4 Free English songs websites which can help you to learn English

free English songs websites
(Last Updated On: May 1, 2019)


It is a good way to learn English by listening to English songs, and you can get in touch with authentic spoken English. What English song sites do you have? This article mainly introduces you to four well-known foreign English websites about music.

I have said before that listening to English songs is a good way to learn English. I also told you how to find more resources for English songs. I will introduce you to several foreign music download websites in more detail in a few days. Free and nice English songs.

Four free English songs  websites

1. YouTube Music

YouTube music is ranked 3rd in the world according to Alexa ranking to search and download free music and free MP4 of the music.

According to Alexa’s search and download of free music and free music rankings, YouTube Music ranks third in the world.

2. FreeMusicArchive

FreeMusicArchive is the largest library of high quality legal mp3 music download. It was launched in March 2009. Millions of files you can discover on the Free Music Archive.

Like the largest library, FreeMusicArchive offers high-quality legal mp3 music downloads. Launched in March 2009, you can find millions of music files in free music files.

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3. SoundCloud

SoundCloud was founded by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss in 2007 company headquarters in Berlin, Germany. It is social and audio distribution platform ( musicians can distribute their music tracks ).

It distributes music using widgets users can put the widget on their own blogs and Sites. Soundcloud enables registered users to record, upload, share and promote their sounds.

Soundcloud was created by Eric Wahlforss and Alexander Ljung at the company headquarters in Berlin, Germany in 2007. It is a social and audio distribution platform (musicians can post their music tracks).

It uses plugins to publish music, and users can put plugins on their blogs and websites. Soundcloud allows registered users to record, upload, share and promote their voices.

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4. Spotify

Spotify is another popular MP3 music download site to search and download MP3 music legally. The music site which was founded in 2006 entered into music limelight in 2008. Currently, Spotify is one of the most popular music sites available on the internet.

Spotify is another popular MP3 music download site that can legally search and download MP3 music. The music website, founded in 2006, became the focus of music in 2008. Currently, Spotify is one of the most popular music sites on the Internet.

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The above are some of the well-known music websites in foreign countries. You can download the app to the mobile phone, which is more convenient, and some may have to be over the wall to be used.

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