Why smartphone hangs?5 Most Common Reasons & How to Fix

Why Smartphone Hangs
(Last Updated On: December 10, 2019)

Why smartphone hangs|Ever wondered why your smartphone performance get lowered in a year? You might have noticed the slight signs of lowering performance in a year and it doesn’t work as fast as it is used to when it was new.

In this article, we’re going to break down those 5 reasons why smartphone hangs and how you can easily fix to enjoy the performance of your smartphone.

When the phone slows down, everybody feels disheartened and it is a fact. No one actually put thinking on why it is happening, right?

Let’s break the silence and learn what has been slowing the smartphones just in a year.

Why Smartphone Hangs & How To Fix

1. Too Many Apps

Yes, this is a real problem for many smartphone users. They don’t think twice before installing a new app and trying it. However, after doing they just leave it on their smartphones.

While plenty of other users do install third-party APK’s online which might be vulnerable because of being poorly coded and they’re just playing with the resources of your smartphone in the background and you never know it.

To avoid slowing down of your smartphone, you should be deleting all those applications which are unwanted from your smartphone.

In short words, fewer apps mean less resource usage such as CPU Processing, RAM, etc. in the background. Hence, the smartphone performance enhances.

2. Battery

Android/iOS updates every year is making software intelligent and giving the ability to deduct how it can make a phone last longer on batteries.

Personally, I saw many people who just don’t care about their smartphone batteries. They let it die and then charge it fully to 100 while some use third-party chargers which usually mess up with batteries of your smartphone with supplying incorrect rating and voltage as they have regulators to regulate.

When the battery gets damaged in the long run, let’s say a year then it might lose around more than 30% of its capacity in 500 cycles if you don’t take care of the battery properly and use cheap chargers.

It is recommended to charge your smartphone from 20% to 80% most of the time to maintain low wear in 500 cycles of charge.

Newer software tends to slow down your smartphone performance to give you longer usage time hence if your battery capacity is less by carelessly charging then software might slow down your smartphone until you get a battery replacement.

If you’re worried about your battery life then here are some ways you can adapt to keep your battery life healthy for the next few years.

3. Live Wallpapers, Widgets & Other Memory Consuming Resources

This is self-explanatory. Using Live Wallpapers, Widgets and even poorly coded apps or a lot of apps which requires notifications can consume CPU resources, fill up RAM and eventually slowing down your smartphone.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep an eye on Background Processes and check what is running in the background. You can additionally use battery usage to check which app is running all the time in the background.

Pro Tip:

If the app running in the background is not important for you or you don’t want any real-time notifications from it then you can simply put it to sleep. Also, the apps which are bloatware and cannot be uninstalled can be disabled from the App list.

4. Older Hardware but Newer Updates

I saw plenty of Android users trying out the unofficial newest updates on their daily driver and complaining about the issues of being slowed down.

I appreciate the developers work on unofficial new firmware but remember they’re not as stable as the update from the company itself. If the company decides that the hardware is at the end to support newer updates then only they cut new updates off.

Hence, your smartphone should be working fine with older firmware and you shouldn’t be updating it unofficially.

Doing this might slows down your device as well as introduce you to plenty of bugs even a stable unofficial version of firmware.

5. Full Storage

Another common problem of slowing devices is full storages. Why? It’s because when the storage is completely full then it restricts the Operating System (OS) to work efficiently hence slowing down the smartphone.

Most of the time, it’s not the photos and apps that take up all the storage. It’s the cache stored by plenty of apps especially Social apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc. and as well as Games.

You can clear the cache manually by going to settings then to Apps list to select the app and then chose storage. In storage, clear cache to free up space.

If it is the photos, which takes a lot of storage in your smartphone then consider using Google Photos which gives free unlimited storage for Optimized photos and free up your device space.

That’s all. These are the major reasons why every smartphone hangs just after a year of purchasing.

If the above steps don’t fix your device, then you should consider factory resetting your device and start from scratch with these reasons in mind to not slow down your device again.

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