Advantages of Static Websites And Its Top Generators

Advantages of Static Websites
(Last Updated On: April 24, 2019)


Advantages of Static Websites|Website is the primary source of information about a brand than any other branding asset. It can boost the effectiveness of a branding campaign. By having a professional website, you get to put your best foot forward in the super-saturated online market. You can portray your skills and educate your target audience.

It plays a crucial role in determining the strength and capabilities of your business.

As per the trends, static websites are hitting the charts due to their uncountable benefits. A static website is developed in CSS or HTML language. It carries a range of coded files.

You can utilize those coded files to display the physical pages. Static websites are comparatively cost effectiveness. They are better in speed and other features as compared to dynamic websites.

Advantages Of Static Websites

Static websites are time-saving. They are quick to produce and are fun to create.

When you deliver web development services, you will normally encounter a number of hurdles, but with static websites, the operations run more smoothly and uninterrupted.

Moreover, the process if highly affordable. It is cheaper to produce a static site full of lots of features.

Apart from this, it allows for easy indexing. You can predict top rankings on Google with the option to index sites efficiently.

The static sites have the option to index directories way more efficiently.

Top Generators of Static Websites

If you compare dynamic sites with static ones, you will find static websites to be more powerful and beneficial.

You can drive a lot of outcomes with a static website. It has a simple interface and security benefits.

You can enjoy a range of out-of-the-box ideas and features. With static sites, you can have a site with increased speed.

As with the dynamic websites, you have to experience a comparatively slower speed to generate the content or to entertain the target visitors. So, if you want to create a site for your business here are the top site generators to assist you through the process.


Next.JS is backed with React and JavaScript to create exceptional static sites. The platform is equipped with advanced technology and components that streamline processes efficiently.

Among its prominent features, some of them include the facility to automatic code splitting load the page faster, simple customer centric routing, server rendering, and ability to customize one’s own Babel configurations.

It also provides a web pack that supports (HMR) Hot Module Replacement.

The platform is full of many benefits that drive excellence in every site that is generated. It is easy to use and help in developing the learning curve. You can produce a seamless interface and requires zero configuration. Moreover, itenables the splitting of codes as well.


GATSBY is one of the most effective builders to produce quality sites that can get ranked higher in modern browsers. You need to have some basic understanding of the tool and you can explore more for better. The tool is based on GraphQL and React.

Gatsby works on GraphQL for making the data available. It is optimized to deliver high speed. It is used to make the fastest and most efficient websites. Moreover, it provides a data splitting facility. It  has a plug-in system which makes it easier for the developers to generate additional functionality.


NUXT.JS is based on Vue.js. It is an efficient site generator as it delivers a number of options including build standards SPAs and static webpages from Vue.js code.

It helps in building servers as well. The toolis used to create code splitting and to babel loader. The platform is efficient as it provides various development options along with providing the integrated state management.

Wrapping Up

No matter which site you choose to create your brand identity, you have to keep one thing in mind and that is, it should be compelling. You must target your audience to capture their attention. You have to produce sites that are eye-pleasing, have a sleek interface and are effective enough to deliver fast loading speed.

If you want to get ranked higher in the search engine, you must gear up with techniques that are truly useful. You cannot predict an inspiring future if you stick by thing blindly.

Delve deeper into understanding languages and techniques that promise fruitful outcomes. Stay updated and use aspects that can generate simplistic and beneficial results both in terms of conversion and onsite traffic.

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