4 Career Options For Art Graduates Who Just Have Started Their Journey!

Best Career Options for Arts Graduates
(Last Updated On: February 5, 2019)


Many individuals who are naturally inclined towards art and want to become an artist in the future find it difficult to afford the financial burdens that come along with the choice.

During the first few years of the career, artists often suffer financially, and it makes them question why they chose art as a career.

However, one thing that new artists and artists who have not started their career yet, should keep in mind is that building a career around something you love to do requires patience and demands efforts.

After graduating from an art school, the next step of an artist is to create more and more art and exhibit them to earn financial profits and to be recognized in the art circles.

Arranging and attending exhibitions along with the process of creating good art pieces require money that an artist is probably not earning at that time.

There are a few excellent advice that the art graduates should follow in the early period of their careers. Read along to find how to manage your finances and how to exhibit your work with spending too much.

Join Online Art Forums

Joining art forums on social media platforms can be very rewarding in the early years of career. You get to have a lot of artistic inspiration from the works that are posted on the site, and you can receive feedback on your own work from good artists.

Receiving authentic feedback from sound artists and having access to a lot of inspiration can help you increase your productivity and improve your work.

Moreover, you can get in touch with more people who have passed through what you are passing through and have some ideas about how you should move forward.

Use Good But Inexpensive Art Material

Many people including professionals perceive that in order to create good art, you must have access to expensive art brands. It is not true.

It is a fact that the quality of art material does contribute to the outcome often times. However, choosing only the branded material is not wise, and an artist should try to go for options that are good and inexpensive at the same time.

For instance, buying wholesale art suppliers from manufacturers like China Conda can provide you with quality at minimum expense.

You can purchase good color palettes, canvas, brushes, and other similar items from China Conda. Buying your art supplies from good manufacturers will save a lot of money, and you will be able to create good art as well.

Join Freelance Sites

Freelance sites often have projects that artists can take up to make some money. Even though these sites cannot provide you with a full time job, they can help you keep going until you have some permanent earning source.

It could be a little tricky in the beginning to get projects on these sites, but consistent bidding and good ranking can make you earn well in the long run. Start with baby steps and try to pick projects that are not too complex. Remember that consistency is the key.

Make YouTube Channel

Re-coding your work procedures and uploading it on the YouTube can make you famous among artists. This will make you have more crowd in the exhibitions, and you will also get a chance to extend your art circle.

Moreover, a YouTube Channel can be a great storage system for your artworks that you can use as a portfolio if you want.


Following these advises will make it easier to pass through the tough starting years of your art career.

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