Top 5 SEO Benefits of Google You Can’t Miss

Benefits of SEO
(Last Updated On: December 25, 2019)

Why SEO Matters?

Do You Know About The Incredible SEO Benefits?

You all heard the term SEO? Right? But only a few people know how to implement a perfect SEO Strategy.

Simply put it is the process of Search Engine Optimization by which we can craft our websites to present it in a more user- friendly way for the search engines to explore easily.

According to Sources, Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average.

So with that much of the volume if we can rank our website even on the first page of Google we can easily have a considerable amount of traffic for our website.

In this post, I will quickly point out the Top 5 benefits of SEO and some actionable SEO tips to make SEO work for you.

So let’s start!

Google SEO Benefits

#SEO is Long Term Game

SEO Benefits Long Term

Image Source:Quora

If you have just started your website and think that SEO alone can make your website flooded with traffic overnight then probably SEO is not the thing for you.

SEO is an art by which you can improve gradually and it takes time. Depending upon your niche and competition it can take up to 3 months to even 1 year to rank for competitive terms.

So keep patience and you will improve!

#SEO Means More Quality & Persistent Results

How many times you clicked and an ad over an organic result?

I bet not many.

77% of search users choose organic over paid listing when searching, 67% choose organic search when purchasing.

The reason is very clear when you see an ad you automatically think that if you click the ad there is a very less chance to get the right thing most of the time simply because it is incentivized!

People paid money to show the ads for you to click!

But in case of the Organic result, you think that the result is very likely for you to visit because it comes directly from Google and has its own credibility.

So trust is the main factor here!

People trust more on Organic SEO results than the PPC or paid ads!

#SEO is  Free for Everyone

SEO is FREE for the most of the time. Suppose you are a small business and want to make your online presence right way but not have the enough budget to go for advertising.

So what is the option left?

SEO will be the answer.

By choosing the right keywords, using the right Meta Tags for your business you can start immediately without any heavy cost.

You can start using these 5 SEO techniques right away:

  • Choose the Right Keywords
  • Craft the Best Meta Tags for SEO(Recommended Seo Page Title Length is 60 characters & Meta Title Description is 160 characters)
  • Create Google My Business Listings
  • Optimize your Site Speed
  • Make your website Mobile Friendly
  • Check  if Mobile First Indexing already affected you

For choosing the right keyword you can choose Google keyword planner or any other such tool.You can read more about niche keyword research in this post here at The Bean Blog.

By using the above 5 techniques you can build a basic foundation for your online business which you can later optimize it more to drive the optimum results.

Many of you think that what happens if you are not an SEO expert or SEO Pro?

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Can I do it Myself?

The answer is yes you can but it requires some time to do so.

But if you have not that time to do it yourself then believe me SEO investment is less than other paid mediums and it worth it. It is almost 45x less than PPC Advertising.

In an average, a typical SEO package costs around $800-$1200. But imagine what happens when you get top rankings for the most competitive terms in your niche. You will get thousands of potential new visitors searching for your business all the time.The results are far better than any other mediums as you can expect.

When you have a solid SEO foundation, if you wish to stop your SEO investments you can still see results from your past efforts.

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In case of paid mediums or PPCs, at the moment you stop your investment your online visibility will start declining!

So in short, SEO results will last longer than any paid advertisements!

#Maximum Outreach, Brand Awareness & Exposure

Have you ever think how Neil Patel or Brain Dean has made their business online?

Initially, they have not had the budget for the adverting.

So What they Did?

Look the below screenshot:


Brain Dean or Backlinko has 41.5K organic search traffic last month and yes he has invested Zero on paid mediums according to SEMrush.

You might think, they are big names.

But did they do it overnight?

No, they did it slowly! They did it by proper SEO and utilize the key benefits of SEO.

This is the power and benefit of SEO which you should aim for!

If you write a killer content and people read it it is just a matter of time you will get mentioned by other people and influencers of your community.

It will result in a huge number of backlinks because people will try to link with you, Google will reward you for that.

When you will get good backlinks your keyword rankings will also improve additionally giving you a better audience and SEO rankings.

If you write the right content, you can also get some cool interview offers, Guest blogging chances! Who Knows!

Here is a very interesting post about How Can Your Guest Posts Accepted By Popular Blogs.I think Guest posting can be one of the most powerful way to build your audience if properly utilized!

If you are not still convinced you can read this excellent case study How Robbie Richards Grew 11,065% More Organic Traffic in 6 Months

In case of PPC, since you are sponsoring your own content with money it is very rare to land some good outreach scope purely with paid mediums.

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# SEO Brings Flexibility

SEO also gives you a lot of flexibility than other paid mediums. If you see that one keyword is not working as intended or some keyword has a great potential to rank much higher than you straight implement it in your game plan.

This is something you can do very quickly. But it is simply not in case of PPC. Because there are actual cost and risk involved in this case you can’t take the risk often.

Also in case of PPC, you have to depend a lot of things which you can’t control.

For example, Suppose you have worked hard and come up with a great keyword list, landing page design, and budget strategy in hope to see great results.

But after a week you found out one of your competitor just copied your plan and bid a cent better than you! Then you have a very little control over this.

But in case of SEO as the cost is not the primary concern if you build a solid strategy then it is much more difficult the exact blueprint of your plan which makes SEO is much more solid medium than PPC or paid advertisings.

Last Words:

Hope you like the post and understand why SEO is better than PPC in primary stages.The benefits of organic SEO can be a game changer for you if implemented correctly.

After that when you build a solid Organic SEO foundation then you can jump to PPC which can complement your past efforts very well!

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment box below and I will be more than happy to answer!

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  1. i have been following all the points which you have mentioned but it’s been 10 months no result.i have same number visitors that is around 100

    1. Hello Shiva.Thanks for reading my post.In this 10 month what are the actual steps you have taken?Do you have written in depth post ranging at least 1000 words?Please let me know.

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  6. I really appreciate your advice to try and have a lot of backlinks when you are getting your website to rank higher. My brother is trying to get into website design, and because of that, he wants to know how to rank higher. I will be sure to tell him that he should try and get backlinks to his site.

  7. This is just the information I was looking for. Because of spam battles and the extra work comment regulation caused, I had turned comments off of three of my niche blogs. Now I realize that was a big mistake – after several months, I noticed less traffic and saw a direct correlation to ranking lower on Google than I once did for these blogs. I never made the connection to the comments, but now it’s obvious.

    Thanks for the information – I’m turning my comments back on right away!

  8. This is a response to Shiva in the comments. If they have done everything that has been pointed out in the article then they have covered only the basics, now they will need to start the backlinks coming to their site and start to monitor the click through rates in a tool like googles search console. It takes a lot of work, and just because a site is ten months old it doesn’t mean google is going to give you higher ranking…. especially if your chosen keywords are highly competitive.

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  14. Thank you for sharing this informative post with us. You describe your thoughts over SEO very well in the post. I liked the points over SEO benefits. We are well authorized SEO Company in Jaipur. As a Digital Marketing company we think your point are valid and you’re doing a very good job. Hoping for more posts in the future.

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