5 SEO Mistakes You Should Always Avoid for your eCommerce Business

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(Last Updated On: December 25, 2019)

SEO Mistakes|Are you doing SEO perfectly? Think again! There are thousands of article online on the topic “How to do SEO online“.But it is also critical to know the common SEO mistakes also.One can easily find a number of websites that give a variety of products all around the world. This clearly means that online competition is quite intense nowadays.

So, it makes sense to use only those marketing strategy that is best for e-commerce companies. When talking about the right marketing, it is extremely important to make your brand visible to your target audience and SEO is one of the best technique to do so.

Also, search engine optimization helps to provide relevant results to all the searches made by the audience. But, people are often seen committing some SEO blunders that can impact their e-commerce business negatively.

Just like implementing correct SEO strategy is important, checking for errors is also crucial. Thus, in this article, you will get to know about some SEO blunders that you might be committing.

#1: Lacking Product Reviews

When we talk about e-commerce business, product reviews matter the most. Just the way you look forward to reviews before buying any new product online. Even your customers do the same. So, focus on reviews given by customers on your products. Try to personally acknowledge the reviews.

I am sure many of you might not be knowing that 50 or more reviews can increase your conversion rate by 4.6%. Reviews have an impact on both customers as well as search engines.

As e-commerce brands with many reviews have an additional perk of getting better rankings than others. This is because such sites then are considered to be more relevant and trustworthy.

#2: 404 Page

404 error shows that a page wasn’t found. This error type can appear due to various reasons. Any current changes in the product categories.

External or inbound links are pointing to a page that is deleted or a page that wasn’t working. The products have got out of stock or were taken off from the website.The page was deleted.

All these errors can easily make any site visitor frustrated, this can probably lead to the permanent exit of a visitor. Your site’s ranking can suffer if it has too many 404 pages. Also, further degrading the link value and engagement.

#3: Neglecting the power of Images

For leaving a long-lasting impact on readers minds, visuals play a very crucial role. Pictures have the power of enhancing the page’s SEO with the viewership.

I know many of you might feel including attractive and catchy images requires a lot of efforts. But, this isn’t true at all as people with no designing knowledge can use free designing tools like Canva. This tool works amazingly well and is also time-saving. While choosing the graphics, remember that they have lower pixels so that loading speed doesn’t get slow.

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#4: Shortage of High-Quality Content

Content marketing should never be underestimated. Just working upon some product description or CTAs isn’t enough. You should always publish high-quality posts on your website. Unattractive blog description and blogs impact the engagement rate and traffic.

Make use of terms that are easily understood and are interactive. Don’t write content that is too generic and adds no value to the readers. Never include the same type of content that everyone else writes. Your website quality will be judged by your customers and search engines based upon your content.

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#5 Absence of Mobile-Friendliness

Design responsiveness is an important factor that leads to mobile-friendliness. Selecting and navigating items through a mouse on a desktop version is comparatively easy than mobile phones. Hence, a mobile version of a site should be designed in a pattern that allows the customers to easily operate it.

SEO is a very important and effective way to drive traffic to a site. So, check that you use the correct SEO strategy to get maximum audience attention.

I hope this article was helpful for all those people who want to know about some most common SEO blunders that everyone makes. If you have any query regarding this topic, feel free to tell us through your comments below. Thanks!

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