is for showing old movies frequently compared to new ones.The audience especially the younger generations have raised their concern for this and demanded more recent action and thriller movies.

8. WoW Cinema

Yes, you need to know that there are plenty of such Hindi movie channels that are very much popular with the recent times and that have become simply great on the whole. Launched in 2015 and Owned by Softline Creations, Wow cinema is another such movie channel that paves a way for all us to watch and get entertained with all the Bollywood movies that range from both old hits to recent hits altogether. Wow cinema is a free to air channel and available in all major DTH platforms as well as cable tv networks.The channel hosts various movies from several genres that include old movies, films from the 2000s, and also the current hits and the movies that are popular recently.The channel is often criticized for showing too much ad fillers and commercials.Also, the programming includes mainly old movies which are needed a fix.But being free to air channel they have their limitations.

9. Evergreen Classic

Of course, the name itself mentions and specifies all the details about this particular Hindi movie channel that you have been always waiting for and yes this channel only features the old romantic hits that were popular during the 70s and 80s making the Bollywood simply one of the wonders to keep dreaming for sure. Evergreen classic is one popular channel that simply takes care of every single old movie and the old hit that has been famous during the old times and had given a great hit in the theaters with perfectly impressing the audience though.

10. Skystar movie

Skystar movie is one such popular Hindi channel that has been the best and also the ever trending one since the launch. If you want to know about the channel then yes the channel mainly focuses on all sorts of recent hits and the movies that have been released very recently and are quite very famous for sure. However, if you see the Skystar movie does only focuses on telecasting and broadcasting the movies that have become very famous in the box office though. Hence, you can simply focus on this particular channel if you just want to watch the latest movies and films for sure.

11. Star Gold Select

Yes, the channel name is very much familiar if you see, as it simply focuses on the movies and does not hold on to any other shows or concerts on the whole. Not even dramas, or shows or any kind of TV serials are telecasted on this channel. Star Gold select is available on both standard definition and high definition for sure, and it genuinely streams very good content as compared to other channels though. If you want to explore the Indian cinemas then this is a great platform for you to do so! You can simply go on with this channel to stream movies for sure.

12. Zee Filmy TV

Of course, you have got this option to view and watch all sorts of films from different genres as you had always looked up for though. Well, watching movies and streaming throughout the hits and the movies have become a lot easier with all the trending and the popular channels on the whole. You can subscribe to this particular channel from your cable tv provider or the DTH provider in the suitable and preferred viewing definition though, as it is available in both standard definition and the high definition for sure. However, you can simply go on with this particular channel to watch more and more films and movies for sure.

13. & Pictures

Owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises, & Pictures is Lunched in 2015. & Pictures is a well known Hindi movie channel in India.Watching movies on & Pictures is a great experience as it offers great sound and picture quality. Well, who does not know this particular channel as you can simply take up this channel as your first preference as compared to other channels on the whole though. However, this channel only telecasts and broadcasts shows and different movies that come from different genres and categories which makes it easier for the audience and the viewers to stream very easily and according to their preferences and choices as well.You can also watch Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies on & Pictures as it often airs movies like this.The only thing that is annoying here is the long commercial breaks.Many viewers have already raised their concerns regarding this.I hope they will fix this issue pretty soon.

14. Star Gold 2 [ Formerly Movies OK]

Star Gold 2 formerly known as, Movies OK has recently in trend during the past few years. However, this particular channel has got tons of movies and shows that are very much popular to be hosted for sure. Star Gold 2 was launched back in the year 2002.In Feb 2020, Star Gold 2 has also launched its HD version. It is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company India. Star Gold 2 has got loads of audience and gained a lot of popularity and fame in recent years due to the content that the channel hosts in the channel for sure. Star Gold 2 become simply great and the movies are very much according to the genre and are simply very famous as well.

15. B4U Movies

Launched in 1999, B4U movies has gained its popularity pretty quickly. Available in 8 different satellite B4U movies cater 100 countries including the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Mauritius, Canada, and India. Though the B4U movies are last in the list the channel is very much famous when it comes to broadcasting the Bollywood movies and the Hindi movies of course, and have got very much fame and gained loads of popularity for sure. B4U movies have got loads of content and the movies that give the best of the genre and of course all types of genres altogether on the whole. You can simply go through all the contents and the movies that are being telecasted on the channel for sure. Apart from regular movies, B4U movies offer exclusive start-studded interviews, behind the scenes stories and many more. The only negative point is the number of commercial ads and tele-shopping shows they often air in the busy slots.


Hence, here we have mentioned all the best Hindi movie channels that are very much popular in the entertainment industry that is giving loads of fun and cheerful content from the media and the film industry. However, you need to know that there are many other popular channels and not just the movies that are mentioned above. You need to simply go on with the channels and their respective subscription if you want to look out on the popular movies including both the old hits and the new ones.

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