7 Effective Marketing & Sales Strategies that Every Startup Should Try

marketing tips for startups
(Last Updated On: May 19, 2019)


Marketing strategies for startups|Marketing and sales go hand in hand. It is undeniable that these two essential entities directly influence businesses and have the power to make or break one. Therefore, it is very crucial for every startup to optimize their marketing and sales strategies.

There are numerous ways in which a company can find success in its sales about which we are going to tell you in this post. Here are the 7 Effective Marketing & Sales Tips for Startups.

1. Using Social Media

Social media websites receive millions of active users each day. Even these millions of users grow day by day and can be utilized by companies to gain popularity. Social media campaigns of businesses have a lot to do in getting the brand known among people.

For startups it is even more critical to use social media to rise to fame as already established companies may make it difficult for them to compete in the offline market. Social media allows startups to reach out to their target users more easily and market their products efficiently.

2. Blogs for Success

Blogs are one of the many ways with which you can get a new company noticed by the people. The search engine optimization techniques and social media management can direct users to the website and blogs of a business, getting it more views and knowing more.

Making these blogs is easy and does not take much investment. Blogs allow a company to have all the information about it and its products in one place so that it is accessible to the customers. It increases their authenticity and works as a guide for the customer to know more about their offerings.

3. E-Commerce for Better Sales

Gone are the days when you had to hire a large number of people for your sales campaign and to have them to go door-to-door for selling your products. It is the age of e-commerce, and it is worth investing in creating an e-commerce platform of your own or working as a merchant.

It saves many resources when you do not rely only on offline sales of your product, and as you have more visibility with your online presence, you can expect to achieve more success. Putting your product on sites like Amazon or eBay is also one way of boosting your sales.

4. Highlighting Social Responsibilities

Every corporate has its social responsibility of giving back to society for the support it receives from them. It is a way of thanking people for choosing your products and you make efforts to do good for them in return. Even your social responsibilities can be highlighted through social media which can build a positive reputation of your company among people.

You can be known for doing good for the world, something for which people will appreciate your brand. Make sure to keep your followers posted about your company’s social work, like planting trees drive, or having equal gender ratio working in your production houses. Doing this will also attract investors to your company.

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5. Choosing Brand Ambassadors

You must be selective when choosing brand ambassadors for your company. Strong personalities with success in their fields are recommended to be kept as an endorser of your brand. People doing well in their work are expected to have a massive fan following, and if you happen to hire them in your marketing campaigns, then you might be able to convert their fans into your customers.

Make sure to do a background check on the history of a celebrity if you do not want one with a tainted image as a face of your brand which can also spark controversies.

6. Working with Latest Technology

To be able to compete in this new age, you must be equipped with all the latest tools around. Every company is using most modern tech at their disposal to have an advantage over the competition, so do not get left behind. Using social media tools like ad campaigning and market research software is almost indispensable today. SEO tools, website building software, services offering cheap brochures online, and research & analysis programs are some latest methods that you should get familiar with to run your business smoothly.

7. Using Customer Success Story

People invest in the products of a startup only when they have confidence in the brand. Because the company is new, the potential customers are doubtful of the quality of the product which may affect their purchasing decisions.

In situations like these, you must consider making your customer success stories viral. Customer success stories include the experiences of your customers that helped them achieving something or solved a problem of theirs. By coming across such stories, people will be confident enough to put their money on your offerings leading to an increase in your sales.

Marketing may seem to be tough to get started with but once you get into working on it, not only will you develop interest towards it, but also begin to come up with creative ideas. We suggest you use these tips in your startup and see for yourself how effective they turn out to be in boosting your sales.

Author: Ayush Chawla
Ayush Chawla is a software engineer with a passion for digital marketing. For any advertising or content related queries, check out his blog here.

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