How to create business letterheads [5 Easy Tips]

5 tips to create an awesome business letterhead
(Last Updated On: December 11, 2019)

How to create business letterheads|A business letterhead is a crucial part of your brand identity. It speaks volumes about the company and its background. Every small detail like font, color theme can have a huge impact on company’s representation. But how do you design a letterhead that is effective enough?

Don’t worry, designing awesome business letterhead is just a few steps away. This article will help you to know some amazing tips to follow while creating a business letterhead.

How to create business letterheads

1) Start with basics

No matter how eye catching you want your letterhead to be, basics are something you don’twant to miss. Simplicity always works best. Yes, it must have the potential to grab eyeballs but in the process of that, don’t ever lose relevancy. Complicated designs are often a turn off. So start with minimal design and then as you get more clear idea, you can give it an attractive look.

2) Use Borders Carefully

Using simple and unique borders can make your letterhead look amazing. In last couple of decades, printing technology has evolved exceptionally. Borders provide a personality to business letterhead. Where a nicely designed and printed border can provide a nice frame, an overly designed border on the other hand, can create more of a confusion than benefit. So,before you finalize a design element for the border, think carefully and then go for it.

3) Get in sync with the company vibe

A business letterhead should be designed keeping your company's personality in mind. Every business has different working area and letterhead represents a company persona. Avoid using too bright and flashy designs when designing for a professional company.

Focus on your brand image that you want to convey to any professional client or partner.

For instance,if you have a photography business, your letterhead should be creative and lively. Using a very professional color theme and design for a photography business is not a good idea.

4) Keep it simple

You might feel tempted to add too many unique elements to your letterhead but, this can do more bad than good. As we know, too much of anything is bad so, try to use minimalistic and simple designs.

Doing so will help your business letterhead look elegant. With so many unique and beautiful designs all around, you might try to fit in as many as you can. Always consider using designs that go well with your company theme.

5) Select right typography

Selecting the right font type is extremely necessary. It surely has an influence over your letterhead. When we talk about fonts, we know there are thousands of font types available.Selecting one that looks professional and impactful can be a difficult task.

Using any sort of funky font types is clearly a big no for any letterhead, if the niche is bit serious and vice versa.
Moreover, focus on the readability of content of the letterhead.

If there is any fixed font type used by your company, it is must to use the same in order to ensure consistency. Many people believe using too many font types makes a content look more impactful. No!

Using more than 2 font types can make your content look tacky and you definitely don’t want that.I hope you find these tips helpful to create an awesome business letterhead.

If you are not so good at DIY, you can use many letterhead designing tools to get a decent letterhead within minutes for free. Or if money is not an issue, you can always hire an expert to do the job. In case of any doubt or query, do let us know through your comments below.

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