5 Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

YouTube Channel Ideas
(Last Updated On: July 27, 2019)


YouTube has become one of the best sources of exposure and branding these days. But often when starting out people don’t know how to start.

In this post, I will discuss some highly profitable YouTube channel ideas for beginners to start their YouTube journey and making more money.

But before going to the list I think it would be great to provide you with some best niche for your YouTube channel which will help you in the long run.

 Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

First of all, it is good to know that making money on YouTube is not as easy as it looks like.

You need a lot of dedication and hard work to make a name of yourself.YouTube has also made some recent changes for monetization. This even makes YouTube monetization a lot harder than it was earlier. YouTube Channels will need 4,000 hours of annual viewing time and over 1,000 subscribers to be able to apply for monetization. So making money on YouTube is possible but it has become a more serious task these days.

So be prepared for it. But don’t panic. If you choose the right niche, maintain the consistency then you can surpass these numbers without much difficulty.

A bit of advice! To start a successful YouTube channel you need to choose the right idea for your channel. Because as a beginner it is always to harder to get the initial boost.No matter which topic you choose you to need to be patient. There are already big YouTube creators out there. So you have to compete with them to be successful!

Also, you have to do your basic YouTube SEO right before publishing any of your videos. Keep your keywords right(Use it in your Title), make a meaningful video description and tag your video right.

I highly recommend TubeBuddy for your YouTube SEO. It provides you all the necessary tools and information required for your YouTube Videos to rank higher to get a lot more visibility!


Now dive into the list

Best YouTube Channel Ideas List

5. Makeup/Beauty

Makeup and Beauty is one of the most popular YouTube niches out there. This niche is mainly dominated by females and they are earning high too!

Do you love to experiment your skin with some home remedy?

What will be the best combination of your nail-polish with your newly bought red skirt? If you can answer these questions easily then you should love to be in this niche!

In this niche, you have to be presentable and make yourself visually more appealing before your shoot any video. Need inspiration?

Check out Ankita below:

Ankita Srivastava is a top Indian beauty YouTuber and really making it big!

Once you get the initial boost and get some popularity apart from Adsense you can get lots of money from different sponsorship deals and beauty brands.

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4. Food/Cooking

Everyone loves food and if you are a foodie then you work is half done!

You can illustrate your new home recipe about how to make a tasty chicken soup in 5 minutes and then upload it on YouTube. If it is interesting you can get a lot of exposure for sure.

Or imagine your mom makes your favorite weekend pulao just for you. So why not share to it to others.

Who knows it will not be the in trending list.

You don’t need a high-end DSLR for this.

You can use any good quality mobile camera to start your next food vlog on YouTube.

Need example?

Check out ‘Street Food Loves You’

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3. Yoga

Not so much talked about it but Yoga can be a good YouTube channel idea if you love to relax and love to do some soft exercise on your weekends.

There are a lot of popular YouTube channels around this and you can also make a place of yourself if you like this.


I would recommend Swami Ramdev. It is awesome how he made 1.1Million subscribers using Yoga! Need more explanation?

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2. Unboxing Video

Are you a tech buff? Do you change your mobile every month? Then making an Unboxing YouTube channel can do wonder for you. According to dazeinfo.com YouTube Video Influence 64% Of Consumers before making any buying decision.

So if you are unboxing the latest mobile phone or the latest 4K television you just bought, then there are lots of people watching you.

People always want to see what they will get exactly before buying the product. Plus you can make your first-time comments on it which make it more realistic.

So if you can make this happen routinely you can get a lot of subscribers.

Normally these type of channels get a lot of sponsorship options and make a good amount of money from it.


Watch RealMe 2 Unboxing & First Look.

3,424,832 views and counting!

1. Travel

Do you like to travel? Do you love visiting new places?

If yes then you can start your own travel channel on YouTube.

People always research on YouTube before planning a vacation. So you can always talk about the best local places, best hotels and other tourist attractions for your audience.

Use a good action camera doing for this. In this way, if you can make your videos well organized then you can surely make some good sponsorship options from a lot of travel companies and hotels which are ready to pay.

Example? Sejal Kumar!


I hope you like the post ‘6 Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners’  and get a fair idea about creating your first YouTube channel as a beginner YouTuber.

There are lots of other YouTube niches like Jobs, Technology News, Lifestyle which you can also consider. But whatever you choose to be consistent in it and you will surely get the success!

If you have comments to share, please write to me in the comment box below, I would love to answer you!

Also, don’t forget to share my post if you like!










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