6 Things to Know Before You Make a Whiteboard Animation

Things to Know Before You Make a Whiteboard Animation
(Last Updated On: January 3, 2019)


Whiteboard animation is one of the most powerful and strong means to educate your viewers. The magic created by the black and white ink is incredibly appealing and it captures the attention of target customers.

Marketers have been using whiteboard animations to spread even the most complex messages and procedures. The way a story unfolds is so enticing that it gets hard to look away.

In the world of digital marketing, whiteboard animation plays multiple roles. It guides the viewers, spread brand awareness, and accelerate conversions as well.

Not every video can create such outbound outcomes. To make your video profitable and productive you have to tailor its content according to your customer’s preferences.

If you managed to incorporate the right amount of information in a compelling manner and using an appropriate format you are sure going to hit the charts. You can position yourself among most potential customers and can predict a far-reaching success for your business through skillful use of animation home.

If you want to bring a creative and unique flair in your animated video, follow the tips listed below:

Interconnected Drawings

The foremost thing to ponder on is how your video will showcase the content. You must keep a hand to draw the different frames. If you want to eliminate the hand, you can keep some line or dot that begins to sketch the entire plot.

The whiteboard animated videos were created on whiteboards physically and then recorded using a camera to form a video but now the entire work is done digitally. Keeping technological advancements in mind you must not underestimate the intelligence your customers possess. Therefore, do make sure you create a proper flow in your video. Each drawing must be interconnected to sustain the attention throughout.

Sprinkle Some Color

It’s true that the two basic colors seen in the whiteboard animation are black and white but that does not mean that you cannot use any other color.

Just by sprinkling some colors in your video, you can enhance its look. If you incorporate your brand’s colors, you can get some extra credits. The use of that color will highlight your brand identity even more.

It’s good to stick to the traditional style of creating the videos but it’s not wrong to be a little innovative. So, pick the right color to incorporate at the right spot.

Use Animated Characters

Motion graphics has always been something that never failed to please the viewers. You can take it as your best asset to draw the attention of potential customers closer.

The animated characters moving around the frame is the best technique to keep up the interest and to deliver information in a fun-filled manner. The characters somehow give a face to your business. They create empathy and establish a strong bond thereby persuading the customers to lay their trust on you.

Add Emotions

Your whiteboard animated videos can be an asset you need in expanding your business reach just by triggering the hidden emotions of your viewers.

When sketching the plot and emotional touches and drawings to show the expression of the characters over certain happenings.

If it’s about a problem you are discussing you must and the relevant expression to strengthen the impact of your creation. Similarly, emotions like cheerfulness and happiness are also to be added in equal proportions. Emotions can help you build an identity as well within your message in an animation home.

All that is needed is to strike the right chord and wait for the magic to happen.

Keep It Educational

When talking about the ingredients of your whiteboard animation video, you need to ponder on adding such elements that can keep the video entirely educational and valuable.

Fascination along with the richness of knowledge is the two things that can make your video go viral within no time. Its true people crave to get creative but not to overlook the fact that a piece of unimportant information presented creatively as a shorter lifespan as compared to the one, which has rich and meaningful content.

Keep a Check on Your Content

The last part, which is more like the backbone of a whiteboard animation video, is the plot/content/story. As these videos have to not much graphics, so the real weight revolves around the story. Therefore, you must add a compelling story in your video and keep its content right around the target message.

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