7 Secrets Internet Service Providers Wouldn’t want you to know

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2019)


Every ISP provider possesses secrets that they don’t want their customers to know. Since they are experts in their field, they take advantage of their customers’ lack of IT skills to provide below average services. Sometimes when you experience internet outages, it may just turn out that your ISP provider is fully responsible for the situation.


Do you trust your ISP completely? Some of us do trust the ISP even when they go through bad experience from time to time. They charge heftily, deliver low internet speeds, take their sweet time to solve technical issues, the list is endless.

What exactly is Behind Those Closets?

Every day we learn new things about the people we trust with our most valuable information. Here are some of the secrets internet service providers are not telling you.

TOP ISP Secrets

Internet Service Providers Can Spy for the NSA

Internet service providers connect you to the world. Since they have all your details, they will record all IP addresses for every website you visit and keep the data on their servers. The metadata collected can describe your traits discreetly.

Law enforcement firms like NSA always eye such information and will easily get it from ISP companies. ISP firms also track the websites and pages you visit, and the information can be retrieved by the NSA without their knowledge, or get leaked to them by ISP providers. To stay off the radar, you can use anonymous browsing techniques such as Tor browser and VPNs.

Broadband Speed is Never That Fast

The broadband speed advertised by your ISP is never as fast as they claim. Whatever they promise to give you is not what they deliver. When you subscribe to 8 Mbps plan, you expect fast YouTube streams, but the opposite happens. YouTube videos will take the longest time to load because of so much buffering, and you will wait for ages for one download to complete.

The broadband speed does not even come close to what you signed up for. To confirm this, you can check with dospeedtest.com, an online internet broadband speed test. Here you will confirm just how your ISP is misleading you.

ISP Companies can Block Anything You Like

Yes, of course, this is another serious debate of internet neutrality. ISPs are in full control of the internet infrastructure, and they can block the bandwidth to particular services or websites their customers use more often.

Have you ever wondered why your torrents are always on a go-slow, yet YouTube is streaming on lightning speeds? Network providers are often behind it. This trend has made users like Netflix to look for alternate ways to avoid such experiences.


NXDOMAINS are those non-existent domains on the internet. The role of your ISP is to explain to you that these domains don’t exist as required by the RFC standards. But instead of doing this the ISPS will use the NXDOMAINs for advertisement using cheap monetization schemes. When you see such an error next time, you should know what goes on.

ISP Injections

This is a forced monetization scheme by ISPs to generate revenue by injecting ads into a page. They also do this by redirecting your links and replacing them with their own affiliate links. This breaks the ISP-user trust link and also corrupts the affiliate system.

Your Clickstream Data is Very Costly

ISP Companies can take advantage of your click activities to make millions of money by breaching your privacy. They can place ads and use your click activities to monetize them. Your ISP will be an accomplice in unidentified third party’s success. Advertisers will use clickstream tracking to place the right ads and an appropriate time.

Clickstream Data Tracking
Clickstream Data Tracking

The ISPs will then sell the data at 50 cents or more per user every month. Your private browsing activity will be sold, and you will never know it.

ISPs Can Sell Your Metadata

You should know that your metadata has more worth than your practical browsing activity, and this metadata can remain on your ISP’s servers for six months or even 1 to 2 years. A few ISP firms are against this storage requirement because it costs them a lot to store all this data.

Since they are mandated to store and possess this metadata, they are tempted to sell it at a very good amount of money. This activity goes on every year, and we poor users remain unaware.


Your ISP can be weird sometimes. They charge hefty prices on their products but under-deliver on their promises. They can even install hardware sniffer for customers who are barely aware of what they have done.

Such last-minute infrastructures that are done inside closed doors make it hard to know their dirty little secrets behind them. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more transparency and accountability from these ISPs we put our trust in blindly.

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