What is 5G [The Only Guide You Need To Follow]

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2018)

Technology revolution, begins now.


Yes. Because 5G is here.

In this post I will try to  explain everything you need to now about 5G,the near future of  the internet.

So let’s start.

What is 5G Technology? How fast is 5G? What does 5G Internet mean?

 To define the 5G network, it can be simply said that 5G is the fastest internet network till date where the 5G max upload/download speed will reach at 20GB/sec.

Or to explain it more simply, you can think 5G to deliver broadband-equivalent download speeds over mobile devices.

It is beyond doubt that it will be a path breaking advancement in technology and really have the potential to revolutionize the entire telecom world just in a blink of an eye.

This is important because of the drastic change of data transmission speed , which can feed the IoT(Internet of Things) devices very well.

For example 5G can play significant role in  M2M or Machine to Machine communication systems like self driving cars, Traffic signals, interconnected sensors etc.

Together 5G can be the very elementary component  to make futuristic smart cities.

In fact, achieving higher rate of data with low latency has its own challenges.

It requires the transmission of higher radio frequency signals using a large array of signaling devices to communicate each other. The 5G base stations can be placed every 250 meters instead of every 1-4 Kms used in 4G connectivity.

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5G Network Countries: When will 5G be available?

So When will we have 5G?

As of now, some US cities has been under experimentation for the upcoming 5G network. According to Verizon,they have announced they are in the process to launch their 5G network in the second half of 2018 with Sacramento,California.

Verizon also aims to introduce 3 to 5 commercial 5G networks across US within the next two years.

Verizon and AT&T also promised to build a full fledged 5G network by the end of  2018.So 5G is coming soon!

5G vs 4G/Advantages of 5G

The difference between 4G and 5G mainly lies in the speed, accessibility and functioning. The table below summarizes the core differences between both the technologies.

The new technology development on receiver/transmitter mechanism allows 5G networks to deliver data using very high and very low frequency waves which is not possible using 4G network today.

Full formFourth GenerationFifth Generation
 Data Transmission Rate(Peak hours)1 Gbps10 Gbps
Bandwidth Limit2Mbps to 1Gbps1Gbps and higher as per requirement
Core technology usedRadio wavesElectromagnetic spectrum
Efficiency(Spectral)30 b/s/Hz120 b/s/Hz
TTI (Transmission Time Interval)1 msVarying (100 µs (min.) to 4ms (max.) )
Latency10 ms (radio)<1 ms (radio)
Mobility350 Kmph500 Kmph
Initiation fromyear-2010year-2015

What does 5G mean for WIFI?

‘5G’ in ‘5G WiFi’ is nothing but the next level of ‘ WiFi’ standard and it doesn’t deal anything with mobile networks.

In tech terms, ‘5G WiFi’  is known as WiFi ‘ac’, or 802.11ac.

‘5G WiFi’ is the fastest home WiFi network and can offer upto 1Gbps of throughput when implemented.

Does 4G phone support 5G network?

The real answer is NO.You can’t use a 4G phone as  5G as there is a huge technological difference between them.

There are many video,tutorials out there in the internet which explain how can you easily convert a 2G phone to 3G,3G to 4G and even 4G to 5G.

But if you try those, they will only waste your time and nothing else.

So we have to wait for the 5G enabled phone and network to be released to use it actually.

Are there any 5G phones? When 5G phones will be launched?

The simple answer is No, not yet.

But 5G phones are coming  from 19 companies, including big names like LG, Sony, ZTE and HTC in 2019

All of these manufacturers  have signed on to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G NR modem, making way for multi-gigabit per second downloads and lower latency and 5G ready phones for you.

So hold on your seatbelts!





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