8 Killer SEO Strategies for getting higher Search Engine Ranking

Higher Search Engine Ranking
(Last Updated On: March 17, 2019)


Top SEO Strategies| If you are going to start your online business or website you can’t ignore the best online marketing technique for a long time. Yes, we are talking about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is the most efficient way to reach the higher search engine ranking  for your potential customers with best ROI.

Many people take SEO as a myth but these days people are highly interested in investing in this online marketing technique. SEO started with the introduction of search engines on the internet, like Google and Yandex.

Search Engines in a simple word can be considered as an index record for all the websites. These search engines rank sites based on various factors which they don’t disclose to ensure people won’t be able to artificially rank.

Search Engines like Google is known to have the best search algorithm to rank sites as per various factors which they can monitor and accurately predict the importance of the site.

Till now, despite several lawsuits, sues and controversies, Google never disclosed its ranking factors which makes it the best among all others. So if you want to rank your site, you need to master Google SEO. Here we will take all about SEO and higher search engine ranking in Google as well as Bing.

Debunking SEO

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a process in which you will make your site compatible for all major search engines to crawl through your site and index your pages as per the keywords and terms you have mentioned in your pages.

Let’s see you have a website which you have worked on a page having various tips for football players. Now once you submit your site to Google or other search engines they will analyze the page and its content, then they will index it on appropriate keywords.

Therefore all you need to do is optimizing your site with the best content and all other technical factors so it will be ranked higher in the search result.

Now you must be wondering that what the practical approach is to rank your website so these are the 8 killer Google SEO tips for higher search engine ranking not in Google but in all major search engines.

Best SEO Strategies for Higher Ranking

There are many white hat, grey hat, as well as black hat techniques to rank a site and we will discuss most of the white and grey techniques but first let us start with strategies which are recommended by the Google for better ranking. SEO is further divided into On-page and Off-page SEO.

While Google has rolled out suggestions for On-page SEO but it never admitted or denied the importance of off-page SEO yet it is proved by several case studies conducted by premier third party SEO marketing firms like Justgoweb Digital- SEO Company India

Let’s start!

Understand your audience and tailor your content as per their requirement

Visitors will come to find what they want but not what you are serving. So let’s most important thing, your content must be best among all.

If you want to create the best content, search in Google for your keywords and analyze all the sites ranking. Now you can understand what quality and quantity of content you need to boost yours to the top.

The Title, headings, subheadings, and Meta-descriptions

These are an essential part of your content. While you are making content, make sure you are covering the topics, subtopics, questions properly with good headings, subheadings and also use italics, bolds properly. Such factors make your visitors start trusting your site more than ever.

It may seem little odd but Google has the ability to understand the level of satisfaction which helps them to rank better.

Try to make your site around a single Niche

It very well may be about other stuff, as well, however, pick one essential niche that is most fundamental to your message. This progression is vital, so you might need to complete a little catchphrase examine before picking a proper niche.

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Make your Site Safe with HTTPS

On the off chance that you have not as of now, it’s a great opportunity to change your site to HTTPS. HTTPS is a more secure rendition of the http web convention. HTTPS cooperates with SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, to impart data safely.

HTTPS encodes the information for security, not enabling information to be changed or adulterated as its transmitted. This gives a more sheltered and secures understanding of your site guests.

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Responsive Design

In spite of the fact that numerous brands have regarded a mobile-accommodating site as a “pleasant to have,” actually Google is making it more basic for brands to have a site that takes into account the mobile guest.

Starting in 2015, Google has organized mobile responsive sites in its list items. This should not shock anyone given that an ongoing BrightEdge contemplates discovered that 57% of web movement originates from mobile gadgets.

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Interlink all your pages

A ton of frameworks naturally do this, yet on the off chance that yours wouldn’t, you’ll like to be purposeful about connecting to your most essential pages specifically from your landing page and cross-connecting them with one another.

Make your site lighter

Site speed is a standout amongst the most ignored SEO traps. Google has been utilizing site speed as an SEO positioning component since 2010. Relatively half of the web clients anticipate that a site will stack in 2 seconds, with many forsaking the webpage on the off chance that it neglects to stack in 3 seconds.

This demonstrates site speed isn’t just critical to the web search tools yet additionally the web index clients who may choose not to come back to your website as it may take a lot of time to load.

Google has also moved to Mobile First Indexing which makes it is almost mandatory to migrate your website to responsive design.

Make a standout in Social Media

This is one of our SEO traps that may simply solid more like great promoting guidance. Yet, listen to us. Web-based life assumes an imperative job in your site design improvement technique.

Most importantly, your web-based life profiles rank in the web crawlers.

Truth to be told, for some organizations, their internet-based life profiles will show up in the best outcomes for inquiry postings including the brand name. This implies your leads might tap on your web-based life pages to discover more about your image.

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