8 Reasons opting for Bulk SMS API Integration Services

Bulk SMS API Integration Advantages
(Last Updated On: August 11, 2019)


Why opt for Bulk SMS API Integration Services?

Business enterprises need to constantly market and promote their products and services to ensure customer retention and aim for a wider target audience. There are many ways to interact and communicate with customers, one of which is the good old SMS method. This is simple, easy, and effective.

Reading an SMS takes very less time and a customer doesn’t have to stop their work and wait at a fixed location to receive or respond to an SMS. As long as the person is in an area where there is a mobile network available, the messages will be delivered to them. If not, the message will be kept on the hold and delivered once the network is available.

Business enterprises can send messages to customers in bulk and still personalize those for specific customers. There are many service providers who handle the integration of bulk SMS API in India. From providing technical support round the clock to installing, setting, integrating, creating bots, offering support codes, etc. the platforms will take care of handling the communication channel.

Irrespective of the size, volume, and industry of the enterprise, any business can opt for the bulk SMS services to keep their customers updated. We can see that many brands are using this service to send promotional, informational, and targeted SMS to customers. We ourselves receive a good number of these messages on a daily basis.

So what are the advantages of using bulk SMS API in India? Let us see some of those below.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Integration API Services
Advantages of Bulk SMS Integration API Services


  • SMS (Short Message Service) is one of the most reliable ways of sending a message to customers.
  • Every mobile phone has an SMS feature and requires no internet connection or complex operations to open and read the SMS.
  • SMS can be sent in multiple languages. Regional languages can be used, making it easy for users to read the messages in their native tongue.


  • An SMS depends only on the network strength to be delivered to the users.
  • Service providers have a strong network reach and can send messages to any part of the country.

Easy Integration

  • Integrating the platform with the SMS gateway is easy and simple. It takes less time and enterprises can start using the services to send messages in bulk.

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Data security is one of the main concerns for any business. Especially if the messages include passwords or OTP which facilitate a transaction.
  • Banks and financial institutions regularly send OTP (One Time Password) to customers. They also send updates about any transaction that has been done using that account.
  • These SMSes are protected and secured using a two-factor authentication process where the mobile number of the user is verified and the data is encrypted so that no one can try to read it when the message is being sent.

Allows Two Way Messaging

  • Allow customers to respond to an SMS from India and other locations.
  • Not all SMSes have this feature. It is most useful when taking customer feedback.

Keep Track of Messages and Reports

  • The service providers will maintain a record of all the messages sent. The statistics can be used to make the messaging system better and customer-friendly.

Send Personalized SMS in Bulk

  • Divide the database and customers into different groups based on their product choices.
  • Send personalized messages about discounts, deals, new products and services to attract the customers’ attention.

Short Code and Long Code SMS

  • Use both shortcode and long code SMS services to send messages to customers.
  • Long code SMS is where the SMS is sent using the standard 10-digit phone number while short code SMS is where an alphabet or 4-5 digits are reflected to identify the sender.

Business enterprises can use the single REST API to connect and integrate with all communication channels from the same platform. Bots are created to send automated responses, updates to customers so that the support staff can handle the troubleshooting job and step in when real-time interaction with a customer is required. Most promotional SMSes are sent using bots.

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