5 Tried-And-True Strategies on How to Make Money on WordPress

How to Make Money on WordPress
(Last Updated On: June 17, 2019)


Today many people have figured out many ways to make money with WordPress.There are a lot of ways by which you can earn a living working online. Has the idea of making money using WordPress ever crossed your mind? If yes, this article is a treat for you where we’ll be detailing five proven ways on how to make money on WordPress below.

How to Make Money On WordPress by Monetizing Your Blog

You can make money using affiliate marketing, sponsored reviews, selling ads, and many more ways from your blog. This is a way of taking full advantage of the content and traffic that you have.

Most service providers and marketplaces offer affiliate programs. Some of them include CJ Affiliate, Shareasale, Creative Market, and Envato Market Affiliate . You can share your links here by signing up for a FREE account.

You can offer your package of ads to sell them or sign up with a Google Adsense account and add your code and let them sell your ads. Or you can work with a company like BuySellAds.

Your blog can also offer sponsored posts. Just remember to specify in your sponsored post agreement that all the alternatives are honest.

Content Writing Service

Do you possess good writing skills? If yes, we recommend you start a WordPress content writing services. You may find WordPress content writing services at iWriter and many more sites.

However, you can also check on your favorite blogs. Many of them have contributor application pages where you can get paid for your articles.

You can read this useful post by iWriter on how to make money writing online.

Start Your Own Website

We also recommend that you have your own website that displays the work that you’ve previously done. You can create a service page that shows what you can offer for your clients.

Potential employees can visit your blog and check on your writing style. They can also monitor the exposure that your articles get across social media and blogs. That way, your blog can get more clients.

Theme Customization

Try to offer customized services if you’re an active developer with some extra free time. Most developers are earning money by providing theme, website, and plugin customization services on many websites. You can also offer your services on your website.

Many WordPress users can install themes, but they don’t the ability to change page layouts, custom post types and many more. This is where you take advantage of offering your services variable per hour or at a set task.

Offer WordPress Consulting Services

Offering consulting services is one of the easiest ways to make money online with WordPress. But this is only easy if you’re good at WordPress.

If you’re thinking of earning money through this method, you have to make sure that you have a great portfolio. You can offer free consulting services to some of the most influential bloggers.

Ask them to share a review of your services on their blog or to give feedback if they’re satisfied with your work. This way, you can boost your online sales. Testimonials from the most influential bloggers are great.


It’s not a requirement to be a WordPress genius to earn money online. If you can exercise any of the mentioned ways and know how to sell your product, you’ll have a lot of options on how to make money on WordPress.

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