5 Tools to Measure Instagram Hashtag Performance

5 Tools for Instagram Hashtag Performance
(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)


How to Measure Instagram Hashtag Performance| Are there hashtags in your posts on Instagram? Do you wonder which hashtags would resonate best in your posts?

Selecting the right tool for analyzing the performance of Instagram hashtags can make it easy to achieve the goals.

Here are five best tools for evaluating the hashtag performance on Instagram.

1: Command Stats & Analytics for Instagram

Command is one-stop tracking and analytics tool for Instagram. It works for the iOS platform only. Its premium version provides hashtag analysis for Instagram.

COMMAND ig analytics tool

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This app has stats portion where you can discover which hashtags can provide the high engagement for your account. Also, you can see an average amount of comments and likes which you get by using various hashtags.

Command can track each hashtag which you used in your posts on Instagram. You can view an average amount of comments and likes for each hashtag. This app can break down each hashtag which you have used on your account and exhibits an average amount of comments and likes for these hashtags.

2: Sprout Social

It is a famous social media tool for managing the accounts and offer robust reporting on Instagram. The report includes a simple but thorough analysis of hashtags.


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It can measure out hashtags which you use usually and those which generate high engagement and Buy YouTube views. The report can help in tracking the progress while as you try new hashtags on Instagram. If the hashtags exist on top of both of the lists, you can easily know that it is working best for your account. If it exists just in left side list, it is not.

The app tracks those hashtags which you can use most frequently and those which get the high engagement. Its analysis is very helpful if you want to build a community on Instagram.

If you have created the branded hashtag which appears on the right side list in the report, you can know about your efforts and their efficiency. Higher is the position of the hashtag on the list of the engaged hashtag, more will be the growth of your community.

3: Simply Measured

The Simply Measured provides a comprehensive tool for social media which focuses on the analytical, listening and reporting. It provides a report on Instagram hashtags with detailed stats on the campaign hashtags. For accessing the report, go in reporting section; it is brown colored for the Instagram reporting.

As you can process single report for a lot of hashtags, you find it very efficient for analyzing hashtags individually and compare them with one another.

The hashtags report by this platform consists of three parts: Appendix, Scorecard, and Charts. On tab of Scorecard, you can take the snapshot of the results for hashtags which you have measured.

The data of the report is presented in such a way which makes it easier for recording the metrics of many hashtags so that you can easily compare their performance.

On tab of Appendix, you can see the posts which have the hashtags for a certain time period. You can see the post-level stats for every video or image on Instagram which have hashtag Buy Youtube Subscribers Legit that you want to analyze.

4: Iconosquare

Iconosquare is considered the best famous management system of Instagram. It allows you to schedule your posts, has deep analysis, responds to the comments in-app and tracks the comments.

It also includes the hashtag analysis. This app can also measure engagement made by hashtags which you use in Instagram posts and evaluates the rate of growth of campaign hashtags or branded hashtags.


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The tracking starts only when including the hashtags so that the tool can’t display the historical data for hashtags which you have added. This app can be a great option for tracking the hashtags at the start of a campaign.

You can also view the metrics including the number of posts having hashtags as well as the amount of the geotagged media. For tracking the engagement levels for hashtags on an account, tap on a tab of engagement present under analytics and then scroll down for seeing engagement metrics of the hashtags.

5: Keyhole

It is the tool for social media analysis for marketers, executives, agencies, and journalists. It specializes for doing tracking of hashtags and keywords on Instagram and Twitter. just like Iconosquare, this app can track the hashtags by using stats at the account level for a campaign and branded hashtags.


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For accessing the info about these hashtags, begin with the top menu and then click on the option of tracking hashtag and keyword. After then choose the keywords/hashtags whichever you need to measure.

The thing which makes Keyhole different from other tracking tools is the way it shows the secondary info. You can easily see the top posts with the help of hashtags and related hashtags like a tag cloud, to give the visual presentation of the hashtags’ connection on the web.

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