How to make motion graphics video:7 Useful Tips

motion graphics video
(Last Updated On: December 11, 2019)

How to make motion graphics video|Motion graphics is considered one of the best techniques for marketing in every reputable company. Therefore, it is necessary to create an outstanding motion graphics video for them, so that they can promote their product and services easily.

Following are some of the easy tips that you can follow to make an exceptional motion graphics video.

How to make motion graphics video in 7 Steps

1. Create a Script

The first you need to do is to write the adequate script for the video that you are creating. Since you are trying to tell the complex concepts to the audience, you want to explain the notion in an interesting way that will directly reach their mind; then the best way is to show them how it works.

2. Keep Your Goal in Mind

You must have the proper knowledge that what your client’s business is, and what products or services they offer to the people. When you know the details of your client, it will be helpful for you to set the goals of your motion graphics video and animation.

It will help you select the theme of the video that you have to create, and which tone you have to use for the script that you will be writing for the video.

3. Keep It Short

It is mandatory that you keep the script and the video short and precise. Include all the necessary details in the content or the script that you are composing, but make sure you don’t increase the length of the story. Do not at any cost drag the story.

Try to wind up the story in a few words but does not miss out any important from the script that is needed to be there. Also, ensure that you include the part that tells entails the audience’s personal benefit.

4. Make Edits

After you are done writing the script, read the entire content out loud to understand and hear how your story sounds. Also, check whether the script is relevant to the theme of the product or business for whom you are creating the video.

After you are done the reading, make changes where necessary. Alter the whole content if it does not sound appropriate and write a new pertinent story that reflects the right idea about the client’s business.

5. Add Appropriate Audio

Once you are done finalizing the script, add the appropriate audio to the animation video. Ask the person with a good accent and perfect linguistics to read the script for you, so that you can record the perfect audio for the video. As sounds can be used in multiple forms, you can add different effects and music along with the human voice in it.

There is also an option that you can only include the results and the music in the video and not any person’s voice, depending on the nature and theme of the product or service you are making the motion graphics video.

6. Design the Whole Scene

Environment plays a vital role in making any video, whether it is a live movie or the animated motion video. So, for creating the perfect video, it essential that you create the scene on the paper first then draw it on the software that you are planning to use to create the scenes for your video animation.

7. Be Creative While Creating the Characters

Characters are the backbone of the story. While creating the characters check if they are telling the story correctly, also examine whether the characters are appropriate for the story that you want to tell the audience.

Keep it simple and original. Every professional animator seeks inspiration from different places, but it is obligatory that you only create original characters for your video, to provide originality and uniqueness in your work.


I hope the above post regarding ‘Tips to Make a Killer Motion Graphics Video’ will help to make your next video Awesome! Please also write down any any valuable comments in the comment box below!

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