9 ATM Safety Tips You Should Follow Right Now

ATM Safety Tips
(Last Updated On: January 28, 2019)

Safety Measures While Using ATM Card

Making an ATM transaction is not safe anymore without taking proper security measures. Gone are the days when a password is considered enough for your security.

Nowadays it is just a matter of minutes for hackers to break your password and steal all your valuable information.

The significant rise of ATM frauds all over the nation has already raised a red alert for common public.

People are becoming more reluctant to use their ATM cards. But it is not a solution. So in this post, I will point out 9 safety measures while using your ATM.

1. Avoid ATM Skimming

ATM skimming is a very modern way to steal all your card details using some special skimming equipment. This skimming equipment has builtin cameras and memory card which can detect all your activities during a transaction in ATM.

So if you feel suspicious about this you should carefully check the entire ATM machine before doing any transaction.

2. Avoid Unmanned ATMs

Unmanned  ATMs or POS (Point of sale systems)are the most likely places for these ATM frauds to happen. It is easy to incorporate the skimming machines to these ATMs as there is no one for the surveillance. So it is always the best idea to avoid these ATMs.

3. Avoid Sharing your ATM Card Details:

It is a no-brainer. But most often there is a tendency to share the personal ATM card PIN with others. This is a very serious mistake. Your card is only made for your own use. Don’t share it with any other even if you trust them the most. It is also advisable to memorize your PIN number rather than keeping a note to somewhere else.

You should not respond to any fraud calls or messages to anyone asking for your card details or OTP details. These fraudsters often behave like bank officials and tell you that they are calling behalf of your bank. Beware from these calls as 99% of them are false calls trying to cheat you. Also, avoid taking help from strangers.

4. Avoid Shoulder Surfers

“Shoulder surfer” are the people who peep at your ATM PIN as you enter it in the machine. So stand close as you can to the ATM  and use your body and hand to cover the keypad as you enter the PIN. Also after the transaction always press the ‘CANCEL’ button. Often we don’t do this which can leave our session unterminated and allow another person just after you to continue your transaction without doing anything. Special. So keep it a check.

5. Avoid Wearing Expensive Ornaments in ATMs

Though this seems very easy to sound it worth a mention.Because if you wear such costly ornaments then attackers can easily differentiate you and target you as their victim.

6. Don’t Throw Away ATM Slips

Don’t ever throw your ATM transaction slips here and there around the ATM counter. The slip contains all your transaction details and more importantly your account number. So with the advanced technology available today any hacker can misuse these details to crack your account down and cause you serious damage. So it is best to keep the slip with you after the transaction done.

7. Change Your ATM Frequently

Your ATM PIN is the key to your ATM security. Most of the time we don’t change our ATM pins provided by default. So it is a good atm safety precaution to change your pin at least twice a month. It will make your card hard to crack for the hackers.

8. Use your Customer Support Help

Every bank provides you the support number for your card. If you notice any suspicious transaction you can always call them and block your ATM card. You should always store these numbers in your mobile phones or somewhere where you can easily find them. Call them when you need and you will be on the safer side. You can check  below customer care numbers of some major banks:

Customer Support Numbers:


  • General Customer care Number    1800 333 499 , 1800 224848
  • Customer service contact Number    +91-40-2312 8925

IDBI  Customer Care

  • General Customer care number    1800-22-1070 for MTNL, BSNL
  • General Customer care    1800-200-1947 for all
  • Foreign customer service    +9122-66937000
  • Debit card support    1800-226999


  • Credit cards support    1800 425 4332

Axis Bank

  • General Customer service    1800-209-5577, 1800-103-5577,1800-233-5577

State Bank Of India (SBI)

  • Customer Care Inquiry, Account Balance, Transaction, General Contact Toll-Free No 1800 425 38001800 1122 11

United Bank Of India

  • General Customer Care No     1800-345-0345 ATM Support Number     1800-1033-470

Union Bank OF India

  • Customer Care General Toll-Free No    1800 2222 44

UCO Bank

Syndicate Bank  Customer Care

  • General Toll-Free Number    1800 425 66550120 2490000

Punjab National Bank (PNB) Customer Care

  • Customer Care Toll-Free No    1800 180 22220120 2490000

Indian Bank  Customer Care

  • General Bank Queries    1800 425 00 000
  • ATM Issues    1800 425 4422

Canara Bank  Customer Care

  • Customer Service 1800 425 1906
  • ATM service    1800 425 6000, 1800 425 7000

Bank of Baroda  Customer Care

  • Toll Free No    1800 22 33 44, 1800 102 44 56
  • Debit card support    1800 22 04 00

Bank of India  Customer Care

  • Toll-Free No    1800 220 229
  • Contact No    91-22-4091919
  • Credit cards Complain or Inquiry    (022 ) 2268 20402268 20302268 2036
  • Debit cards Complains    (022) 2268 203718004251112


9. Register Your Mobile number for transactional alerts:

Always register your mobile number for getting transactional alerts for your account. Usually, banks charge a little money for this but it is almost mandatory to have these alerts. With these alerts, you can always track your transaction almost in real time.

Last Words:

Hope you like the above methods.No one can guarantee you the full proof security tips. But if you follow the above-mentioned ATM safety guidelines, you will surely minimize the risks of being hacked through an ATM transaction.









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  1. It makes sense that having an ATM would be a big responsibility. Ensuring that you have the security changed regularly seems like it would be important! I can see why having a professional to help with that would be beneficial.

  2. Smart world will bring the smart way of crimes. In any consequence you should never reveal your ATM details to anyone and if you think that someone is trying to do something mischievous and tactics to disclose your ATM details, then you should immediately contact the authorities to take legal actions.

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