4 Most Common Blogging Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

common blogging mistakes
(Last Updated On: March 7, 2019)


We all want to make money through blogging but sometimes we ourselves are the very reason that it is not happening.

If you have been writing blogs for five years or only for five minutes, then you need to know about some biggest mistakes bloggers make to stunt their business growth. Getting started with blogs seems easy, that is why most people do frequent mistakes while blogging.

People think that blogging is a quite simple activity by just posting articles regularly in their blog and all becomes set. Sadly, this is not just enough for bringing a huge amount of traffic into their website.

Some of the bloggers know a little bit of blogging try to promote their blogs through article directories and from social media forums. However, they will still have some problems and this will definitely prevent their website from getting the traffic that it deserves.

There are millions and millions blog around nowadays. Many people around the world from different backgrounds are showing up and writing on blogs.

Eventually, the majority of newbies in blogging doing frequent mistakes that would subsequently drive the readers away from the blogs rather than indulging them.

This article will surely give u an insight about great information about the frequent mistakes that bloggers commit while promoting their blogs and here we will also take a closer look to the biggest mistakes which bloggers make so that we can help them to avoid these frequent mistakes in the coming future.

Ignoring the niche by not clearly defining the purpose of the blog

This is the primary mistake most of the bloggers make. They start their blogging without thinking about why they are creating a blog. Eventually, they don’t feel that they know sufficient about the subject to be observed as an authority and then wonder why individuals will want to hear them.

When it comes to blogging, a niche blog is an essential step to take. Most people have varying opinions about finding a niche. Your niche is what you define it to be. Whether it is narrow or a little broader if you can define it and garner a strategy about it, you have got your niche.

The main reason is that by blogging in your niche, you consider yourself as an expert. Then you may have subsequently more subscribers or readers checking your blog about the relative information about your niche topics. It subsequently allows Google to recognize you as an authority.

Growing an audience is quite hard but growing the perfect audience is even harder. By defining a niche, you will eventually grow the perfect audience. A clear niche will ensure your content indulges the people that are going to be interested in your content sooner or later.

However, if your nice is defined, your readers will generally know what to expect from you, what you can give them and what questions they can have answered by you. Basically, they will get to know who you are.

Bloggers getting obsessed with the page views

Sometimes we are obsessing about the right things like helping people or creating an even better product to change people’s lives and sometimes we can be obsessing about the wrong things; so let us talk about major pet peeve with bloggers and that the things I see bloggers doing that can really hurt their business in the long run.

The biggest mistakes I see bloggers make are obsessing about their page views. Page views are extremely important but I see a lot of people only focus on the page views.

For example, if people’s are getting hundred thousand page views a month that is great but let us say they also have products or an email course or something that they are offering about a certain subject are those hundred thousand page views that they are bringing in.

If they going to be interested in that subject or that product that they are working on because if they are not then they are not their prime page views.

The best kind of page views and the best readers are interested in what you are going to offer. Do not write about many different niches; instead, write blog posts about the products that you have. Utilize the traffic and probable customers that you already have coming to you.

Try to grow your blog and page views, utilize what you already have. From doing this maybe you will get a hundred page views a month or a thousand page views a month if you are really working hard and you ensure that your blog is working seamlessly from beginning to end; here I am talking about every single blog post that you write, every single subscriber incentive that you put up, every single video that you make about the blog.

Ensure that it all works together seamlessly so that you can get the best conversions you possibly can and even if you are only getting a thousand page views a month, those page views are rock awesome and you are going to get more sales and more email conversions that way.

Try not to be boring or dull/ Ask for comments

Eventually, you are writing for the real people not for bots; try to write something interesting which will showcase your blog. Do not forget to indulge the readers by putting some personality in the blog posts, as it is your own blog and it should reflect your personality and the culture of your business.

Share some customer testimonies, tips, facts and write product reviews in a way that should be engaging and interesting as well. It is quite okay to ask for comments.

Ask your subscribers and readers about what they think or ask them to share their own experiences and try to be responsive to those comments as early as possible. This will showcase that your blog is alive and that there is a real blogger behind it.

Zero commitment and deliberate self-promotion

If you are going to start a blog, you must be committed to the blog posts that you are writing, probably ensure each post as an unrelated entity but; subscribers or followers see them in a different perspective. Their expectations become high and they expect great and informative posts from you on a time to time basis which requires commitment on your part.

The whole point of a blog post is to add value to your relationship with the subscribers and readers. If every single blog post you write is a disguised advertisement for you and your products, your subscribers will eventually dislike it and may even unsubscribe your blog.

Surely, trying to link out to the main website from your posts but only if it adds value or at the end of the post you can always add an author bio with a link to your website.

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