10 Benefits of Computer Based Testing[Are You Missing Out?]

Benefits of Computer Based Testing
(Last Updated On: December 11, 2019)

Benefits of Computer Based Testing|Are you looking to use computer-based testing in your school’s examination process? Do you want to hold regular employee assessments with a computerised quiz? Do you want to see how far the computer skills of job candidates go?

If you answer yes to any of the questions, you should think about using computer-based testing.

Tests are useful tools to measure the taker’s aptitude and/or knowledge. However, in this digital era, it might be time to move on to computer-based tests, too. Read on below to get more information about the benefits of computer based testing.

advantages of Computer Based Testing
Benefits of Computer Based Testing

Benefits of Computer Based Testing

1. Computer-Based Testing Stores and Finds Data Fast

What’s a big advantage of a computer-based test? It’s the data storage capacity and quick data search features. Compared to using printed files, you can look for an individual’s scores at the touch of a button.

There’s no need for bulky file cabinets or a day’s worth of searching. The wonder of digital storage is you can store every piece of exam data in a singular hard drive. This exam data includes computerized quizzes, exam-takers’ information, and more.

2. It Helps With Time Management

If you’ve gotten the task of checking open-ended assessments, then you know they take time. In most cases, paper and pencil examinations take up time and work. With computerized tests, you can cut down the time needed to check tests.

Let’s not forget that creating question papers take time. In most situations, you need to get the test paper approved, printed, and then distributed. A digital test can help shorten that process.

This type of advantage is very helpful if your company or school needs results as soon as possible.

3. Examination Process Gets Simplified

Online examination software speeds up the process of tests by simplifying it. Both the exam takers and the checkers will benefit. For the exam takers, the least they get to do is to click on a choice.

For checkers, the checking and evaluating processes become automatic. You can also use this digital medium to include other media in the exam. Add photos, video, and audio to examinations for specialized subjects.

4. It Has Better Accuracy and Efficiency

There’s a time when an exam checker makes mistakes or can’t help biases. When the computer is doing the checking, the human error gets minimised. You can then focus on analytics and their significance to the school or company.

A benefit of accurate computer-based testing is that you get more time to focus on the quality of the exam. This online assessment is an example of getting a more candidate-centric approach. Or, use digital tests to assess your school’s computerised education program.

5. You Save on Costs

Computer testing offers a paperless strategy. It helps reduce the costs of printing the question papers and answer sheets. This makes periodical exams or assessments easier to hold.

If your company needs to hold assessments, it becomes cost-effective for the company. Sending emails or links and corresponding to them are free.

The most you’ll be paying for will be the examination software.

For classes, small and large, the same benefit applies. All you need to do is connect with your students online. Transitioning from paper to digital won’t only reduce paper costs but also help the environment.

6. It Keeps Testing Secure and Confidential

The reason we test applicants is to determine their levels of qualification. Regular assessments clue you in on how your employees are doing. However, these tests become useless when the takers cheat.

Computer-based testing makes cheating more difficult. Most digital testing software and sites have tools to prevent cheating.

From plagiarism-checking tools to apps that help lock down browsers, it’s all in your reach.

If you’re giving the test to a classroom, you can use question banks. Each student will have a unique order of questions, all taken from the question bank. This way, students can’t leak answer sheets to others.

7. Create Quick Statistical Analyses and Reports

Most online tests will record backend data like login times and time on tasks. This information gives examiners more information on the performance of the exam takers. The reports can help examiners track progress and weaknesses before final tests.

Pre-hire testing is a smart investment. It can also help yield higher-quality candidates and reduce screening time. Since digital tests check skill and knowledge, this kind of exam is most useful to IT companies.

8. Give Tests From a Distance

Are you managing a company with many branches scattered around the country? You don’t have to worry about going to each branch to hold assessment tests anymore. Computer testing allows you to send tests at the touch of a button.

Some online assessment sites allow you to set specific schedules for testing. This way, the exam takers don’t have to travel to your facility to take the test. This also works for schools who are reaching out to student candidates in other states or cities.

The flexibility of online tests and assessments give them more accessibility. On top of the fact that they’re cost-effective for you, they’re free to the exam takers as well. They won’t have to spend on a trip or anything else to take your exam.

9. It Can Have More Test Items

Having more is important for high-stakes assessments like exams for leveling up. After all, high-stakes assessments need to be more thorough.

Pen and paper tests have limited space. Give too many items in your test and the printed output will start to look like a booklet. Needless to say, exam takers and even checkers will find it very intimidating.

When you create a test on the computer, it won’t seem as long since there isn’t a physical handful of pages.

10. Measure Value-Added Growth

Do you want to give tests that measure an individual’s growth over time? Examination software and online exams can save their initial exam data. Digital tests can benchmark where the exam takers should be later based on earlier tests.

The software can help track the growth of the student or employee. You can then use this data to help them out with their strengths and weaknesses. You can also use statistical data to assess the teaching program or work environment.

Start Using Computer-Based Testing Today

That’s it for our guide on the benefits of computer-based testing. Whether you’re looking to assess employees or students, digital exams are the future. It makes the process of creation, giving, and checking tests easier for you and the exam takers.

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