7 Reasons:Why Battle Royale games are so popular these days?

Why Battle Royale games so popular
(Last Updated On: April 30, 2019)

It goes without saying that Battle Royale games are all the rage now. A massive herd of ranked players comes together to engage in a battle with each other for various titles. But before talking about this phenomenon, you should understand what it actually is.

What is a Battle Royale?

It has been defined as a fantastic genre of game which is available online. These games blend both combat and survival to give its players the full experience. The idea is to have a load of users/players dropped into one huge level.

To win, you will have to be either be the last person standing, alone or in a team. Also, you should keep in mind that you will probably be dropping on the map with almost nothing.

So you will have to scavenge weapons, armor, ammo and such to survive. Garena Free Fire is such a multiplayer battle royale game which has already achieved some great appreciation from all over the globe. If you are looking for how to download garena free fire then click to download.

How did these Battle Royale games earn so much popularity?

It’s time to finally assess why these games are so popular:

  • A major point about this whole concept is that these games are able to capture the audience imagination on a very fundamental level. There is an unexplained thrill of going against all odds of survival and battling to come out on top.
  • Players get to truly experience the game here as the map is quite large and so tactics can be easily carried out. This allows a less talented player to perform quite well in a match as well. This is a very inclusionary tactic which is rewarding for all. This works more if players are able to secure a loot at the beginning of the game or perhaps stumble across armor and weapon.
  • The Battle Royal games offer another advantage- if the game ends quickly for you then you can just get in on another one without any hassle. But if you are not so hardcore invested in the game, then there are quote quick matches as well to satisfy your momentary curiosity.
  • For the casual gamer, another advantage which Battle Royale games provide is that they are all free to play on one platform or the other.
  • Just because the game allows for a new camera, casual ones or the weak ones to stay in the game or join new ones easily doesn’t mean that the games are easy. These are tactical, competitive games which were made to appeal to the gamers who love strategy and shooting together.
  • Battle Royale games are also very streaming-focused. It allows for quite good and engaging streaming for those who just want to watch the game being played.
  • Battle Royale has its own casual roots which are in contrast to the kind of competitive system which Overwatch operates with. But Battle Royale games are more likely to allow a better spread of a player’s abilities.

So, a Battle Royale game has something for everyone which keeps them hooked on the games. So it certainly looks like battle royal will keep on growing fast. It is showing no hints of slowing down or cooling off.

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