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5 Tips to write better ecommerce product description
(Last Updated On: February 15, 2020)

Describing your products for e-commerce is not as easy as simply describing them. A product description is a writing services in e-commerce explaining what the product is all about and why the reader should purchase it. The main reason for describing the product is working around the different features of the product and of what benefit it is so that buyers are compelled to buy.face

Tips on how to better describe your product for e-commerce

  1. Focus on your target market

As much as you might think that your product is for almost everyone, writing a general product description is not ideal because you will end up addressing no one in particular. When product descriptions are personally directed they seem as if you are having a conversation with your target customers.

Choose the language and words that your target market is familiar with and address them. To come up with a great product description you need to imagine the ideal buyer and all aspects surrounding him such as do they love humor, what words sound cliché for them, what is their need, and what questions would they have about the product. When describing your products, speak as if you are talking to them directly in a store and try to answer questions they would have.

  1. Describe the benefits

Buyers are not interested in new products or new features of products for nothing, potential buyers want to know what value they are getting for their money. To show and explain the real value you have to make sure that you highlight each product feature and its benefits.

Remember you are not selling any other product you are selling a unique experience whenever they use your product. Value of your product includes knowing how the product will make the customer feel; will they feel more productive, happier, fresh or healthier. Then be sure of the problem your product is solving, for example, a hand wash is used for cleaning hands but if it will clean the hands and leave them feeling soft that is an added advantage for the user.

  1. Mind your language

When describing value avoid using phrases that seem like they have meaning but in reality they mean nothing. If you brand your product as ‘high quality or an excellent product’ the buyer will just blush off because that is what every other product is described as even when the opposite is true.

If you use such phrases on your products you will sound less persuasive. Avoid them by being specific about your description. You need to mention the quality and the impression the quality brings. For example ‘the sole is cushioned for foot comfort,’ the feature has a benefit attached to it.

Be specific with the product details and descriptions. If you are using superlatives, such as the best product, the easiest product to use or advanced, to sell your product you need to justify their use.

If your product is the best you need to provide proof as to why it is the best and if possible support with numbers as proof. You can also quote customer reviews from those who have used your product.

  1. Use imagination

Marketing strategies are changing, earlier the desire for a buyer to own something was associated with them holding it in their hands but e-commerce this is no longer the case and you have to work around it. Online buyers cannot hold the product, but you have to make them imagine what it will be like town the product.

Use clear videos and pictures to appeal to the reader’s imagination. For this technique to be successful you start by asking your reader to imagine themselves then finish by describing the feelings they will experience when they finally use the product.

Use short stories to break through rational barriers and be more inclusive. For example, short stories involving family good times are more likely to increase their sales across because almost everybody can associate with the family feeling. To come up with a success story you need to ask yourself several questions such as

  • What is the inspiration behind the product creation?
  • Who is the manufacturer of the product?
  • How is the product tested for quality?
  1. Seek social proof for your products

Buying a product is challenging for buyers that is why they seek positive reviews first before purchasing. Some of the areas they check proof of the value of the products on sale.

They seek to know if the product does really have the experience it is selling online. One of the ways to seek reviews is to check out other users of the product online. The social media has become one of the easiest ways to have positive reviews on products trending.

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You have to come up with a way that your buyers can at least provide you with reviews after using your products. You can also add descriptions of your products on social networks to create awareness among buyers; they are more likely to pick something they have come across through their networks.

This creates an illusion that the product is popular and widely used; they will buy something they are familiar with. Product descriptions need to be clear, easy to read and appealing. You need to come up with enticing headlines, easy to see bulleted points which are spacious with large font size for easy readability.

Answering the 5Ws with ace my paper will lead you to successfully sell your products. The first question you ask yourself is who the product is meant for; what are the features of the product and what makes them different from others; where would your buyers use this product; when would they use the product and why should they purchase your product, why should they choose you over others what experience are you selling to them, and lastly how does your product function or work.

This makes your work easy to describe your product for sale. Buyers need to feel they are not losing money by choosing to buy because it is exactly what they need.

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