About Me


Hello Readers!

I am Soumik Ghosh from India.

Basically I am from Kolkata,India which you  all know as the ‘City  of Joy’ is one of the most popular places in India for its Cultural variety.



I am born and studied here.Though I mentioned, I am from Kolkata but the truth is I live far from kolkata in a small village called Domjur.

So let’s move on.

After completing my secondary education, I moved to college and done a honors degree in Botany in 2006!

But it was not something I am passionate about.

I am passionate about computers and more likely to live around these emerging technologies coming up each and every day!

So right after my college I entered in my favorite domain and earned MCA(Master of Compter Application) in 2010.

Since then I am working as a Digital Marketing and Web Analyst.

I was looking a way to express my journey and that’s when Tekkibytes was born.

I wake up in a fine morning, told my brother  about my idea and boom we have made our blog live!

Now I was too much excited when I published my first blog post.

I am now happy to announce that I am A CERTIFIED USERFEEL.COM TESTER please hire me below

I found that many people like you are loving my content and really give some nice responses.

Thank you all for your love!

I know there are many big names out there.They are all very good no doubt.

Now my aim is to make this blog is a good place for you.I will try my best to give you the latest tech news,tips and tricks all in very  simple terms.

I believe in simplicity and that is what I am going to maintain here.

So please keep reading and have a great time!

Thank You!

Find out More about me in my Linkedin Profile. I have also started a Hindi Blog Hindi Khabri recently for all those people who love Hindi and want to know more about technology,blogging and all relevant news in Hindi.Language should not be a barrier and often many people in India understand better when they read content in Hindi.Hope you also like that.