9 Easy Tips For Cracking Your Next Telephonic Interview

How to face telephonic interview
(Last Updated On: January 28, 2019)


How To Crack Telephonic Interview ( Best Tips)

Let’s face it.Cracking a telephonic  interview is not an easy task and many of us do not really know  what to do exactly in these situations.

Unlike the conventional face to face interview,you have to give the interview over  a phone which sounds a little odd but can be highly effective if done properly.

On this quick post I will figure out 9 easy  tips on  how to attend telephonic interview with ease.

So just relax and read ahead!

First of all let’s understand, why people take these telephonic interviews?

The answer is simple.There are situations where both the employers and employees do not have enough time to meet for  a  face to face interview.

Face to Face interviews require a lot of time and space to execute it properly.So in cases where both the parties do not have such scope,telephonic interviews can be the best option.

It can save a lot of time for both parties.

How to face telephonic interview

Now let’s dive in for the tips:

#Take it Seriously

Unlike traditional face to face interview, you do not have to face the interviewer in the session,so many of us do not take it seriously. Though you  do not have to follow the dress code etc. but you should follow some minimum basic principles for this. Remember it is a real interview and if you can do well here, you have  a good chance to get your next job.So take it seriously. Practice some demo interviews over a phone for a  few days .You can request your friend to have this in a serious note.

You can record all the conversation and always review back what things need to  be improved. Usually telephonic round interview questions /answers varies.So keeping a record for future reference can help you for your own evaluation.

#Choose a Quiet Place For the Interview

One of the most important factors for this type of interview is the place and the environment. Always prefer a quite place for this interview. Because if there are  background distractions  here and there, there is a  good chance that your interviewer on the other hand can’t hear your voice properly.

If you are in home then pick an empty room where you can talk calmly.

If possible use a earphone during the conversation.

If the interview is on you work hours, rush to a lobby area where you can talk quietly or simply move to a nearby coffee shop for an hour. Do not ever make these type of telephonic interview conversation in front of everyone which can make a bad impression in your present office.

So do things wisely!

#Pick a Simple Phone

If your main motive is to deliver a good interview then always try to avoid those flashy big touch screen phones. Instead go for an old fashioned  button  phone   for this.It is better to cut the internet off for that time of period.

I can tell you from my personal experience that there are many times when  everything is going well  in the conversation, suddenly a facebook update pops up and you get distracted.Then what happens you just loose the rhythm and what might be a successful phone interview, just get ruined by that damned facebook update.

So please be careful!

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#Make the Conversation Light

Basically the telephonic interviews last for 30-45 minutes. So in this period of time, interviewers can ask  you many types of personal and professional questions.

So if there are some light moments make a laugh. This can make the environment lighter  and reflect the sense of humor from your end!

#Keep Your CV Near to You

This is quiet a rule that you should have a copy of your latest Resume near to you before attending these type of interviews.

Because often they ask  what  marks you obtained in a particular semester? What was your assignment?etc

So having these details can be crucial. A simple copy of your CV can save the day for you in these cases.

#Update Your Social Media Profiles

Employers often  carefully examine  the candidate’s social media profiles these days.So please update your  Facebook,Instagram profiles accordingly. Do not leave any type of posts that can make a bad impression for you.

Most importantly, update your LinkedIn profile with your complete details,professional accomplishments. If you have a chance request your interviewer to have a look towards your  LinkedIn profile which can make a good professional impact for you.

 #Never Ask for Salary Details

Remember the telephonic interview is meant for testing your employability for a particular organization. The interviewer may  not be the right person to answer these monetary details .So  it is better not to ask any such type of questions in these interviews. If you are selected then they have appropriate departments to handle these operations.

#Ask for the Next Step

When you think that it is going to end the conversation, then politely request your interviewer’s name and his email details where you can send your thank you email after the interview.This can be very useful.Also you can request your interviewer when you can expect to get the feedback if successful.

#Follow up Call/Email

Sometimes after your first telephonic interview  session,if you do not get any update or feedback from  your interviewer you can always shoot an email(obtained from the earlier step I mentioned) to know your feedback.

Remember your interviewers are busy persons so they may be completely forget to send  the confirmation mail to you which he  has already drafted.

So a simple email can be deal breaker here!

If you are looking some commonly asked telephonic interview question/answer here is the link.

Last Words: I hope the above tips will help you to deliver a perfect telephonic interview.Please feel free to comment any of your suggestions below in the comment box!

I will be more than happy to answer you!

Thank you .

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