5 Amazing Apps for College Professors

apps for college professors
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2019)


As a teacher or college professor, do you often feel you are much stressed and out of sorts? Often times, you will be out of your creative depth as for how to keep your college student’s interest peaked in your lessons, right?

As a teacher, you cannot take your job lightly.

Literally, futures depend on you. And the more you think about it, the more you panic. If that is the case, you are reading the best article you can today.

We will discuss how having electronic devices in classrooms can be of such great help that it will shape your teaching patterns and you’d be surprised at just what your mobile phone can do.

We have your work cut out for you. We have compiled a list of fantastic apps that will not only help you keep attendances and lesson plans, but they will also keep you filled with new ideas of teaching and implementing your knowledge into your student’s brains.

So sit back, relax and enjoy.

1. Kahoot

Everyone likes to play games these days but lessons are boring. How can you keep your students’ interest peaked when your subject is dry? – The answer is, through a game. But surely, not everyone can develop a game. Still, no worries, Kahoot will let you create an engaging game from your lesson plans. The games can be designed to engage college level students.

All you have to do is create an account and start building a game from your lessons – obviously, no coding is required, it is automated and drag & drop mostly.


2. Seesaw

College students these days do not like to fill up folders and files. The best way to keep them updated with their progress is through an app like Seesaw. Seesaw is a student portfolio app. It helps students and teachers keep track of the performance.

As a teacher, you can identify the areas you need to work on, and as for the students, he will have his whole ‘life story’ in front of him. He too can see if he is lacking somewhere and wants to improve. All his record is available to him on a tap.

Another aspect of Seesaw is, keeping the parents updated.


3. Remind

If you are the sort of teacher who likes to keep everything in one place and have lots of announcements and updates frequently, Remind is the perfect app for you. It is basically a cross between WhatsApp and Slack only more educational work and less distraction.

Remind is perfect for sharing plans, strategies, homework, classwork, problems, announcement with students. You can also use it form a group between the pupil, his or her parents and yourself.

The app more or less works as a project management tool in a classroom environment. If you feel you are being overburdened by the work (which of course you are, since you are a teacher), then download this app right now.


4. Classtree

Classtree is a very useful e-letter app. Whenever you require a student to get a consent form or an announcement signed from parents, you can simply create a simple form in the app and send them the link. The parents will sign it and there you have it: your consent form ready.


5. Slack

Slack is arguably the world’s greatest communication app. Many businesses around the globe use it and you can use it to manage your classroom. The best thing about slack is that it keeps everything in one place. It gets everybody on one page and makes management of the classroom easier.


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