10 Types of Bad Backlinks That Can Cause The DEATH of Your Website

avoid these bad backlinks
(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)


Bad Backlinks You should avoid at any cost|I am sure that most of you are well familiar with the importance of backlinks for SEO. Well, you should also be familiar with that all of the backlinks are not made equally.

As a matter of fact, fewer of the types of backlink that you plan to use could eventually hurt the rating of your site and also could result in a GOOGLE penalty.

In this post, I’d like to wish you 10 backlink that hurts your site’s ranking. The main issue that most of the people face is “How would I know which one is bad for my Website?”

Well, you do not have to worry about that anymore. Below are 10 of the backlink types that you ought to avoid at all cost in the event that you want to rank your site on Google. So, what are you waiting for, keep reading till the end and get benefits?

But before we start, let’s just get an overall idea as to why some of the backlinks are bad for the SEO. The answer is simple, it is because the Google search engine considers them a way to control website rankings.

Google has cleared stated that anyone who tries to manipulate their ranking would, in the end, be penalized, and their website or their landing page would be removed from its index for good.

This is why we highly suggest that you stay within the parameters that have been set out by Google and you have to avoid anything that could lead to a Google penalty.

Bad Backlinks: Avoid These to Safeguard your SEO

Type#1: Purchased Links

Alright, guys, it is now time to stop beating around the bush. Are you aware that Google hunts down buying of backlinks and rapidly penalizes the site?

Even most of the popular brand’s websites have been penalized. Why is that so? It’s easy, such people fall prey to link sellers.

Companies that dress up as buying advertising space, which you think of as a legit marketing technique. In the eyes of Google, it thinks that you have bought them to manipulate Google and to improve your website’s ranking.

Type#2: Private Blog Networks

The PBNs is a group of websites or blogs that are usually owned by a single person and it is set-up. Its main aim is of selling links.

These websites within such networks compromise of a few pages of content and get updated once in a blue moon.
Such sites sell link space.

The owner of the website or the blog network will let you place a link back to your website. But remember, the owner of the network will not provide such a service for free.

However, when the Google search engine finds about these blog networks, it firstly de-indexes all the sites within the network.

Type#3: Spam Blog Comments

Let’s face the fact. When you choose to add a generic comment on blog post, there stands a little chance of helping your Website to enhance its ranking.

However, Google discounts on such types of a link as they are not a part of the main content or they are placed there by the owner of the site himself.

What if your site gets hit by a penalty furthermore, it may be simply because you have used a lot of spam blog comments as a tactic for getting links and trust me, removing them is considered to be costly and difficult.

Type#4: Non-Newsworthy Press Releases

Fascinating and newsworthy new ought to enable a brand to pick up considerably and connections. In any case, it can likewise show up malicious if a brand over and overspreads official statements that aren’t newsworthy and are made for the sole aim of picking up links.

Type#5: Article Directory Links

Similarly, as you would prefer not to try too hard with releases, you additionally would prefer not to overextend with directory postings. Adhere to the most dependable, legitimate, and industry-important registries and don’t make profiles on malicious directories only to generate few links.

Type#6: Forum Links

Joining many forum posts for the purpose of posting links to your site is also very bad. Just join brilliant forums and groups where real discourses are the main role, not spamming a string with posts about your substance and brand.

Type#7: No Editorial Control

In general, making profiles on professional references isn’t terrible. Actually, it’s a surefire approach to help your nearby SEO rankings.

It’s utilizing low-quality catalogs that will hurt your rankings. Not all web catalogs are made an equivalent. Some offer article control. This implies that they will physically audit your site and posting before supporting it. Others, be that as it may, distribute joins from anyone. Furthermore, these are the ones you ought to maintain a strategic distance from.

Type#8: Irrelevant Reciprocal Links

Prior to going further, let me express it’s alright for you to connect to sites you work with if the connection is applicable. In the event that you need to suggest a specialist or another IT firm, that is fine. On the off chance that they need to connect to you, that is fine as well.

These kinds of connection won’t hurt your rankings.

Type#9: Sidebar Links Or Site-wide Footer

Did you know that most of the readers do not take much notice of what’s in these two areas of the site, so it’s simple for the owner to sneak in connections intended to control Google’s algorithm.

Type#10: Sponsored Post Without Disclosure

One of the biggest issue with using sponsored posts as a way to build links strategies is the disclosure.
Google doesn’t care for them on the grounds that, basically, you’re paying for a connection intended to support your rankings and there is pretty much nothing or no publication control.


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