9 Simple Uber Clone functionality, which should be in your App

Uber Clone functionality
(Last Updated On: November 23, 2019)

The online taxi booking application development procedure can be considered as extraordinary compared to other versatile application development forms.

Taxi booking apps like Uber has given customer simplicity to travel anyplace and whenever without stressing over anything. Seeing the accomplishment of such an online taxi booking application, numerous business and business visionaries are urged to contribute and make online taxi booking clone apps.

The taxi application designers like Uber tries to add someone of a kind features to their application to stay at the highest point of the business. If you additionally need to be a piece of this industry, the procedure of taxi versatile application development should be intuitive and unique. It must serve every one of the advantages.

In India, the car rental system has seen a rare blast in two or three years. Numerous new business visionaries have begun their new car rental ventures with clone script.

The online taxi booking application must be profoundly intelligent and easy to use. This portable application should concentrate on being essential yet very much characterized.

Before we bounce into the features of the best cab booking application like Uber, how about we comprehend the sorts of plans of action there are:

Ownership Model

This online taxi booking model speaks to cab employing stages that have their very own armada of cars, and which they offer when inquired. Brands that depend on this ownership model initially offers the rental services in a single specific locale, and afterward extends their business to different regions.

Case of a taxi booking application under this model:

Aggregator Model

The online cab booking services under this model ask the accomplice cab specialist organization to satisfy the requests made by the customers. They are neither involved in the conveyance nor have an armada of cars at transfer.

Case of cabs under this model:

  • Ola
  • Uber
  • Taxiguide
  • Getmecab

Must-have features for the best taxi booking application:

If you, as a financial specialist or a business person, need to hop into the universe of cabs and online taxi booking application and contend with the previously mentioned brands, you should peruse the accompanying must-have features for your use.

Fundamental functionality for booking cab

The basic format of the online booking application must be intuitive and noteworthy. Every one of the features must be well-characterized and should concentrate on serving the purchaser well and remember their requirements.

  • Client Guide

After the application is propelled, a client guide which is well-characterized should come up and get the client acquainted with each aspect of the application. Likewise, it must guide the clients to significant portable features; a guide should be UX rich.

  • Simple join process

The information exchange procedure should be simple and easy to understand. Give the client a chance to have the alternative to join utilizing portable no or email or even internet-based life buttons, requesting essential details.

  • Booking process

The following screen that they should see must be the cab booking space, which will expect them to round out their goal and select the GPS to find their present location.

  • A component to spare their favorite location

A client should have the alternative to spare a location that he/she goes to the most like their home and office for a simple cab booking.

  • Assessed time of arrival

At the point when the client is booking the cab, they should know about the time the taxi will take to contact them so they can drop it if its too far away.

  • Include the element of booking a ride

If the rider needs to book a cab for a later time in the day when he/she is venturing out to the air terminal to get a flight, at that point, they should have this component. Along these lines, add the element to plan a cab and choose the sort for a future voyaging plan later in the day.

  • Affirmation and details

After the cab is reserved, the client must get the full details like cab no, driver name, and highest cost. A rate card should likewise be available, so the client knows how the charges were made.

  • Highlight to calculate the cost previously

The online taxi booking application must have a component that calculates the cost of the ride and let the clients know before they express yes to the trip.

  • Survey and rating system

After the ride is finished, the client should be gotten some information about their ride understanding and survey so you can serve them better later on. This should be possible by utilizing a 5-star rating system and a little discretionary study.

These were the essential features of the cab; presently, how about we take a gander at the recognized features of the online cab booking application that will make it one of a kind.

Some Notable features: –

1. History of rides taken

Every one of the rides taken by the client in the past must be recorded in a segment with details about the pickup and drop location just as cost — this arrangement with any issue that may come up later on.

2. Referral program

Since it is another and individuals love limits, have a referral system using which both the individual who sends the referral and who gets the welcome gets some money off their rides. This will help connect new shoppers and hold more established ones.

3. Emergency contact and button

To make the ride secure for the client, the application must incorporate a component that gives them a chance to share their ride details with some emergency contacts. Additionally, if some issue emerges, there must be an emergency button to advise the contacts about your problem.

4. A tab for FAQs

Since this is as yet another thing, particularly in India and creating organizations, it must have an area that answers all the nonexclusive and necessary inquiries that another client may have.

These are the features that you should have if you want to build up an online cab booking application.

This industry is blasting, and the requirement for taxis never diminishes, so with a splendid use and safe voyaging, you can too make progress in this industry. Contract a taxi application engineer and enjoy taxi booking application development to raise its advantages.

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