5 Outstanding Apps for High School Students

apps for high school students
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2019)


A student will always tell you that having an app that can help them study and get good grades is an app that is heaven-sent. It is always helpful to have an app like that.

Once you get to use an app and become comfortable with it, you will see that the gigantic task of keeping up with classwork, assignments, exams, projects, presentations, extra-curricular and deadlines is not as difficult as you might have thought.

Especially we realize that high school is a tough time and a nightmare. So we have gone through the pains of reviewing some study apps and bringing you the best of the best.

And… we won’t tell your parents about the ‘intensive and gruesome’ study schedule you have and how life hasn’t been made easier for you by these apps.

So sit back and enjoy these 5 apps suggested to us by Simon Swift of SwiftContractPhones.com

1. Forest

Forest is an amazing little app for students who get easily distracted – I really should have said ‘students’ only and that also would have covered.

You download the app, create an account and when you are studying, you open the app and plant the seed. Easy as you like. The amount of time you give to your study, your tree will grow and thrive, but as soon as you check your phone and minimize or close the app, the tree dies and you have to start all over again.

Many students have given this app positive reviews.

Get it on Android and iOS.

2. Tide

Tide has a more direct approach when it comes to project management of your studies. It lets you divide tasks and other stuff you want to do and helps you focus on all your subjects individually but in a gelled-up way.

The best part of Tide is the noise cancellation mechanism and imagery that keeps you focused. It is a great combination of making you spend time on studies with keeping you distraction-free from other aspects.

Get it on Android and iOS.

3. Todait

Todait lets you program yourself to brilliance. If you are having trouble scheduling your tasks, you will get to know how much time each task requires. In simple words, if you stick to Todait, you will be able to handle all your study tasks quickly.

Through the weekly and monthly updates, you will be able to track yourself and do a very detailed analysis of your study time. You will also know which areas you need to focus on to achieve your goals.

Get it on Android.

4. Smart Study Plan

Smart Study Plan is an awesome app that lets you plan your schedule meticulously. The interface is very high-tech. It caters to everything. Even if you have a plan and it needs modification, an addition of a course or subtraction of a presentation, the app will create plans accordingly.

All you have to do is keep inputting your data and Smart Study Plan will create a ‘smart study plan’ for you.

Get it on Android.

5. Tinycards

Tinycards is an education app developed from the famous language teaching app’s Duolingo’s developers. The app’s focus is on making you memorize stuff quite easily.

Tinycards uses colorful and flashy pop-up cards to give you updates and let you know what you need to learn.

Get it on Android and iOS.

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